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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Working With Bloggers as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Our Advice For Working With Bloggers

At C.E.M. it seems like every marketing project we have includes blogger outreach in some shape or form. Whether is sending them a press release encouraging them to write about a high profile event or partnering with them to write about certain fashion brands, we are always in contact with bloggers.   

   We’ve had tremendous success working with bloggers posting articles about our topics and even helping our clients make sales by giving bloggers specialized and traceable discount codes to help convert blog posts to sales.  Very often, people ask us, “How do you do it?” Well, we can’t share our exact recipe for success but we are happy to share a list of our top list of things to do and not to do when partnering with bloggers.

1.      What’s in it for them?  Don’t expect to just blast a blogger and pitch them to write about your event, brand or business and offer nothing in return! If you can’t pay your bloggers for any number of reasons, why not offer them free product?  Give them free product for themselves, and free product for them to give away on their blog.

2.      Support your bloggers! Give the bloggers you partner with a shout out on your social media networks. Thank them for their blog coverage and post a link to their blog. 

3.     Know your market.  Only make pitches to bloggers that make sense. Don’t waste your time and theirs by pitching something that doesn’t make sense. If you own a woman’s fashion line, don’t contact a male sports blogger, it just doesn’t work. Take the time to research your blogger list, and make sure it fits your demographic.

4.     Have thick skin! Many bloggers believe that their time is money. If they believe you are wasting their time, they won’t be happy and will let you know. Be sure not to take it personally, just know that some bloggers won’t reply nicely to you.  Remove them from your contact list, and move on.  Plus, some bloggers have an ego, just like any other group of people.

5.     Get help.  Don’t know how to connect with bloggers? Let the pro’s help you. Partner with a boutique PR firm like Cabral Edwards Management to help you get your program up and running.

6.     Establish upfront what you expect.  Make a clear contract with your blog partners of what you expect from them, what you will give them, and all the details they need.  If possible meet with them in person.

7.     Give them correct info to blog about! Take this seriously! Some bloggers have 60,000 to millions of hits per blog post. Don’t underestimate their reach. There is nothing worse than a blogger who doesn’t have all the details or who reports on wrong data that you supplied them!

8.     Track your success!  Make sure to keep in touch with your bloggers and keep track of their coverage.  Use traceable bitly links so you can get information on how many clicks their link gets, where the hits are and more information about where the hits are coming from. This is valuable market information on your audience as a brand!

9.     What to do when a blogger goes silent on you? Nothing.  Every once in a while you’ll send product to a blogger, or even pay them for a post and you never hear back from them again. That’s ok! Don’t take it personal, just take the relationship for what it is and move on. Nothing good will come from blasting them in public forums or social media, just thank them for what they did, let them keep whatever compensation or gifts you sent them, and move on.

Have more questions? We can help you!

C.E.M. is a full service marketing firm specializing in Event Planning, Marketing and Public Relations.  Our expertise includes a wide variety of specialties including working with bloggers to help your cause or build your brand. We can help you create a highly effective blogger outreach program that meets your specific needs.  Specifically, we can help you identify the advantages of working with bloggers, select which bloggers are best for your program from our vast database, help you pitch them appropriately, help you avoid some of the largest key mistakes other marketing firms make when contacting and working with bloggers and help you understand a fair understanding of what your Return On Investment will be.

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