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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tech Crunch Reports BeachMint Raises Another Big Round: $35 Million For Celebrity-Backed Shopping Experiences

BY: Jason Kincaid of Tech Crunch

BeachMint — an ecommerce startup that lets customers subscribe to receive products hand-picked by celebrities each month  — has quickly become one of the hottest companies in Los Angeles.
Today the company is announcing that it’s raised a $35 million funding round with some big-name investors: the round is being led by Accel Partners, with participation from Goldman Sachs, New World Ventures, NYC-based and Millennium Technology Value Partners, with existing investors participating as well. Accel’s Greg Waldorf will be joining BeachMint’s board. This brings BeachMint’s total funding to a whopping $75 million.

This is obviously a big raise, and it comes only seven months after the company raised $23.5 million at a rumored $150 million valuation. Why are they raising so much? The short answer: they’re growing like crazy and are planning to go international — and they’ll be fending off plenty of competition.
BeachMint, which was founded by MySpace cofounder Josh Berman and Diego Berdakin, has made an art out of launching celebrity-endorsed monthly subscription sites for a variety of verticals, using a model very similar to ShoeDazzle, which launched in 2009.

BeachMint launched its first vertical, JewelMint, in October 2010, pairing actress Kate Bosworth with her stylist Cher Coulter. Each month the duo select or create pieces of jewelry that get delivered to subscribers, who pay $30 a month for pieces that the company says would normally retail for a multiple of that price.
JewelMint proved a success, and the company launched its second vertical, StyleMint, in July 2011 — this time backed by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, who design exclusive T-shirts for the site.
Since then, it’s been a stream of rapid-fire launches: BeautyMint launched in November 2011 with Jessica Simpson on board, and ShoeMint launched a few weeks later with Rachel Bilson, Nicole Chavez, and Steve Madden attached. And two more ‘Mints’ will be launching in the next two months.

Those launches have contributed to some major growth for the company: Berman and Berdakin say that the subscriber base and revenues have more than tripled in the seven months since the company’s last funding round. And the company’s headcount has growth to 120 — a third of whom are focused on tech and product, a third on customer support, and a third marketing and content.

As for competition, Berdakin says that there are indeed competitors in each individual vertical, but says that none of them have grown to target multiple verticals simultaneously, the way BeachMint has. He adds that another differentiating factor is that the celebrities aren’t simply involved in name only — they’re actively participating in the product creation and selection.

In addition to launching more verticals and expanding internationally, Berman says that BeachMint will also be holding more online events similar to the Cyber Monday stream it held on Facebook last November. He says the event was very successful, and that ultimately the company hopes to use these sorts of streams to create a new at-home shopping experience — one that takes the QVC experience on television, and brings it to the web.


JewelMint Premieres "Shop The Look' Facebook App With Second JewelMint Fashion Film Featuring Kate Bosworth

JewelMint launched a new Facebook app shopping feature on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 for customers to shop Kate's looks in her newly released JewelMint fashion film, 'Morocco'

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Today JewelMint launched a new Facebook shopping feature for customers to shop Kate Bosworth's looks from 'Morocco', the second in a new series of JewelMint's online fashion films featuring Bosworth in her exclusive JewelMint collection. Shot on location in Morocco by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Polish (Twin Falls Idaho, For Lovers Only, Big Sur) and set to Broken Social Scene's 'Ungrateful Little Father', this fashion film follows Kate as she wanders through a Moroccan street market.

At the beginning of each upcoming month, each fashion film will premiere on and will feature that month's exclusive jewelry collection. JewelMint's Facebook application [ ], now enables customers and fans to shop Kate's looks from each of the fashion films, including 'Morocco'.

Bosworth commented, "I'm excited about this app because it allows the Facebook community to enjoy these fashion films in a cinematic way while also being able to view and shop the jewelry without having to leave Facebook."

JewelMint launched the fashion film series with 'The Look' on January 12th during an LA Breakfast at Soho House, where Bosworth screened the first three fashion films and a teaser for the fourth in the series.
The JewelMint fashion films will be distributed to various media outlets and will also be available on, JewelMint's YouTube Channel ( and JewelMint's Facebook page ( 'Morocco' can be viewed on YouTube at .

