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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Celebrity Buzz: Anatomy of a Successful Celebrity Event

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Fancy Frenchwood at Carmens Soiree
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Local party gal Fancy Frenchwood, was at Carmen’s Birthday Soiree.  Fancy was there with her reality TV cameras in tow, thanks to the highly accommodating manager Shawn, of Munchbar.   Fancy got to meet Carmen and spend a few minutes on camera with her, filming for her new reality series, “Living the Fancy Life”.  Fancy described her encounter with Carmen as  “a few minutes behind a roped area with her.  I got to tell her I am an admirer and a huge fan.  She turned, waved, and smiled to my cameras. She’s really very sweet.” When I asked Fancy what her overall impression of Carmen was, she replied   “she’s awesome, gracious and humble. She’s smaller than I expected, she’s very petite.”

Another party gal and Girl Power Hour (GPH) Member, Leah Santa Cruz attended as GPH Blogger Tricia Eastman’s special guest. Tricia had been reportedly promised a 30 minute interview with Carmen to cover the party for DLIST. However, according to Santa Cruz, that interview only lasted “4 minutes or so”. I asked her why the interview was cut short and Santa Cruz mentioned she wasn’t sure and that maybe “the environment was wrong” for an interview.  Either way, Santa Cruz assured me that Carmen spent quite a bit of time posing for photos.  I was relieved to know I won’t have a hard time finding photos for my blog.

So what is it that makes a successful celebrity event?  Below are my thoughts, on how to hold your Celebrity event and make sure that as a business, you get the most bang for your buck.

Anatomy of a Successful Celebrity Appearance
  1. Invest in your event- Hire a professional Booking Manager to manage all relations of your exciting event. If you’re already spent $15,000 – $45,000 or more on your celebs booking fee, why not make sure the event runs flawless? Let the pro’s manage pre-event press relations, transportation, security, flow, media management, green rooms and follow up.  It is definitely in your best advantage to be over prepared than under prepared.
  2. Allow Pre-Event Media Interviews- Write in pre- event media interviews into your original booking contract with your celeb and require a minimum of (2) 15 minute interviews prior to the event. That way, you’ll get local media buzzing before the event.  Make your venue managers, venue owners, etc. available for interviews too. They are a great media resource for media who are covering the event. They can report what they hope to accomplish with the event, what kind of mood they want to set, expectations they have, etc. Send Press Releases as early as possible with as much concrete info as you can provide. Prior to your event confirm your media list, and let them know when to show up, where, what to expect and what to bring. Don’t expect to communicate all this to your media the day of the event. This will only cause chaos and confusion while making your event look amateur-ish.
  3. Embrace Social Media- hire a professional social media company to run your social media. They can target the demographic you are looking for very easily. Above and beyond that, require your celeb to post at least once on their public MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, You Tube or Linked In pages regarding your event. When a celeb appears at your venue but never mentions it in social media, it comes across as in genuine. Social media will help your crowd feel connected to your special guest.
  4. Protect Your Celeb-   Beyond basic security; make sure you have an entrance and exit plan. Make your celeb comfortable AND don’t make them the “bad guy” to their adoring fans. This means have proper security and event staff in place to keep minglers and creeps away from your celeb. Don’t make the celeb ask people to take a step back, let your staff do that for them. Have a huge A-Lister who requires more help? Hire local police officers. Their mere presence is usually enough to keep the mood light and fun.
  5. Keep your celeb, like Carmen Electra entertained and happy!
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  6. Set the Mood for Your Celeb- Make sure that you seat them in a comfortable location, with a bit of privacy. Rope their table off if you must. Never sit your celeb in the middle of the room, even if it’s your “premium” table. This will leave your celeb feeling surrounded and make it easier for “creepers” to try to gain unnecessary access to your celeb. Unsure about what kind of crowd will show up? Invite some of your regular party goers that you trust as special VIP’s, and ask them to hang in the area directly near your celeb.  They will feel special, and will help protect your celeb as an additional layer of protection against inevitable “creepers”.
6.   Deliver What you Promise-  This is basic business, but unfortunately people all too often over promise and under deliver. Did you promise your local media 30 minutes of interview time? Over deliver and provide 32 minutes. Make a media plan, and make sure your entire team sticks to it. Did you promise and promote $10.00 cover? Charge $10.00, and not $20.00. Charging more will only leave a bad taste in your patron’s mouth. Can’t afford  to only charge $10.00 and need to charge more? Include a drink ticket, have door prizes from local businesses, or give your patrons something tangible of value, like a free appetizer card.

7.  Pre Organize Your Media- Want to avoid chaos at your front door from media requests? Accept media requests ahead of time and make media passes accessible for pick up prior to your event.  Recognize that ALL PRESS IS GOOD PRESS, and allow any and all Media coverage. Remember to treat your media well will complimentary bottles of water, an area to sit, etc. These are the people who are going to be covering your event and ultimately your venue, no reason to make them feel uncomfortable.

8. Take Care of Your Celeb-  Once you have a well staffed event, security, an adequate entrance and exit plan, media in place, the mood is set and all is organized, make sure your celeb is comfortable. Have a green room set up for their personal use, to use a private bathroom and take a break if necessary. You want to make sure your celeb has nothing but good things to say about you and wants to come back!
For more information on Munchbar you can visit
Carmens Official Twitter page is @CarmenElectra.

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Maile is a founding partner of Cabral Edwards Management, C.E.M.  She blogs for Girl Power Hour ( managing their Celeb Buzz Seattle blog. Her bi-monthly GPH blogs will not only focus on celebrities, but on their passions and the positive impact they have on the world. She will be covering female celebrities of all kinds that visit the Seattle and Pacific Northwest area.  Cabral Edwards Management is a Celebrity booking & event management company. Follow her on twitter at @mailehager, @CEMManagement and @SeattleCelebBuz.

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