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Friday, August 19, 2011

GUEST BLOG: Events Galore by Jackie Hoang

GUEST BLOG: Events Galore by guest blogger Jackie Hoang
Finally, here are pictures of the past few events I mentioned earlier.  It was such a blast working with everyone and our Jewelmint crew of Maile and Jaime.  Warning... there are a lot of pictures.

 // Click pictures to enlarge. //
Midsummer Masquerade Party at Citrus in Seattle.

The production that goes into a fashion show is beyond words.  As organize as I am - my head would go spinning if I had to organize such a large event.  It includes but not limited to models+outfits+makeup+jewelry+photographers, etc and that's just day of worries.  To prepare for one takes months to plan.  Great job to DList magazine for making it happen.  It was a pleasure to be there.

 Chance Fashion Show at Neighbours in Seattle.
There were so many gorgeous swimsuits.  One of my favorite trends were the 50s and 60s inspired bathing suits with high waisted bottoms and thick halter tops.  If only I could pull it off.  Another popular trend was the cut out one piece.  I've seen numerous ones before ie. Target and Nordstroms but I had NEVER seen such sexy pieces until I laid my eyes on Heidi Fish's collection.  Wowzers.  It was borderline lingerie with its wet leather look + mesh.

CRAVE Summer Spa Party at Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland.

There were 300 fabulously gorgeous women of style.  No words could express how outfit, jewelry, and makeup envy I was.  #Love!
// all photos by me {Jackie Hoang}, thus the mediocre quality //

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