About BeachMint:
BeachMint is a venture backed social commerce company for designer-curated direct to consumer sites, founded by serial tech entrepreneurs, Josh Berman (Co-Founder MySpace) and Diego Berdakin. BeachMint launched their first brand,, with Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter, in October 2010, with Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen in July 2011, with Jessica Simpson and celebrity skincare expert, Nerida Joy, in October 2011, and with Rachel Bilson and celebrity stylist, Nicole Chavez, in collaboration with Steve Madden.
About JewelMint:

JewelMint is an exclusive jewelry line designed by fashion icon, Kate Bosworth, and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter, in partnership with BeachMint. JewelMint's monthly collections offer unique jewelry designs personalized to match each member's style. Each member receives style tips, trend reports and videos to show how to wear and pair pieces.

SOURCE BeachMint
Copyright (C) 2012 PR Newswire. All rights reserved

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TONIGHT! Join CEM and Girl Power Hour at Google Seattle's New Year Libations

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Happy 2012! Seattleite and Google Places invite you to join us for an evening of good libations as we mix-n-mingle and toast to the year ahead and bring awareness to an amazing cause, One Day's Wages.
Enjoy cocktails from Seattle’s top mixologists: Bastille, Bathtub Gin, Boka, Golden Beetle, Little Water Cantina, Poquitos, Tavern Law, The Pink Door and Tini BigsAlso, savor on bites from Cal's Classic American and Wild Ginger, and sweets from Bellacelli Cupcakery.
The night will be filled with music, good times, great people, savory food and amazing libation as we raise awareness for One Day's Wages, an amazing non-profit organization based in Seattle that's working to alleviate global poverty. 
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ALERT Girl Power Hour Cancelled Tonight, Rescheduled for 1/26/2012

Due to inclement weather, Girl Power Hour has been moved to January 26th. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please email us with questions or concerns and please help us spread the word to fellow friends and guests. Otherwise, we'll see you next week. Sip wine, savor sweets, get swag, check out our vendors and enter to win the weekend use of a Mercedes convertible. Don't forget to wear RED to support the Go Red for Women movement. Cocktail or Professional attire is encouraged.

Thursday, January 26, 2012 @ 7:000 at Barrier Mercedes | NE 8th St & 124th Ave NE | Bellevue, WA

Visit for more information or Tweet with them @GirlPowerHour.

Wikipedia's Stance on SOPA: "SOPA and PIPA- Learn more"

Wikipedia: SOPA initiative/Learn more

Thank you.
The Wikipedia blackout is over — and you have spoken.
More than 162 million people saw our message asking if you could imagine a world without free knowledge. You said no. You shut down Congress’s switchboards. You melted their servers. Your voice was loud and strong. Millions of people have spoken in defense of a free and open Internet.
For us, this is not about money. It’s about knowledge. As a community of authors, editors, photographers, and programmers, we invite everyone to share and build upon our work.
Our mission is to empower and engage people to document the sum of all human knowledge, and to make it available to all humanity, in perpetuity. We care passionately about the rights of authors, because we are authors.

