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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrity Stylist Rosaline Hampton Opens In Bellevue With Smashing Success

As a guest Media Blogger of Gossip & Glamour’s Sydney Chavez, I was able to attend the Rosaline Hampton Grand Opening in Bellevue as official "Media".  I have said it before and will say it again. I am not a professional blogger, I don't have a fancy design degree and I am certainly no fashion expert. What I am is a girl who loves fashion, celebrities and all aspects of Fashion and Styling in SEATTLE, BELLEVUE and WASHINGTON STATE.  I could not be more proud that Bellevue finally has its own celebrity stylist, in our very own back yard. "We are so excited to be here in Bellevue and look forward to providing one-of-a-kind experience to those who want a fresh take on fabulous," says Rosaline Hampton.
Rosaline Hampton Salon
Photo Courtesy of Eastside Fashion
The time has finally come that Rosaline Hampton has opened her own Glam Rock salon, after years of success as a celebrity stylist. And, it’s clear to me that she has opened with a great splash and smashing success this weekend.  The setting of both the salon and party was just right, and I could not agree more with the official press release that the setting of “Imported Italian furniture and crystal chandeliers “ that complimented the “custom designed Porche stylist stations and luxurious color bar” are the perfect combination for this GLAM ROCK salon. 
My favorite fashons
Photo Source Unknown
Upon my arrival Sydney Chavez and Jess Estrada of Gossip & Glamour graciously greeted each guest, offered cocktails and took pictures on the step & repeat banner.  My favorite part, ofcourse, was the fashions that were on display.  Two local designers showed off their designs next to 3 vintage pieces that were just as exciting.  Overall, I had a great time at the launch party. I can’t say much about her services as I have yet to visit the salon as a client. After I do, I’ll provide a thorough review of their services. So for now… STAY TUNED! :-) Want to reach Rosaline Hampton yourself? Send her a TWEET. You're likely to hear back. I did, and recieved a response within minutes. Thanks Rosaline and see you in the salon soon no doubt.
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