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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exclusive Interview With Vicci Martinez from NBC's The Voice

Photo Courtesy of Vicci Martinez Manager,
Beth Tallman. Credits: Photo by  Andrew
Zaeh,Wardrobe by  Wouri Vice, Makeup by
Janice Kinjo, Hair by Cynthia Alvarez
           UPDATE: Since the publication of this article Vicci has been voted one of the top 4 artists on The Voice!

View her killer performance of "The Dog Days Are Over" by CLICKING HERE!    

             June 22, 2011- Washington state has a new star blooming.  Tacoma native, Vicci Martinez, is a break out star on the NBC show The Voice.  This bluesey, soul, and folk singer, has an extremely powerful voice, that has the power to mesmerize you. Only 26, Vicci writes, sings and plays guitar with the touch of a veteran performer.  As her 12,700 + Facebook fans already know, Martinez has already opened for or shared the stage with notables such as Sting, Annie Lennox, B.B. King, the Doobie Brothers, and Jonny Lang. She draws strong support from her family - and the memory of her father, who passed away five years ago.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW Vicci’s performance at Showbox Seattle, May28th, 2011

                 The Voice is a vocal competition series modeled after Holland's top-rated vocal talent discovery show, "The Voice of Holland." Hosted by Carson Daly, the show features four musician coaches: Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, who will coach only the most talented vocalists.  The show's innovative format features three stages of competition: the first begins with the blind audition, then the competition enters into a battle phase, and finally, the live performance.  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW The Voice official website here)

           Martinez made it through the blind audition brilliantly, and entered the competition on on coach CeeLo Green’s “team”.  Martinez’s spot on The Voice is a singers dream, she receives coaching, direction and instruction from one of the industries absolute best. CeeLo is a singer, songwriter, producer, and popular TV host.  And, there is no doubt that Cee Lo is a force to be reckoned with, within the music industry. He is best known for his hits "Crazy" and "Forget You," the endlessly inventive Cee Lo Green has spent his career pushing hip-hop and soul's creative envelope. CeLoo was the genius behind her memorable and beautiful performance of Jolene.  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW CeeLo’s Biography)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW Vicci’s performance on, The Voice, of Jolene

Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to a short, but exclusive interview with Vicci Martinez and one of her managers, Beth Tallman. Here’s what they had to say!

Maile:  Vicci, I am absolutely honored to interview you for my Girl Power Hour, Celebrity Buzz Blog. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! I have a few questions for you and a few for your agent Beth Tallman. First, congratulations on your success on NBC’s The Voice, what is it like singing for the cameras? Are you camera shy?

Vicci Martinez: “It’s ok, I think I get more nervous singing in front of Christina [Aguilera]”
Maile: Beth, being a manager is a lot like being a Mother. What is it like to watch Vicci on TV? Do you get nervous watching her live?

Beth Tallman: “Completely!!  She looks so relaxed and I will need a manicure after this, I’m so nervous!”

Photo Courtesy of Vicci Martinez Manager,
 Beth Tallman. Credits: Photo by  Andrew
Zaeh, Wardrobe by  Wouri Vice,
Makeup by Janice Kinjo, Hair by Cynthia Alvarez
Maile: Beth, as one of Vicci’s managers, what has been your favorite part about watching Vicci on The Voice?

Beth Tallman: “Knowing that finally America is getting the opportunity to see the amazing talent that the team that has worked with her over the years, has known all along.”

Maile: Vicci, have you watched your show? What is it like to see yourself on TV?

Vicci Martinez: “Different, but really cool. It’s cool to see how they edit things!”

Maile: Vicci is very popular on Twitter. I noticed that not only is she trending in the Tacoma / Seattle area, but nationally and even globally! What role do you think social media plays for her and her success on the show?

Beth Tallman: “That is a huge part of what I do.  Social media is today’s water cooler.  It is where people go to talk about what is happening.  That being said, first and foremost, it is about talent!!  What Vicci does on stage doesn’t translate on social media, but what she does to people when she performs, does!!  That is what people tweet, hash and message about, how she makes them feel and what her music means to them.”

Maile: Thanks Beth, I certainly enjoy tweeting Vicci as well from my own Twitter account! Vicci,  once the show is done filming, what are you most excited to see Vicci accomplish?

Beth Tallman:  “I hope that she will have the opportunities to fulfill her dreams, tour, make the music that she wants and transform people’s lives.  Music has that ability and certainly Vicci can do that, she already has.”

 Maile: Vicci, what are you looking forward to doing once you are done filming for The Voice?

Vicci Martinez: “Touring and working on a record.”

Maile:  I have to admit, I just love your outfits and styling on the show, you always look great! Do you have a stylist on the show or do you pick your own attire?

Vicci Martinez: “Yes we do have a stylist, Erin Hirsh...she's great!”