SOPA and PIPA are not dead: they are waiting in the shadows. What’s happened in the last 24 hours, though, is extraordinary. The Internet has enabled creativity, knowledge, and innovation to shine, and as Wikipedia went dark, you've directed your energy to protecting it.
We’re turning the lights back on. Help us keep them shining brightly.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Was the blackout successful?
During the blackout:
Are SOPA and PIPA dead?
Not at all. SOPA sponsor Lamar Smith stated that the House of Representatives will push the bill forward in February. Senate sponsor Patrick Leahy still plans for a PIPA vote on January 24.
Moreover, SOPA and PIPA are symptoms of a larger issue. They are misguided solutions to a misunderstood problem. In the U.S. and abroad, legislators and big media are embracing censorship and sacrificing civil liberties in their attacks on free knowledge and an open Internet.
What will happen next with SOPA and PIPA?
Although support has slipped in both the Senate and the House, there is a Senate vote on PIPA scheduled for January 24, and the House will be moving forward as well. It is important to keep the pressure up on both houses. We expect changes that appear to tone down the damaging effects of the laws, without addressing their fundamental flaws.
What should I do now?
Keep calling your representatives! Tell them you believe in a free and open Internet!
I live in the United States. What's the best way for me to help?
The most effective action you can take is to call your representatives and tell them you oppose SOPA and PIPA, and any similar legislation. Type your zipcode in the locator box to find your representatives' contact information. Text-based communication is okay, but phone calls have the most impact.
I don't live in the United States. What's the best way for me to help?
Contact your country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs or similar government agency. Tell them you oppose SOPA and PIPA, and any similar legislation. SOPA and PIPA will affect websites outside of the United States, and even sites inside the United States (like Wikipedia) that also affect non-American readers -- like you. Calling your own government will also let them know you don't want them to create their own bad anti-Internet legislation.
What happened?
Wikipedia protested SOPA and PIPA by blacking out the English Wikipedia for 24 hours, beginning at midnight January 18, Eastern Time. Readers who came to the English Wikipedia during the blackout were not able to read the encyclopedia. Instead, they saw messages about SOPA and PIPA, encouragement to contact their representatives, and links to share information on social media.

SOPA and PIPA - Learn more

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Why is Wikipedia blacked-out?
Wikipedia is protesting against SOPA and PIPA by blacking out the English Wikipedia for 24 hours, beginning at midnight January 18, Eastern Time. Readers who come to English Wikipedia during the blackout will not be able to read the encyclopedia. Instead, you will see messages intended to raise awareness about SOPA and PIPA, encouraging you to share your views with your representatives, and with each other on social media.
What are SOPA and PIPA?
SOPA and PIPA represent two bills in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate respectively. SOPA is short for the "Stop Online Piracy Act," and PIPA is an acronym for the "Protect IP Act." ("IP" stands for "intellectual property.") In short, these bills are efforts to stop copyright infringement committed by foreign web sites, but, in our opinion, they do so in a way that actually infringes free expression while harming the Internet. Detailed information about these bills can be found in the Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act articles on Wikipedia, which are available during the blackout. GovTrack lets you follow both bills through the legislative process: SOPA on this page, and PIPA on this one. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the public interest in the digital realm, has summarized why these bills are simply unacceptable in a world that values an open, secure, and free Internet.
Why is the blackout happening?
Wikipedians have chosen to black out the English Wikipedia for the first time ever, because we are concerned that SOPA and PIPA will severely inhibit people's access to online information. This is not a problem that will solely affect people in the United States: it will affect everyone around the world.
Why? SOPA and PIPA are badly drafted legislation that won't be effective at their stated goal (to stop copyright infringement), and will cause serious damage to the free and open Internet. They put the burden on website owners to police user-contributed material and call for the unnecessary blocking of entire sites. Small sites won't have sufficient resources to defend themselves. Big media companies may seek to cut off funding sources for their foreign competitors, even if copyright isn't being infringed. Foreign sites will be blacklisted, which means they won't show up in major search engines. And, SOPA and PIPA build a framework for future restrictions and suppression.
Does this mean that Wikipedia itself is violating copyright laws, or hosting pirated content?
No, not at all. Some supporters of SOPA and PIPA characterize everyone who opposes them as cavalier about copyright, but that is not accurate. Wikipedians are knowledgeable about copyright and vigilant in protecting against violations: Wikipedians spend thousands of hours every week reviewing and removing infringing content. We are careful about it because our mission is to share knowledge freely. To that end, all Wikipedians release their contributions under a free license, and all the material we offer is freely licensed. Free licenses are incompatible with copyright infringement, and so infringement is not tolerated.
Isn't SOPA dead? Wasn't the bill shelved, and didn't the White House declare that it won't sign anything that resembles the current bill?
No, neither SOPA nor PIPA is dead. On January 17th, SOPA's sponsor said the bill will be discussed in early February. There are signs PIPA may be debated on the Senate floor next week. Moreover, SOPA and PIPA are just indicators of a much broader problem. In many jurisdictions around the world, we're seeing the development of legislation that prioritizes overly-broad copyright enforcement laws, laws promoted by power players, over the preservation of individual civil liberties.
How could SOPA and PIPA hurt Wikipedia?
SOPA and PIPA are a threat to Wikipedia in many ways. For example, in its current form, SOPA would require Wikipedia to actively monitor every site we link to, to ensure it doesn't host infringing content. Any link to an infringing site could put us in jeopardy of being forced offline.
I live in the United States. What's the best way for me to help?
The most effective action you can take is to call your representatives and tell them you oppose SOPA and PIPA, and any similar legislation. Type your zipcode in the locator box to find your representatives' contact information. Text-based communication is okay, but phone calls have the most impact.
I don't live in the United States. How can I help?
Contact your local State Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or similar branch of government. Tell them you oppose SOPA and PIPA, and any similar legislation. SOPA and PIPA will affect sites outside of the United States, and actions to sites inside the United States (like Wikipedia) will also affect non-American readers -- like you. Calling your own government will also let them know you don't want them to create their own bad anti-Internet legislation.
Is it still possible to access Wikipedia in any way?
Yes. During the blackout, Wikipedia is accessible on mobile devices and smart phones. You can also view Wikipedia normally by disabling JavaScript in your browser, as explained on this Technical FAQ page. Our purpose here isn't to make it completely impossible for people to read Wikipedia, and it's okay for you to circumvent the blackout. We just want to make sure you see our message.
I keep hearing that this is a fight between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Is that true?
No. Some people are characterizing it that way, probably in an effort to imply all the participants are motivated by commercial self-interest. But it's obviously not that simple. The proof of that is Wikipedia's involvement. Wikipedia has no financial self-interest at play here: we do not benefit from copyright infringement, nor are we trying to monetize traffic or sell ads. We are protesting to raise awareness about SOPA and PIPA solely because we think they will hurt the Internet, and your ability to access information online. We are doing this for you, because we're on your side.
In carrying out this protest, is Wikipedia abandoning neutrality?
We hope you continue to trust Wikipedia to be a neutral information source. We are staging this blackout because (as Wikimedia Foundation Trustee Kat Walsh said recently), although Wikipedia’s articles are neutral, its existence is not. For over a decade, Wikipedians have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Wikipedia is a tremendously useful resource, and its existence depends upon a free, open and uncensored Internet. SOPA and PIPA (and other similar laws under discussion inside and outside the United States) will hurt you, because they will make it impossible for sites you enjoy, and benefit from, to continue to exist. That's why we're doing this.
I have a question that isn't answered here, or, I would like to send feedback to Wikipedia.
You can reach Wikipedia editors at info-en(at)wikimedia(dot)org. If you need a response, please be patient: we may have trouble keeping up with the mail.

