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Monday, September 24, 2012

JewelMint Launches New Stylist Program, Again

Celebrity Kate Bosworth, celebrity
partner of JewelMint
Launching in the fall of 2012, on September 1st, 2012, the parent company behind JewelMint, called BeachMint, brings you the new Mint Style Consultant Program.  JewelMint is a jewelry line priced across the board at $30 and is designed in partnership with celebrity Kate Bosworth.  The newly launched MintStyle program provides women nation-wide with the opportunity to be a part of something BeachMint describes as “truly amazing”.  They also promote that “as a Style Consultant, you will have plenty of opportunities for success! Key parts of being a Style Consultant include: Planning and hosting Showcases, where you will introduce our amazing jewelry and help drive in-person sales, building relationships with potential Showcase Hostesses and sharing {the} Mint Style opportunity with other amazing, stylish, and entrepreneurial women who may also want to join.” {All types and capitalization errors are the companies own.}
Millions of already existing JewelMint customers may find this opportunity to be just what they are looking for, and others many find it to be less than optimal.  For example, for the JewelMint mega fan who wants to own a $2,000 collection of JewelMint, this is the opportunity for her! For others, it may be the dual marketing opportunity they are looking for, making money by recruiting others into the “opportunity”.  This blog written about the MintStyle program,, outlines what they see as will be the direct failures of this new program including long hours worked for little success, competing against corporate for sales to customers, and other various typical failures of MLM style business models.

Want to know more about the MintStyle program? They suggest they will “Provide All the Tools You Need” by purchasing a starter kit.  This starter kit will “provide you with everything you need to get your business up and running in no time.  All kit options provide you with access to the training materials and support, tools, and resources you need to build and grow your business…not to mention lots of pieces for your Showcase.” Every Mint Style Starter Kit that costs between $199- $699 will include: your personally selected collection of JewelMint pieces, Mint Style product catalogues, Client Order Forms (50), Mint Style canvas tote bag, Login information to your personal online office on, Unlimited support from our Mint Style Community, a custom referral link for you to share with your customers and a comprehensive Mint Style Training Guide and tons of educational materials, templates and tools available in your Mint Style Studio.” With just $660, $1,300 or $2,300 in sales the company claims you can “earn back your investment”.

            We are curious to see how this new program and business model works out. Is adding “hostess trunk shows and Style Consultants” to your current subscription based sales model the future of jewelry sales business? We’ll be sure to find out shortly.  Competitor Shoe Dazzle, got rid of their monthly subscription rates months ago, will BeachMint follow suit? Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. And maybe just maybe, ShoeDazzle will begin a similar consultant based sales model as well.

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  1. Well written Maile. I don't understand their new model and am so curious as to see how many "applications" they receive. I think they need to scrap this whole MLM and bring back the old jewlemint everyone knew and loved. No wonder why old pieces sell for tons of money on ebay versus new pieces. It is because the jewelry used to be unique and is missing that touch from Kate Bosworth. I wish more people would open their eyes and realize they are wasting their money on this club, and I can't say that I stand behind it like I did in the past. It truly was a great site, but now has turned into just a way to make money without making the personal connections that made them so popular.