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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Runway Board Models from Seattle Models Guild (SMG) to Hit SFW2011 Runway
When I think of fashion shows, like the upcoming Seattle Fashion Week (SFW) shows, the first thing that comes to my mind is … MODELS. You guessed it.  Tall, beautiful, slender models, sashaying down the runway in this seasons haute couture.   This year for Seattle Fashion Week, the focus has shifted from using amateur community models to resourcing models from the cities top agencies.  Both Heffner Model Management and Seattle Models Guild, SMG, have provided models from their runway boards for SFW2011 Mens Night and Finale Night shows.  I had the pleasure of sitting in on both the model audition and model rehearsal and let me tell you what a difference professional models make.  I am so relieved to see the pro’s taking over this years show. I promise, their presence on the runway will make all the difference.
One of the agencies providing models for SFW is Seattle Models Guild, SMG.  Mcklyn Cole is the Scouting Director for this Seattle based agency and is the lead liason between SMG and the SFW team.  I had the luxury of asking him a few questions about his job, the agency, his models and this years upcoming show. Here’s what he had to say:
CEM:  Mcklyn, Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this interview. We really appreciate it. Before we get started tell us a little about what you do at SMG
Mcklyn: I handle the New Faces /Development board.  I am most likely the person one will come in contact with when seeking representation by SMG.  I help with taking a beautiful face off the street and work with them to develop their books and materials so that we can present them to our clients and hopefully expand into other fashion markets even outside of Seattle.   
CEM: What was your proudest moment as a booking agent when booking  your models?
Mcklyn:  I love celebrating in the models’ excitement whenever they book their first job. 
CEM: What do you believe is Seattle’s biggest asset in the fashion industry?
Mcklyn:  I think there is something very essentially Northwest and signature about the fashion scene here in Seattle that attracts a wide range of people. 
CEM:  What did you think of the 600 Models who came out for SFW auditions this year?
Mcklyn:  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that turned out for the event.  I wish we could accept everyone that made the effort to come out and audition but there were a lot of tough cuts that had to be made.  There were definitely some great faces and fascinating walks. J
CEM:  Did you sense any backlash from the amateurs or community when SFW decided to bring in professional models?
Mcklyn:   Not directly.  I think it has been a positive thing that will help to streamline the quality of models that walk for SFW.  I also think it has provided a great opportunity for street cast models to walk in a great venue. 
CEM: Do you have a message for models that were turned away at auditions? I know you have to turn away models at your agency on a regular basis.
Mcklyn:  I think it is one of the hardest parts of my job.  I can see the beauty in everyone, but also know when they are not right for us.  Please do not take it personally, and don’t let it stop you from pursuing other opportunities.  We certainly appreciate everyone that turned out to audition.
CEM: Tell me a little about your open call process for models who may have missed SFW2011 auditions. Can aspiring models make an appointment to be seen?
Mcklyn:  We have open calls every Monday and Wednesday from 3-4pm at SMG.  We see females 5’8-5’11 and males 5’11-6’3.  We ask that models that come in looking as clean and natural as possible.  They should bring in a few simple, non-professional photos of themselves.  After a quick interview, we may take measurements and a few shots at the agency then let the model know if we are interested in representing them.
CEM: I noticed at model fittings that most of your models are walking in Anna D’s line.  She’s the winner of the Comcast Student Designer Competition. What do you think of her designs? What are you most excited to see from her?
Mcklyn:  Anna D is a talented up-and-coming designer.  Her pieces are uniquely brilliant and certainly show-worthy.  I’m excited to see the interesting materials that she will use to construct her latest designs. 
CEM: Will you personally be attending this year’s SFW Men’s Night or Finale Night shows?
Mcklyn:  Indeed I will.  I am excited for an amazing event.
CEM: (if yes) What do you think your models bring to the table versus using community amateur models?
Mcklyn:  I am hoping that most of our models will bring their prior experience, credibility and polish to the show. 
CEM:  Do you have both male and female models in the show?
Mcklyn:  Yes, both male and female models. 
CEM: This years SFW Show is going to be very different. There are less designers and the focus is on quality of design. How do expect this years show to go over last year?
Mcklyn:  I’m excited to see the new SFW.  Looking forward to seeing the range of designers that will be showing this year. 
CEM: What do you hope to see for Seattle Fashion Week 2012?
Mcklyn:  Well I hope that this year’s event will attract some notable designers and it will allow SFW to expand on their name and exposure for the following years.

Gus Drake for Italian

Vogue by Steven Meisel

Photo Courtesy of

CEM:  What’s next for  SMG as an agency? We know you and your models are really busy! Tell us a little bit of what we should watch for?
Mcklyn:  We just relocated to a new building and it has really given us a fresh new start. We have many models traveling internationally this summer and there are certainly some very exciting projects coming up in the near future.   To be continued….
CEM: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. We’ll see you and your models at SFW2011!    
Mcklyn:  Thank you for working so hard to help put together such an amazing event.  J
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Want to see SMG Models in action? You can catch them at:
Mens Night on 5/12/2011
(All Ages) 7-10 PM, KING CAT THEATER
Purchase Tickets Here:
GA Tickets are $40 at the door, visit FB Page for Discount Codes, Student Discounts & pre-sale. *VIP and  front row tickets are by Invitation Only.

Finale Night on 5/13/2011
(All Ages) 7-10 PM, KING CAT THEATER
Purchase Tickets Here:
GA Tickets are $40 at the door, visit FB Page for Discount Codes, Student Discounts & pre-sale.  *VIP and  front row tickets are by Invitation Only.

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