What can I read to get more information?
Try these links:
·         Wikipedia's articles on SOPA and PIPA
As of 6AM PT, January 18, Google has more than 4,600 articles about the blackout. Here are a few:
·         Why is Wikipedia staging a blackout and what is SOPA?, from the National Post
·         Wikipedia joins blackout protest at US anti-piracy moves, from the British Broadcasting Corporation
·         Wikipedia, Craigslist, other sites go black in SOPA protest, from the Los Angeles Times
·         SOPA protest: The Net strikes back, from Politico
·         Wikipedia blackout a 'gimmick', MPAA boss claims, from the Guardian
·         Internet-wide protests against SOPA/PIPA are kicking up a storm, by the Hindustan Times
·         SOPA, PIPA: What you need to know, from CBS News
·         Protest on Web Uses Shutdown to Take On Two Piracy Bills, from the New York Times
·         Protesting SOPA: how to make your voice heard, from Ars Technica
·         Why We've Censored, from Wired

This is a re-printed article posted on on 1/18/2012. Thank you to Wikipedia for allowing the re print!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CEM is going dark on 1/18/2012

Stop American Censorship

On Wednesday Jan. 18th thousands of sites will go dark to protest SOPA & PIPA, two US bills racing through Congress that threaten prosperity, online security, and freedom of expression.

