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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Celebrity Buzz: Designer Betsey Johnson

Maile's First GPH BLOG: Celebrity Buzz: Introducing Myself & Designer Betsey Johnson

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BY: Maile Cabral Hager, Founding Partner C.E.M.

Hello & welcome to my very first official Girl Power Hour (GPH) blog.  I wanted to spend most of my first blog talking about myself (go figure) so you can get to know me. Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Maile, pronounced My-lee, and no, I am not related to Miley Cyrus.   Some of my most favorite things in life that I love are: GPH, the color pink, Betsey Johnson, all things fashion, puppies, fine champagne and of course following celebrities.   My blog here on GPH will mostly focus on my last love, celebs.   Seattle gets a wide host of “famous people” that visit the Seattle area for one reason or another, and you can be sure that you’ll hear all the juicy details from me.

Everyone has a different definition of CELEBRITY. For the purposes of this blog, I will define celebrity as any person who is in the public limelight. And, I hope to focus my coverage on celebrities who strive to make a positive influence on those around them (there will be no Charlie Sheen interviews on this blog #NotWinningWithMaile).  I’ll try my best not to be selfish and persuade the conversation to topics I enjoy, but rather covering whatever it is that they want to talk about.

I’ll bore you with a little bit more about me, since I love to talk about myself, and this might be my only chance to have 15 seconds of blogger fame.  I’m 5’10”, blonde, and guys are always intimidated by me.  I love to network and am almost never shy, except when I have a crush on someone.  I have a little bit of purple peak-a-boo streaks in my hair, which when I want to, can make me look like a punk rocker.  I have a secret school girl crush on Harry Shum Jr. from Fox’s hit TV show, Glee (shhhh don’t tell him) and I love, loveChampagne.  Bring me a bottle of Moet & Chandon Rose, and it’s possible I’ll fall in love with you.  If I could meet any celebrity in the world and had my choice, it would hands down be female fashion designer Betsey Johnson (duh!).

So, how did I end up with this blog you ask? Well, my first instinct to blog came from my “B.F.F.”, Mike Schubert.   True story, he encouraged me to write and mentioned he thought I might be good at it.  I gave it some thought and after a little more encouragement from Schub, the seed was planted in my little heart and the desire to blog was born.  Shortly after my blogger conversation with Schubbie, Darnell Sue asked if I would like to blog regularly for GPH, and naturally I jumped at the chance.  If you don’t know who either Schubert or Darnell are, ask around, and you’ll be sure to hear a good story or two.  I’ll leave telling stories about Darnell to the GPH community and reveal a lil lesser known fact about Schubert to those who may not know him. Schubbie wears the most amazing men’s’ fashions.  His favorite pair of pants are a killer pair of stain resistant, wrinkle-free Dockers, and trust me, he makes them look amazing. Had this been a fashion blog, his Schub-ockers would most certainly be fashion note worthy.  Alas, back to my point.  I woke up this morning, and was not inspired by Schub’s wrinkle free Dockers, but instead to finally write my first blog. So with that, here goes my first celebrity Blog.

To me, Betsey Johnson, the designer, is a natural choice for my first “Celebrity” blog.  Betsey is an amazing woman with very distinctly feminine fashion designs and has grown into a true celebrity in her own right.  She is my favorite designer, as anyone who knows me, has heard a million times over.  I am extremely loyal to the designers I love and to say  I love Betsey Johnsons’ dresses, is an absolute understatement! I don’t have a fancy degree related to fashion or design, I’m just a label whore who loves shiny things, and I like any brand that provides a great fit to a woman’s body.  Trust me when I tell you, you have not tried on a dress that “fits like a glove” until you try on a Betsey Johnson. The fit, curve, shape, cut and design is phenomenal and so hard to find these days.

Although I was not able to interview Betsey for this blog, I can easily guess that if I asked her what she wanted to talk about, she would probably mention her newest collection which recently hit the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York (MBFWNY) on Valentine’s Day, 2011.   After viewing the collection on the runway, a writer for the MBFWNY Website nailed it on the head when they said, “Betsey’s trademark look began its formulations with sexy silhouettes; hippie inspired flowing fabrics, whimsical detailing and, most importantly, a fabulous fit.” You, like me may not have been able to meet Betsey the woman on any given day in Seattle, but you can go to her boutique on 5th Ave and try on one of her dresses, which will undoubtedly make YOU feel like a celebrity! The way that one of her dresses makes you feel is the kind of positive influence I hope all celebrity designers embrace and strive for.

I must admit I am the QUEEN of guilty pleasures, and Betsey’s last Runway Show was my favorite guilty pleasure of the year.  I sat alone on my couch, on Valentine’s Day, in my favorite Betsey dress, drinking Moet champagne for one, idolizing her models at MBFWNY.  I had my baby blues glued to the television set, staring at the marvelous wonder that was the newest Betsey Johnson runway show. I oo’h and aww’d at her collection, and day dreamed what it would be like to be one of her models. And, at the end of the show, my jaw dropped as she came out and danced with her models on the runway. Her energy was eclectic and you could tell that she truly put her heart and soul into her designs. As Betsey danced along the runway, I remember thinking, “I have got to meet her someday!”  I haven’t been able to catch Ms. Johnson in Seattle yet, but I know I have been able to meet a small piece of her every time I purchase one of her spectacular dresses.

To view more about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week go HERE

And Betsey Johnsons website HERE
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Maile is a founding partner of Cabral Edwards Management, C.E.M.  She blogs for Girl Power Hour ( managing their Celeb Buzz Seattle blog. Her bi-monthly GPH blogs will not only focus on celebrities, but on their passions and the positive impact they have on the world. She will be covering female celebrities of all kinds that visit the Seattle and Pacific Northwest area.  Cabral Edwards Management is a Celebrity booking & event management company. Follow her on twitter at @mailehager, @CEMManagement and @SeattleCelebBuz.

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