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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you to for this fantastic editorial about JewelMint. Loves it! :-)

Your Fashion Questions, Answered (By Kate Bosworth!)

Editorial by: Megan Gustashaw

Take it away, Kate!
Chantal Y.: Hi Kate. You have such original style. I love it. What is your 
favorite era for design and for your personal style?
I love the 90s because it embraced both grunge and minimalism - two completely 
different, but equally exciting styles. For design, I often look back at iconic movies 
from the sixties and seventies for inspiration. Bonnie and Clyde, The Great Gatsby, 
and Annie Hall all were headlined by women with such unique personal style.
Kate Bosworth in Calvin Klein
Elizabeth W.: Do you have any personal style preferences/rules 
about mixing metals?
We’ve all heard for ages that mixing metals is a fashion faux pas; Cher 
Coulter who is my stylist, best friend, and co-designer for JewelMint and 
I feel that mixing metals feels fresh, creative and bold. I love stacking a 
bunch of bangles - silver, gold, rose gold - up my arm.

We used the mixed metal theme all through our summer JewelMint 

collections, by creating ring sets and bracelet sets that incorporated different
 metal tones. We also played around with using mixed metals in a singular 
piece - take a look at the Lost Treasure Bracelet and let me know if you like 
how it turned out!
JewelMint Lost Treasure bracelet
Sharon T.: Hi Kate, What do you do when you're in a styling rut? 
Lately I've found it hard to keep my look fresh in the workplace, 
since I like to stay with pretty classic pieces but still want to change 
it up a bit. Any advice on being office chic? Thanks!
The office can be challenging, but simple accessories can easily breathe life into
 your outfit. The skirt/blouse combo is classic, and looks great on all shapes 
and sizes. Lately I’ve been wearing short necklaces just under the collar of a 
button up shirt, which was a look inspired by Celine and Proenza Schouler. 
Try pairing a silk blouse with the JewelMint Paradise Cove Necklace or 
the Serpentine Necklace - it’s such a simple look, but so elegant and on trend.

Backstage at Proenza Schouler's Fall 2011 show.
Tiffany M.: When you are out and about and struck with inspiration, what 
do you do? Do you carry a notepad or sketchbook to jot down ideas? 
And what sorts of places do you most often find inspiration?
I can find inspiration anywhere. From the way a certain textile folds to street 
graffiti in Paris, I never know when I’ll have that ah-ha moment. I love New 
York, Paris, and London especially for inspiration. I’ll scour vintage stores and 
markets when I’m traveling, and find a unique pin or belt that Cher and I will then
 figure out how to interpret for a piece of jewelry or a look for an event or shoot.
Sara Smith: Hi Kate, you are one of the few actresses that always seem 
to be on the "DO" list for Glamour...what are some key pieces in your 
closet that tie your wardrobe together? What can't you live without?
My go-tos are the Alexander Wang Marti Bag and Isabel Marant’s Betty Wedge 
Trainers—they complete any outfit with a casual but chic everyday look.
JewelMint Mumbai bracelet
Another fun PS from Kate: Right now 50% of the proceeds from Kate's Mumbai
Bracelet go to Emmanuelle Chriqui’s charity, Raise Hope for Congo, as part of
JewelMint’s Giving Back program. "Cher and I recognize that we have a responsibility
 to use our voice to give back," says Kate, "So our JewelMint Curator and Celebrity
Activist Series has been a fulfilling part of our journey with JewelMint.
Ladies, are you as inspired to accessorize as I am? Don't you love these
 pieces and Kate's style inspirations? Do tell!
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