Join Cabral Edwards Management, and bloggers nation wide as go dark to protest SOPA. On Wednesday 1/18/2011, we will not be online at all. Our Facebook, Twitter and Blogger pages will all be 100% dark.

Girl Power Hour 2012 Kick-Off at Barrier Mercedes, 1/19/12

Maile Cabral & Kassie Edwards of
Join Cabral Edwards Management at this fab party on Thursday!

Girl Power Hour kicks off 2012 with a continuation of GLAMBITION as we delve into our 5th year of monthly networking events on 3rd Thursdays. The start of the new year is the perfect time to meet new people, so let’s get social!

Just as “Glambition” is all about celebrating and featuring the fabulous women who inspire us, finding the confidence to achieve the things in life that we want and finding our inner glam along the way…Girl Power Hour is about building community for women, being a resource and assisting you in expanding your business and social circles with non-threatening networking events for women only.

This year we’ll kick it off right at the most high-tech Mercedes showroom in the country. That’s right! The newly renovated Barrier Mercedes is spectacular; you have to see it to believe it. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and don’t forget to enter the drawing, Mercedes will be giving away the weekend use of a convertible that night!

JewelMint will be there showing off the newest jewelry. They will be giving out door prizes, goodies and more. Plus, they'll have special discounts and free jewelry with any purchase. Make sure to stop by and see what they  have at their table! Tweet with their team at @MintBrands.

Partners Include: Jewelmint, Barrier Mercedes, Design Perfect Catering, O Wines, Girly Girl Wines, Proletariat Wine Co, ONE Night EventsEspresso Elegance, New York Cupcakes,  Barbie Hull Photography, Neverland Cakes and Creations, Phototainment and Go Red For Women with the American Heart Association.

Date: January 19, 2011
Time: 7pm – 10pm

Barrier Mercedes, Bellevue - NE 8th St & 124th Ave NE

Cost: $25 Non-Members | $15 GPH Members

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Power of the Pen Fights Cancer

Jen Mueller
You've heard it said "the pen is mightier than the sword," and now it can help cure cancer. That's the ambitious hope of Jen Mueller, anyway. Jen Mueller, of Talk Sporty to Me, will donate 50% of the sales price from every set of Talk Sporty to Me Cards sold from January 1 through February 29, 2012 to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Jen is a Root Sports reporter and Talk Sporty to Me Founder, who created the line of greeting cards to help her further relationships with coworkers, colleagues and athletes. Now she's using those cards to support innovative research at the Hutchinson Center. Jen will donate 50% of all sales of her line of Talk Sporty to Me Cards to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, from January 1 through February 29, 2012. “Throughout the year Talk Sporty to Me offers financial support to different non-profits in the community through the sale of the greeting cards,” said Talk Sporty to Me founder Jen Mueller. “We are proud to support Fred Hutchinson’s work in cancer research. The work being done is ground breaking and truly inspiring."

“Cancer is an insidious disease that touches thousands of lives each year,” said Jennifer Pawlosky,
Director for Development Communications and Marketing at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
“Purchases of Talk Sporty to Me greeting cards help provide our scientists with critical funds to enable truly innovative research and save more lives. We are making strides every year in enhancing the
prevention, detection and treatment of cancer, but much more is needed to eliminate this devastating

As a sports reporter and Talk Sporty to Me CEO, Jen Mueller has been cultivating relationships with
multi-million dollar athletes and co-workers with simple, handwritten “Thank You” notes. Adding a
personal touch at the office helps cultivate relationships and benefits the bottom line. That is why she
developed the Talk Sporty to Me Line of greeting cards. Sending a simple “thank you” card can help:

· Co-workers, clients and colleagues feel appreciated
· Group members feel part of the team and not overlooked
· Working relationships run smoother
· Keep in touch with your clients
· People who want to say “thank you” but feel intimidated with face-to-face conversations
· Individuals make a positive difference in the workplace

Now a Talk Sporty to Me card will make a difference at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where 50% of the purchase price of each set of cards will support innovative, lifesaving research. Now you can support the Hutchinson Center by purchasing Talk Sporty to Me Cards directly from the

Talk Sporty to Me website: