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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Superstars Eloh to Perform at South Hill Mall Back To School Fashion Show

Super sexy, ultra-chic, male singers Eloh, to perform at South Hill Mall in Puyallup this weekend. Saturday, 7/16/2011.  Eloh is opening for the Back To School Fashion Show starting at 1 pm, in Center Court.  Eloh has performed at South Hill Mall before, opening for Mario Lopez's celebrity appearance as well as performing at the 2010 Celebrity Fashion show. They have also performed at Seattle's prestigous Hard Rock Cafe, as well as Seattle Fashion Week and more.

Eloh will be performing as well as posing for free photos and signing autogrpahs for fans on Saturday. Want more information on their upcoming show his Saturday?  Visit

Now, more about Eloh!  From Marvin Gaye and Brian McKnight, to Robin Thicke, Usher and Justin Timberlake, the music industry is no stranger to sexy male crooners. For decades, women have melted from their singing and men have coveted their appeal, and now is no exception. From Seattle, Washington, a city known primarily for rainy weather and seaports emerges a new Pop/R&B sensation known as “ELOh”. Brothers, Sheldon and Shemuel Wood, seek to position themselves as Pop/R&B’s next edition of singers, songwriters, and dancers. 

Sheldon and Shemuel grew up singing in church under the influence of their multi-talented parents at the young ages of 5 and 7. The brothers made their singing debut while visiting their younger brother in the hospital, singing to him just before he went into a minor surgery. They knew then their singing made people feel good and have been singing ever since. Very much aware that their gift was appealing to the ear, it was after the death of their older brother that Sheldon & Shemuel developed fervor for their gift of music. It was then that their singing talents went into a metamorphosis and became more passionate and sincere. 

Inevitably, in 2005, they sprang back with a deeper commitment to become a success. They elevated their creative writing style, to allude to healthy relationships between a man and a woman, allow their lyrics to reach all types of people. Their charismatic ability to subtly project in a song, through mellow tones and a sensual swagger; a man's sincere desire toward a woman; helps to ensure their magnetism of women and give a sense of relevance to men.

In addition, they (ELOh) demonstrate their desire to reach the audience through the intense vigor of their performances. Their diversified audiences enjoy listening and watching them sing. Many say that their performances causes them forget about their problems. Singing is (ELOh’s) passion and anytime they have the opportunity to perform, they are fulfilling their destiny.

Finally, Sheldon and Shemuel’s goals are to secure a recording contract, and to be able to give creative input in the songs they record. Their ultimate goal is to become successful enough to allow them to give back, by supporting the charities of their choice, cancer and epilepsy, in their words, "prospering with a purpose.” ELOh is currently in the studio recording new music and putting together a four-song show for nightclubs, casinos, and local colleges. 

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