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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Seattles Own Lily Jang to Guest Host SFW2011
This year, Lily Jang, anchor from QFox13 will be our special guest hostess of Seattle Fashion Week.  She will be hosting Finale Night, and this year's Finale will be on Friday, May 13, at the updated historic King Cat Theater, where the runway will showcase collections from Seattle and around the world such as collections by Alexandra Parry, Anna Dicklhuber,The Finerie, H.O.I.A.,The Finerie collection: Abi Ferrin, Elmidae, Heilyke, Madina Vadache, Yoana Baraschi and more.*  With SFW launch parties coming up, 2 nights of fashion, and a closing  CD release party for Jennifer Newberry, Lily has a lot ahead of her.  I was able to get Lily to agree to a brief interview about her job, what she’s wearing, what she hopes to see and this year’s SFW shows. Here’s what they had to say:

Lily Jang
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CEM:   Lily, Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this interview.   I’ve been asking you for a while for my Seattle Celeb Buzz blog. But now that you are the hostess for SFW, I just had to get an exclusive!J Before we get started tell me a little bit about your day job:

Lily:   I was born in Vietnam, spent my childhood in Denver and grew up in Houston. Seattle has been home for almost 11 years now.

CEM: Have you ever hosted a Fashion Week before? Are you nervous?

Lily:   I've hosted a few fashion shows but never Seattle Fashion Week. Yes, I'm nervous!

CEM: Have you seen any of the designers before?

Lily:   They're amazing and I get to donn one of their dresses this year!

CEM: What are you hoping to see on the runway during the 2 nights of Fashion: Mens Night, and Finale Night?

Lily:   I love bold, bright colors. And since we've had such a dismal winter/spring.... I hope the fashions will allow us to bare our arms and legs for every bit of summertime sun!

CEM:  What did you first think when you were approached to host SFW?
Lily: I actually thought, "Really? You SURE you want ME to do it?" It's an absolute honor because while I love keeping up with current fashion trends and I have a penchant designer heels.. I pack my closets with the basics. Classic styles and pieces that defy time. And all of my friends can tell you that I live in Lulu Lemons all weekend. Not so glamorous but it sure is comfy!
CEM:  Will fans be able to greet you at the shows?
Lily:   Please docome say hi!! I love meeting new people.
CEM: How did you get started in your industry? What advice to have for people wanting to break in?
Lily:   I knew in 9th grade that I wanted to be a Journalist. I studied hard to be accepted into a top ten Journalism school which was The University of Texas at Austin. After graduating with years of free college internships under my belt... I landed a weekend anchor job in Amarillo, TX as my first gig.
CEM:  This years SFW shows are at King Cat Theater. The backstage area is pretty small! Do you hope to meet any models? J
Lily: Would love to if time allows. Otherwise I can see them on the runway strutting their stuff :-)
CEM:  What are you wearing to this year’s SFW show? J
Lily:   A tight, deep purple off the shoulder piece that is being made as we speak! I'll reveal the designer during the night.
CEM:  What are you most excited about for SFW?
Lily:   I wanna meet the designers behind so many of my favorite pieces!!
CEM: Our company is assembling Celebrity & VIP Swag bags for our performers, guests hosts and models. What do you hope to see in your swag bags?
Lily: Functional stuff like cute fitted tshirts, purses, spanx, shoe inserts, cute credit card holders, flip flops, jewelry, that stuff.  Pens, paper, water bottles, meh.
CEM: I know I was able to connect with you on Twitter. Where else can fans find you (Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, You Tube, Website?)?
Lily:   Fans can find me at: Or or email me at
Lily's new shoes she can't live without!
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CEM: One last quick question. “I’m not going to Seattle Fashion Week with out my…..”
Lily:  ......swanky new sparkly heels from Butter that goes with both dresses for the evening"
CEM: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. We’ll see you at SFW 2011!
Want to see Lily in action? You can catch her at:
Finale Night on 5/13/2011
(All Ages) 7-10 PM, KING CAT THEATER
GA Tickets are $40 at the door, visit FB Page for Discount Codes, Student Discounts & pre-sale.  *VIP and front row tickets are by Invitation Only.

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