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Monday, April 11, 2011

Celebrity Entertainment: Ryan Lewis & Macklemore

Blog Post By: Maile Cabral Hager
CEM Founding Partner

Mackelmore Opening Seattle Mariners Game  4/8/2011
Photo: Otto Gruele Jr., Getty Images
I had the pleasure of meeting Seattle hip hop artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at their Celebrity appearance & signing at Easy Street Records in Seattle last Saturday (4/9/2011). These 2 artists are now coined as “local hero’s” after opening up the Mariners game on by performing their hit song, “My Oh My”, a lyrical tribute to the late broadcaster Dave Niehaus last Friday (4/8/2011). Although I missed their performance at Safeco Field, you can View Macklemore Performance Here.

Photo: Maile Cabral Hager
On Saturday, as I walked into Easy Street records hoping to score an interview with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, I was unusually nervous. Their fans were either super young, much younger than my own 29 years, or male. As a tall, blonde, late 20’s something, I felt a little out of place. I decided it was now or never to score an interview with them as an independent / freelance writer, and I walked straight up them and introduced myself. They both shook my hand, welcomed me and mentioned it would be fine for me to standby and talk with them through out their appearance. So there I stood, at the corner of the register at Easy Street Records for about an hour and a half, asking them questions in between meet & greets with their fans.

Photo: Maile Cabral Hager
The line opened up, and the first fan came up.  It was a grandmother, who had waited 4 hours for the appearance to begin. Her name was Connie Hills, and she mentioned that “My grand kids just love him. I went and bought every CD they had about a month ago. I got 8 cd’s”. She was there to get those CD’s signed before giving them to her grand kids. The meet & greet continued, as Ryan Lewis & Macklemore genuinely greeted each fan, interacted with them, complimented the young ladies, shook hands, and signed just about everything imaginable. The most memorable item signed was perhaps Frank Carucci, a father who had brought his dead goldfish, frozen in a tub, to be signed for his daughter Sierra. Macklemore said “dude that is nuts” but ended up signing the goldfish anyways. Don’t believe me? Check out my photo.
The meet & greet continued and fans came to the counter to get their CD’s, t-shirts and dead goldfish signed. Fans brought gifts of all kinds to the artists, including custom made photos, Fruit Striped Gum, friendship bracelets and the occasional phone number on a crumpled up piece of paper. Ryan & Ben were extremely personable and so pleasant to meet. You could feel their excitement to meet their fans, and their genuine love for the Seattle music scene. In between the adoring fans, my impromptu interview began. Here’s some excerpts from what I asked them:

MC: “How often do you do appearances?”
Macklemore: “We’ve never really done this before!”
MC: “Well you seem like you’re really personable with your fans!”
Macklemore: “For sure! They’re awesome!”
Macklmore & Ryan Lewis Appearance
Photo: Maile Cabral Hager

MC: “What’s your favorite venue to perform in?”
Ryan Lewis: “Showbox market for sure.”
MC: “What about outside Seattle?”
“Ryan Lewis: “That’s hard because part of that is the city and part of it is the feel.”
MC: “So you guys do a lot of all ages shows, huh?”
Macklemore: “We try our best to do a lot of all age shows- all age shows are the way to go!”

Fan in line: “What was performing at Safeco field like?”
Macklemore: “It’s a huge stadium, but it was positive, I had a great time! Yesterday was a historic moment in my career.”

MC: “So I am a freelance writer & blogger, and most of my followers are female. Tell me a female artist that inspires you “
Mackelmore: “Lisa Dank and I love Lauren Hill.”
Ryan Lewis: “That’s hard I don’t just have one. Nina Simon for sure.”

MC: “Who inspires your music the most?”
Ryan Lewis: “Kanye West, The Rats, Anger One…”

MC: “So whats next for you musically?”
Mackelmore: “We’re going to leak some new stuff relatively soon.”

VS. Redux Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Photo Courtesy of
Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis are headed out to the East Coast for some sold out concerts, then closer to home in the Mid West. They’ll be playing at the Fox Theater to a sold out crowd in my hometown of Boulder, Coloroado on April 30th.  After that, they can’t release their plans and are under strict orders not to. Infact, Macklemore can’t even tell his own mother whats coming next. I too tried to pull it out of them, but with no success. I even offered to keep the secret, “Off the record”, but was unable to pull it out of them. I guess I’ll just have to travel to their show in Boulder on April 30th and wait for an announcement then!

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