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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Portlands The Slants to Perform at Concert Night for SFW2011


This year, musical guests have been asked to participate in the concert portion of Seattle Fashion Week. No more will music guests perform between runway shows. Following the Men’s Fashion night, 5 of the Pacific Northwests hottest talent will perform between 10pm- 2am.  Thanks to the hardwork of Jose Luis from Strive Management ( the artists include:

Jennifer Newberry  
The Slants (Portland, OR)
Eclectic Approach

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One of the bands performing is The Slants, from Oregon. After reaching out to them on Twitter, I landed a brief email interview with them.  I didn’t get to meet them in person just yet, but I can tell you I’m really excited to!  I was really excited to be able to ask them questions about their band, the music, and this years upcoming SFW show. Their band members include:

Aron Moxley: Vocals
Simon Young: Bass
Johnny Fontanilla: Guitar
Thai Dao: Guitar/Keyboards
Tyler Chen: Drums

Here’s what they had to say:

CEM:   Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this interview.   I can’t believe you actually tweeted me back!  Before we get started tell me a little bit about your band:

THE SLANTS: We’re the first and only all Asian American dance rock band in the world. We like to make people dance. A lot of people call us the Asian version of The Killers or The Bravery. We also get a lot of comparisons to 80’s synth pop music. Some other random tidbits: we play anime conventions on a regular basis, the U.S Trademark Office thinks our name is offensive to Asians (even though Asians don’t agree with them), we got banned from a club in Portland for breathing fire, we rejected a million dollar recording contract, and have toured the U.S over ten times. It’s been a busy four years since we first got our start in a tiny dive bar here in our hometown.

CEM:  I noticed you’re from Portland. Have you ever performed in the Seattle market?

THE SLANTS: Yes! We love Seattle! We play there pretty often, usually at places like Chop Suey, Club Motor, The High Dive, and at the local anime convention, Sakuracon. In fact, we’ll be playing in Seattle shortly after SFW at the High Dive on May 28th!

The Slants
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CEM: Have you ever performed at a Fashion Week before?

THE SLANTS: We’ve been involved with a few designer’s shows and local fashion events in the past but this will be the first Fashion Week for us.
CEM: What will your band bring to the show?

THE SLANTS: Face-melting dance rock and a some racial diversity.

CEM:  Will you have any new music debuting at SFW or will all your music be from your album?

THE SLANTS: We’ll be playing our favorite songs from our first few albums “Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts” and “Pageantry.” The new stuff is still in works but it will be trickling into our shows probably later this year.

CEM:  Will fans be able to buy apparel or CD’s at your SFW show?

THE SLANTS: Definitely! It’s one of the ways we pay for gas to get home at night as well as a great way to show our own contribution to the fashion world. We design all of our own clothing and we’re honored that we can be a part of the cutting edge of fashion in Seattle. Maybe we’ll meet a local deisgner who wants to help create a “Slanted” line!

CEM: A lot of kids form bands, that never make it.  Do you have a message for aspiring musicians , that were turned away at auditions?  I mean, to be asked to be in SFW, you must be doing something right!

THE SLANTS:  Never, ever give up. Keep following you passions about your art but also do your homework and learn the business too. There are a lot of great resources out there: books, blogs, videos. Get as many tools as possible to hone your craft.

Thai: Practice your instrument, meet new people, treat everyone with respect, and love what you do.

Johnny: Hard work always pays off. Don't sell yourself short on behalf of laziness!

The Slants
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CEM:  This years SFW shows are at King Cat Theater. The backstage area is pretty small! Do you guys hope to meet some models?

THE SLANTS: We’re happy to meet anyone and everyone. A person being attractive or fashionable is a bonus.

CEM:  I know you’re musicians, and not fashionistas, but have you given any thought to what you’ll wear for your SFW show?

THE SLANTS: We like to dress up for all of our shows and showcase independent designers like Rachel Park Designs, Akufuncture, Bastard and Friends, and more. Most of the time, you’ll see band members donning 3 piece suits with their own particular spin on them.

Aron: We always bring it to the nines

Johnny: Shirt, Tie, vest, and slacks!

Thai: Whatever I wear, I guarantee it will be 

CEM:  What are you most excited about for SFW?

THE SLANTS: We’re excited to play for a new audience that might normally not stumble into a Slants’ show. We’re also looking forward to seeing some great fashion that we can incorporate into our own style as well. Is there free food? Because we also like that too!

CEM: Our company is assembling Celebrity & VIP Swag bags for our performers, guests hosts and models. What do you hope to see in your swag bags?

Johnny: I'm humbled to receive anything but anything fashionable is always greatly appreciated!

Simon:  Free food or fashion items!

Aron: Booze and panties!

Thai: My fingers are crossed for an iPad 2.  :)

CEM: I know I was able to connect with you on Twitter. Where else can fans find you (Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, You Tube, Website?)?

THE SLANTS: Our main website is
You can also find us on Facebook (

YouTube (
Twitter (@theslants)
Myspace (, and many more!

CEM: We are so excited to have you for SFW2011! What do you hope to see for Seattle Fashion Week 2012?

THE SLANTS: We’d love to see even more music tied in with the event. Music and fashion such connected industries. It’s great to see that many bands are being recognized for their fashion styles. We’d love to come back to the 2012 show wearing clothes by showcasing 2011 designed that we meet!

CEM:  What’s next for The Slants? We know you are really busy! Tell us a little bit of what we should watch for (coming up shows, album releases, etc)?

THE SLANTS: Right now, we’re working on an acoustic album as well as writing and recording another brand new release. In between recording sessions in the studio, we’ll be on the road travelling through the Western half of the U.S bringing our signature Chinatown Dance Rock to the masses. We’re also fighting a battle with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office over the right to use our name. So when we’re not thinking about rock n’ roll, we’re thinking about intellectual property law...and all of this will be in our “slow” season!

CEM: One last quick question. Please have each band member answer this question. “I’m not going to Seattle Fashion Week with out my…..”

Aron: Sex in the City DVD's, Hustler Mags and Flask full of Gin!

Thai: my underwear and my dashing smile!   Maybe not my underwear...

Simon - bass, wallet, and cell phone.

Johnny: All I need is my guitar!

CEM: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. We’ll see you at SFW concert night!

Want to see The Slants in action? You can catch them at:

Mens Night on 5/12/2011
(All Ages) 7-10 PM, KING CAT THEATER
Facebook Event Page Here
Purchase tickets here:
GA Tickets are $40 at the door, visit FB Page for Discount Codes, Student Discounts & pre-sale. *VIP and  front row tickets are by Invitation Only.
*CONCERT night to follow directly after end of fashion show.

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