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Friday, March 9, 2012

Girl Power Hour Blog: Bachelor Season 16 Finale Predictions

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This season of the Bachelor has undoubtedly been an interesting one. Whether you watch T.V. or not, you have most likely seen the tabloid headlines and social media buzz surrounding the show.  This Monday, March 12th will be the show’s finale and Ben Flajnik will likely profess his love, and even propose to one of the final two contestants. Naturally leaving the other gal, heartbroken.
Will he choose Courtney Robertson, the 28 year old, professional model from Scottsdale, AZ? Or will he chose Lindzi Cox, the 27 year old Business Development Manager originally from Ocala, FL that currently resides the greater Seattle area?  Or, worse yet will there even be a proposal at all and does Ben send both ladies home, heartbroken?  {To view more complete bio’s on the final two women visit the shows official website at:}.

Seattle area fans can join Molly Mesnick from the Bachelor Season 13 for a private screening of the season finale this Monday, at Suite Lounge inside the Hyatt Bellevue. The event is hosted by Amy Yamada and Devani Freeman. Spaces are limited so to reserve your ticket please visit:   

If you ask me, I think the final rose is going to Courtney Robertson, the controversial model who famously took Ben skinny dipping early on in the shows filming.  If I could choose Ben’s partner for him, I would undoubtedly pick Lindzi.   Unfortunately, I’m pretty certain Courtney is the shows “winner” but not everyone agrees with me. Take a look at predictions of how the show will end from The Bachelors very own Molly Mesnick, GPH Founder Darnell Sue, Neiman Marcus Publicist Rachel Roberts, my business partner at C.E.M. Kassie Edwards and Suite Lounge event hosts Amy Yamada and Devani Freeman. 

Molly Mesnick, Photo Courtesy of Molly Mesnick.
“I think Ben's final rose is going to Courtney. Though she may not be a fan favorite, Ben has been so obvious about his attraction to her. You can't deny that they've had chemistry on the show.   If it were up to me, however...I would choose Lindzi for Ben. She has an easy going personality...not to mention she's a local gal ;) I think she's cute and bubbly...and if Ben doesn't choose Lindzi, some lucky guy will surely scoop her up quickly.”-- Molly Mesnick, from ABC's The Bachelor, season 13

“I think he will pick Lindzi from Newcastle, WA.   She's driven, witty and confident.   She’s definitely the top contender!” – Darnell Sue, Founder of Girl Power Hour

My bracket pick is Lindzi, however I do strongly believe he will pick Courtney. As much as I hate to admit it, I do see him genuinely attracted to her, although she was definitely not a fan favorite. I think Ben will end up seeing the error of his ways though and they will end up splitting.” Rachel Roberts, Public Relations Manager, Neiman Marcus

“Although most people believe that the final rose is going to Courtney Robertson, I believe the final rose should be going to Lindzi Cox.  So, my prediction is that Ben picks Lindzi, because if he doesn’t, he is missing out on one of the sweetest, most genuine women I have seen on the show in a while.” – Kassie Edwards, Founding Partner at Cabral Edwards Management (C.E.M.)

“Lindzi seems like a down to earth person and she has done a great job with staying out of all the drama with the other girls. Her intensions seem real. I think their relationship could work in real life.  Courtney has been set up as the "bad girl" but it is hard to say if she is really that way in person. You have to admit her and Ben do have really good chemistry. Also she is aggressive and Ben isn't which can make a great match.  I predict Lindzi Cox as the winner of the Bachelor.” --Devani Freeman, CEO- Social Media Strategist- Connector

"Of course, I'm rooting for our local Bellevue sweetheart, Lindzi Cox! She seems very easy-going and up for anything, whether it's a glitzy night on the town or having s'mores around a campfire. She also comes across as very real, sincere, and humble... even though she's drop dead gorgeous! I think Ben and Lindzi would be an amazing match!! Of course, I keep hearing the Hollywood gossip about Ben picking Courtney Robinson, the controversial model from Arizona. She treated the other women so poorly throughout the show -- and acted completely different around Ben. He has been very taken by her, and my prediction is that Ben will choose Courtney in the end. The bigger question is... what will happen at the ‘After The Final Rose’ show, as a few months have happened between the final rose and now! IF he did pick Courtney, it'll be interesting to hear what has happened since then... as he's has the chance to see the other side of Courtney and her competitive ways.”  Amy Yamada, Executive Life Coach & Marketing Consultant

So where do these predictions leave us? According to my small pool of predictions the numbers they leave us with 4 predictions that Courtney Robertson is the “winner”,  3 votes that Lindzi is the winner, and 4 votes of confidence that Lindzi should be the winner in lieu of Courtney.  One thing is for sure, the Bachelor Season 16 finale will be  packed with so much drama it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

GPH Predictions Summarized

Maile Cabral- Courtney “Wins”, but wants the final rose to go to Lindzi.

Molly Mesnick- Courtney “Wins”, but she would pick Lindzi for the final rose.

Darnell Sue- Lindzi is the final contestant.

Rachel Roberts- Courtney “Wins” but he should have picked Lindzi.

Kassie Edwards- Lindzi is the final contestant.

Devani Freeman- Lindzi is the final contestant.

Amy Yamada- Courtney “Wins”, but she is is rooting for Lindzi for the final rose.
The Bachelor Season 16 Cast. Photo Courtesy of ABC.Com.

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