Maile: Thank you so much for letting me talk to you. I write for a Celebrity Blog, tell me a little bit about what it’s like working with music industry leaders like Cristina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Carson Daly and CeeLo? Were you star struck when you first met them?

Vicci Martinez: “Yes I was starstruck, but after being around them so much, it’s been ok.”

Maile: Thank you again Vicci, for talkin to me. Beth, if you had to give Vicci advice in just three words what would you say? “

Beth Tallman: “Enjoy The Ride”

            Make sure to check out  Vicci Martinez for now on NBC’s The Voice,  The Performance Show airs Tuesdays at 9/8 c and the Results Show airs Wednesdays at 8/7c.  Fans can also follow Vicci Martinez on her official sites on Facebook at and on Twitter @VicciMartinez.  She is represented by Beth Tallman and Miki Mulvehill of Under The Radar Music Group & Heart and Soul Artist Management. ( and  Her website is and fans can view her ReverbNation Profile at

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Dress Code: Apparel Design Program on Budget Chopping Block

2011 SCCC Design Students
Recently, I came across this fantastically written article by Seattle Designer Cameron Levin on a facebook thread I had been included on. The article was so well written and articulated, I just had to re post it. Thankfully, when I asked Cameron, she agreed. I sincerely hope SCCC does not cut their Apparel Design Program, as doing so would be a huge dis service to the Seattle Fashion community. Please share this article with your friends, colleagues and co- workers, and lend your support to the SCCC in any way you can. Thank You, Maile Cabral Hager
The Dress Code: Apparel Design Program on Budget Chopping Block
Author: Cameron Levin
CLICK HERE FOR Original Article Post

Seattle Central Community College is charged with the grim task of cutting $4 million dollars in programs, administration and services by July 1st, per Washington State's 2012-2013 fiscal year budget. The school’s administration is analyzing the nine most expensive departments and crunching numbers to decide which programs will make the cut. Last week the SCCC’s internationally renown Apparel Design Program learned it was one of the departments up for elimination.

This news led us to Camila Sigelmann, one of two full-time faculty directors of the SCCC’s Apparel Design Program. Sigelmann not only teaches clothing construction, business and pattern making, but also co-administers the power-house department, and graduated from this very program back in 1986. She walked us downstairs to a cool 10,000 square foot space full of cutting tables, dress forms, and over 100 industrial sewing machines.

The SCCC’s Apparel Design program is where almost 1500 students in its rich 65 year history (one of the longest running fashion programs in the state) have called “home”, and where the Pacific Northwest fashion community procures its future stock of industry professionals. Influential alumni includes: Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing; Lucky Brand Jeans Creative Director Rhea Opiniano; Cutter and Buck Vice-President Julie Snow; Outdoor Research and Development Director, Ammi Bornstein; along with up-and-comers like Becky Sullivan and Miriam Reynolds.

The SCCC's Apparel Design Program is recognized by hundreds of American-based labels, large-scale retailers and manufacturers, from Nordstrom’s and Zumiez to Columbia and REI, as one of the top professional schools for highly-skilled technical pattern-makers, documentation specification development, as well as garment construction. SCCC is where students come to experience an intensive full-time, two year program akin to fashion boot-camp that often keeps students on campus from 7am- 9pm, sewing their guts out. The coveted SCCC Apparel Design graduates are swooped up by major retailers and industry recruiters to join their design teams.

”Over the years I have worked at several companies and every applicant that I have interviewed from the SCCC program has always out-shined the others. They are well prepared with the necessary skill sets and drive to succeed in this business. I know if I hire a student from SCCC they understand pattern making, fitting, construction, tech packs and how to measure a garment,” says Ruth Lancaster, SCCC Apparel Design Program graduate and Technical Designer at Zumiez.

A few little known facts a la the Economic Development Council: Seattle is the 4th largest fashion market in the United States; and apparel and footwear is a $3.3 billion dollar industry in the Pacific Northwest. Our local economy has thrived on fashion ingenuity from local retail powerhouses like Eddie Bauer to Nordstrom’s, to the smaller-scale successes like Jarbo and Prairie Underground. Cutting this program would be like cutting the Achilles tendon of Seattle’s collective fashion community—from independent design to local corporate creative teams.

“Part of the process of the state budget crisis is the huge human toll. Tying the hands of education restricts our ability to produce talented, skilled people to maintain stability of our local economy,” says Sigelmann.
Seattle Central Community College’s Apparel Design program and the New York Fashion Academy are Washington’s only professional fashion design programs that are under $12,000 (the Art Institute's fashion degree is over $80,000).

The Apparel Design Program has received over 260 emails in support from alumni, universities, politicians and other proponents. If you’d like to express your support for this program you can send the executive team an email at

You can reach author Cameron Levin on Twitter @CameronLevin and on her website at


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