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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video of Cy Waits Photo Shoot is Out!

Cy at his shoot with Maile & Kassie of CEM.
Hilary Cruz, Miss Teen USA 2007 on the left.
 Fab video of our shoot with Cy Waits is up!

Watch the video here!

Behind The Scenes - CY WAITS Celebrity nightclub owner poses for the March cover of

Photography by Julia Duffy Domrose
Styled by Jenascia Chakos
Assisted by Jessica Delos Santos
Hair & Makeup by Teryl Hawk
Clothing provided by Built for Man, The Finerie & Cy Waits
Article written by Maile Cabral Hager

Video produced by

Public Relations & Hospitality Arrangements by Cabral Edwards Management

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet our Intern, Cathy Pham

Cathy at a recent CEM event with
Vegas Nightlife Mogul,  Cy Waits
            Cabral Edwards Management is excited to introduce you to our intern, Cathy Pham.  Cathy is a hard worker and an integral part of our team over at CEM. She assists in any general need we have but is most helpful in our social media management, event support and weekly business tasks. Please join us in thanking her for all she does! 

Cathy attended Central Washington University, completing her studies at the Lynnwood Campus University Center.  In 2011, she received her Bachelor of Science for Business Administration and is the first in her immediate family to receive a Bachelor Degree. In addition to her Bachelor Degree, Cathy plans on taking GMAT prep classes and will try to enter school again to obtain her Master's degree.  She is eager to start a career in marketing and promotions. As a native Seattleite, she hopes to one day move out of Seattle, to explore other options and meet tons of different people.
 In addition to her intern roll at CEM,  Cathy currently also works for Kollaboration Seattle.  She is  the Programming Director for 2012. Kollaboration, in general, is a base for young Asian-American artists to assist them in kicking off a career in any aspect of the entertainement industry.  She has worked several events for Kollaboration Seattle including their acoustic preview show, Kollab Seattle show 2010 and 2011, International District Community Health Fair, helped with the APA Bash 2011 at the Hard Rock Seattle. She also have volunteered with Bumbershoot in 2005 and 2010, and plans to volunteer her hours more with Bumbershoot in the future.
Cathy is very passionate about her projects and works hard because she wants to.  In her spare time Cathy volunteers at the Teen Health Clinic in the International District.  She is also a performer and once even performed a traditional dance at Tet,  in the Seattle Center back in 2005.  She is an event planner at heart, and planned the entire Multicultural Assembly and Winter Ball dance while in High School.  She also enjoys helping International Secret Agents (ISA), which helps promote already fairly established YouTube stars to go further and come together for a concert.  She consistently seizes every opportunity, in an effort to “make most out of the life you have.”
CEM: Favorite Color?
Cathy: GREEN
CEM: Favorite Things?
CEM: Favorite Movie?
CEM: What are your strengths?
CEM: City Born In?
CEM: Only Child?
Cathy: YEP!
CEM: Family Background?

Question or comments for Cathy? Tweet with Cathy at @Cathyy_Pham or email her at

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seattle Job Posting: BAG BORROW OR STEAL Fashion Director

SEATTLE JOB POSTING: Bag Borrow or Steal is looking for a Fashion Director! Contact them directly or call / email Cabral Edwards Management (CEM) for more details.

Is this you or someone you could recommend? We are looking for someone who lives fashion! They should ideally have extensive experience writing about fashion, working with fashion brands, and is media trained. We also need someone who is not shy to be infront of the camera.
Make sure to check out their website at

Good Luck!

Another Girl Power Hour Blog is Up!

We wrote another blog about our Grammy experience. Or really, we just mashed a few together. Make sure to check it out at:

Xoxo, Maile & Kassie
Deadmou5 at our party! Photo by Kassie Edwards

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maile and Kassie Go To Hollywood

Two Small Town Seattle Girls in the Heart of a Hollywood Grammy After Party
{Note: parts of this blog are taken from the original posted on DLIST Magazine’s Web Blog. To view the original please visit their website. So many people have asked how our experience was and it’s hard to put it all in words. This blog is written to try and share that experience, through my own eyes. Enjoy!)
                Last Sunday, Kassie and I were lucky enough to attend a Grammy after party at the historic House of Blues, in West Hollywood. The party was a charity concert by Three Six Zero and Roc Nation.  Featured artists included Calvin Harris, Rihanna and DeadMous5.   Tickets to the event started at $1,000 and even went as high as $50,000 and up!  Proceeds from the benefit went to the Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer artists’ program at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the Children’s Orthopedic Center.  Kassie and I could not have been more honored to attend such an amazing event.
Maile's Gifted Attire from Bag Borrow or
Steal! Thank you BBS!
                Our trip began with the busiest day of our lives. Sunday morning 7 AM flight, interview preparation, dress pick-ups, and the inevitable stops at about 15 different places in Hollywood. All while carrying our vintage Chanel Bags and jewelry that Bag Borrow or Steal graciously let us borrow. And let me assure you, we did not carry these items lightly.  We guarded them and carried them with the respect they deserve, being cautious not to get even a single a scratch on them. J
After arriving in Hollywood, prior to the big event, we headed over to the House of Blues (HOB) early in the day.  On our way to HOB, we passed the famed Beverly Hilton, where Whitney Houston passed away. (Rest in Peace Whitney!).  Our goal was to meet with our contact Cy Waits, Las Vegas famed nightlife mogul, about the upcoming party and to pick up our Media Passes. Upon arrival, Cy and his team were busily preparing the VIP area and all the little details that go into throwing a party of this caliber.  As an event planner, Kassie was honored to be able to see a master at work.  She mentioned how great it was to see how engaged his team was, making sure that not a single detail was overlooked. Cy was a little too busy to talk to us (understandably!), so we took pictures of the venue, checked out the amazing art on the walls and headed out.
Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood
A few hours later we met up with Cy at the Mondrian hotel, next to the House of Blues. This hotel is amazing and something you just can’t describe until you are there. Everything is white, clean, and fresh. Even the walls even are very calming (and very deceiving if you’re trying to find an exit!). We headed to the hotel pool bar to meet Cy for a late lunch, and passed Rihanna and her friends as they hung at the pool. Record producers, and the who’s who of Hollywood were at the bar as well.  Cy left to prepare plans for his event, and Kassie and I stayed for a while, just to take in the top notch scenery and people watching!
                Later that night, the time for the big event had finally arrived.  We went to the venue, and were taken back by how the entire porch and entryway had been taken over by a massive Red Carpet.   As event planners ourselves, and having had experience with Red Carpets at Celebrity events in Seattle and Seattle Fashion Week, Kassie and I couldn’t help but notice the quality of the Red Carpet.   It was pristine, clean, and an absolute perfect shade of Red!  Cy personally greeted us at the door and made sure we were comfortable and taken care of.   From there, we were warmly greeted and walked in by a friendly host.  I remember thinking, “Seattle Event Planners” take note of this gesture.  It was welcoming to be escorted and shown where to go.  At this point, it was clear to me, that Cy had brought in the best team with exceptional and personalized service.
                We walked through the House of Blues, and into the VIP table service balcony and lounge. Each table had their own cocktail waitress, security and host.  If an attendee needed anything, they surely didn’t wait long. Red ropes separated tables and created privacy for the guests. Bottles of premium champagne flowed and were brought to the tables by stunning young women yielding sparklers.  VIP event Manager Misty, ran a seamless operation for the balcony and professionally attended to every need or request.  VIP guests included well dressed socialites and music industry heavyweights.  A-List stars like Paris Hilton and Brody Jenner came to rock out as well.  They lounged on luxury furniture and enjoyed the concert from the comfort of a well staged balcony.  Representatives from People Magazine were present and it was clear that L.A.’s elite were in attendance.
Photographer Unknown. Photo
Courtesy of Rihanna's Facebook
                Kassie and I mingled around the balcony, mostly keeping to ourselves.  The guests had paid a lot of money to be there, and we didn’t want to interrupt.  Our highlight of the night was when Rihanna took the stage.   Honestly, neither of us had been huge Rihanna fans prior to the event, and we were surprised at how her sound was so strong and compelling in person. I believe that both of us were mesmerized and at full attention almost immediately.   The best part about the concert was the intimate setting of the venue which allowed anyone there, to feel close to the stage and engaged in the show.  Many of the great musical legends have performed on the very same stage over the years, and Rihanna gave an unforgettable performance that those walls will never forget.  I’m not a musical expert by any means, but Rihanna’s pitch and presentation was definitely on key. It’s not every day small town girls like us from Seattle,  get to rock out to Rihanna live, less than a few hundred feet away. This is an experience we will definitely never forget.
Deadmou5 at HOB. Photographer Kassie Edwards
                Shortly after Rihanna’s performance was the famed DJ, Deadmou5 (who by the way has over 5 Million Facebook fans!). The crowd definitely went nuts when he took the stage, amidst piles of tinsel streamers.  If anyone was bored at the party previously, they definitely weren’t now. His sound was electric and his intense musical crescendo’s built suspense in the audience.  The peak of each musical sequence elicited cheers from the crowd. Large two-story  digital imagery boards displayed well designed illustrations that accompanied each aspect of his melodic arrangements.  The bursting visuals made Deadmou5 appear as if he was in a giant video game and was unlike anything we had seen before. His mesmerizing performance closed out the evening, and was the perfect ending to a star studded Grammy evening.

Kassie and I are down to earth girls and have a few important THANK YOU’s to those who made our amazing weekend happen.
DLIST MAGAZINE- First and foremost, Thank You for your support and for giving us a platform to write about our experience in your Magazine and on your Web Blog. We’re excited to partner with you on our upcoming article / cover feature!
BAG BORROW OR STEAL- Thank you for the gorgeous Chanel Bags and Jewelry! We got many compliments on them and are so appreciative that you trusted us to check out these amazing items! Thank you to Russ, Haley and Graham … you guys are the ultimate GLAM SQUAD!
CY WAITS & THE AGENCY HOLLYWOOD-  Your event was truly top notch. Thank you for the media passes, and tickets. We could not be more thankful for you to give us small town writers a chance! We know that people like the NY Times and LA Times were looking for articles and you gave us a chance. Thank You!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all our supporters, fans, partners and friends. Thank you for all your love & support!

Xoxo, Maile & Kassie
Cabral Edwards Management

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CEM & DList Magazine Heading to LA for Grammy After Party Coverage

Rihanna and DeadMau5 Headline Charity Gig After The Grammy's in Los Angeles
This weekend, Cabral Edwards Management is heading dow to L.A. with our partners from DLIST Magazine to attend this fantastic celebrity event & Grammy After Party in West Hollywood! The star stuuudded line up will include the hottest DJ in America right now, deadmou5, with supporting guests including Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and Sebastian of Swedish House Mafia. Given that this show will be taking pklace on the same night as the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, there’s some possibility that other stars may turn up as well, either on stage or in the audience. All of the performing artists are donating their time for this wonderful cause.
Photo: Samir Hussein Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images
This charity concert event is being presented by Roc Nation who teamed up with Three Six Zero Group (360).  Roc Nation, is headed up by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, who is sure to do this event right. Roc Nation's website describes that they are a fully functioning entertainment company, including artist, songwriter, producer and engineer management; music publishing; touring & merchandising; film & television; new business ventures; and a new music label.

Cy Waits, Las Vegas Nightlife Mogul will be in attendance at the event. We'll be doing a 1 on 1 interview with Cy to get our readers "Inside the Life" and backstage at this fantastic event.

The event is taking place at the historic House of Blues in Los Angeles. The one-off gig happening on Sunday February 12th, 2012 will benefit the Children’s Orthopeadic Center and the Mark Taper- Johnny Mercer Arstists Program at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Tickets for the event will got for $1,000 each and are available by clicking this link.   There are a limited number of tickets available for $250. They may be purchased on-line at or by calling Ticketmaster at 800-653-8000. Tickets may also be purchased at the House of Blues box office located at 8430 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California.

The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was names the best chilren’s hospital in California and among the best in the nation for clinical excellence with its selection to the prestigious US News & World Report Honor Roll. Children’s Hospital is home to The Saban Research Institute, one of the largest and most productive pediatric research facilities in the United States. The hospital is also one of America’s Premier teaching hospitals through its affiliation since 1932 with the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. For more information please visit
Be sure to catch our star studded / backstage coverage of this event. Day after coverage will appear on DLIST MAGAZINE’S blog and full coverage will be printed in DLIST Magazine’s March issue. Cabral Edwards Management and DLIST Magazine will be tweeting live from the party. Make sure to tweet with us at @MailePRMedia and @DLISTMagazine.

Grammy Award Winning Artist, Rihanna