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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Seattle's Own Macklemore On The Ellen Show!

Congratulations to Seattle's own, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for their performance on The Ellen Show yesterday. You guys make all of us in Seattle proud!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Yak Project From Built For Man

photo credit Marshall Johnson

Recently, I met with Francisco, Creative Director of Built For Man.  When we met, he passionately described his Yak project with me, and I wanted to share it with all our Pink Energy readers.  I am reposting his blog about his Yak Ornaments project here. 
Basically, the Yak Project is a program made by Built For Man who will be selling these specially created Yak Christmas Ornaments to benefit the Loom Project and  The ornaments are beautifully made and a few will definitely end up on my tree. And, they make great gifts. Check out Francisco’s article about the Yak project, and decide if they will join you and your family during the Holiday’s. You can buy a couple of 2, a family of 4, or a herd of 6.  To buy them just head to Built For Man’s website by clicking here

An artist always has the desire to create, by doing so many astonishing things can arise from this; surprises can be obtained with astonishing results.
Inspired by the Loom Project and our commitment to social responsibility, this year we are working alongside in creating Yak Christmas ornaments exclusively by Built for Man.
Thanks to the help of Allan Aistrope founder of Virtue’s Children Nepal , we were directed to Early Rehabilitation Center which has been working in Nepal since the 90’s.
Early Rehabilitation Center Nepal is a nonprofit foundation providing skill training and marketing leadership to impoverished deaf and blind women, men, and children. Built for Man encourages the right to enterprise and self-sustainability. The artisans that make our Christmas ornaments are gifted with talent and determination to create clever and attractive items, no matter the social, physical, or economic obstacles.
Six ladies where selected to work on the Yak Project, 3 are blind and 3 are deaf, all have the possibility to be sustainable given the opportunity. We couldn’t have done this without the help of Vidya Vaidya, she is an expert in blind education, a teacher trainer and founder of E.R.C.
From the beginning of this project Vidya knew that we had the probability of success and put a lot of attention on selecting the right candidates to work with us to get the project completed on time and as we requested.
Once we had allocated the source of workers we needed to get them a prototype of the Yak ornament, Tesha Yates a talented artisan from Clem Helm sat with me for a one-on-one product development meeting.  For this project to be successful we needed to make sure that the artisan in Nepal had all the right tools, plus they had the know-how for creating  molded felt.
Molded felt is an ancient technique that has been part of humanity for centuries, is a technique that is fairly easy, all you have to do is get a ball of wool and with a needle you  poke the wool until the desired shape takes form.  Luckily for us Nepal is known for this and they have mastered the art of felted wool.
It took Tasha a couple of days to develop the first 2 samples, once approved they were sent off to Nepal.
When designers design they all have their unique ways, I normally first design with a muse in mind.  For this project it was the Shepard’s Christmas tree.
Secondly I developed the color palette and finally I formalized the shape.  For this project I had to develop the shape first then think about the color.
Color is universal and it seems that every certain color awakes an emotion in all of us. At first I was going to color the Yaks true to nature but deep down I knew I had to go crazy on the color.  I had to consult with an analytical mind so I called my friend Dr. Karol Marshall.  We sat for a latte to discuss this topic of color , I explained to Karol my dilemma, and she said the most amazing thing:
“Christmas trees and birthday cakes have only one purpose, to bring joy into our lives.”
With this said I knew that the Yaks had to be colorful.
The first herd of Yaks arrived this past September; we have created 300 so far and our goal is to create 500 before the holidays. It’s going to be a fast pace to the holidays, I know deep in my heart with the help of our community we can create our herd of 500, we are 200 heads of Yaks away from this accomplishment.
Once this project of Yak Christmas ornaments blossoms my hope for next year is to take this social project to Africa to empower an African community to design with us.  My aim is to create Hippos in Africa as 2013 Christmas Ornaments while the Yak project is employed elsewhere in Nepal.
We make beautiful clothing. We are building a good society.  We need to build a strong audience that will understand and support our purpose in this world of fashion. I am aware we are a men’s fashion brand featuring a men’s fashion style blog. An artist has the right to dream, my dream to think outside the box and to empower people while doing so; one Yak at a time, one step at a time.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Our First Blog on NW Beauty Magazine Is Live!

We are so excited to announce that our Founding Partner, Maile Cabral will be blogging for NW Beauty Magazine. Her very first blog is live.  Please check out her first NW Beauty Blog featuring Carina Van Son, a new Rodan + Fields Dermatologist.

Have an story idea or pitch for Maile? Email her at mailehager at yahoo dot com. Or tweet with her @MailePRMedia.  Maile will be blogging about all things BEAUTIFUL, including people, things, places and events.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stacey Lee's Insight Into CEM and the Public Relations Industry

Maile Cabral, of Cabral
Edwards Management
     Recently, I was honored to be interviewed by Public Relations student, Stacey Lee.  She is a highly motivated young woman, who is making a career move from finance to Public Relations.  I was absolutely pleased with her report and wanted to share it with my readers on Pink Energy.  Stacey gives a fantastically well written insight into Cabral Edwards Management, and myself.

     1.0  – Introduction

The following piece is reflective of my communications with a boutique PR firm.  Inclusive, you will find an overview of boutique vs. corporations, traditional vs. new media, and some personal insight in between regarding agency relationships and niche operations.  

     2.0  – Summary

Cabral goes on to inform of her involvement and observation of PR as an industry as it evolves, predominantly via the increased use of social media.  The need to go the extra mile to personalize, rather then generalize is forefront.  Connecting ‘with’ as opposed to ‘at’ one’s audience has proven paramount, as is fostering trust and adhering to transparency.  Differences are noted in regards to the functionality of  ‘boutique vs. corporation’, and teaming up with rival agencies as a result – in both directions.  Niche opportunities are discussed, as well as ‘who sources out who’ in regards to clients, projects and general opportunities.   Solutions have been shared regarding accessibility and any potential hurdles, which ties back into the expansive amount of technology, social media and information that we have at our fingertips. 

3.0  - Introducing the Interviewee

I interviewed Cabral, a PR professional who hold’s a Bachelors degree.  Cabral is positioned out of a boutique PR firm on the west coast and has between 6-8 years experience between marketing and public relations. 

·      3.1 - Maile Cabral-Hager is co-owner of Cabral Edwards Management head quartered out of Seattle, Washington though travels extensively to LA for clients.
·      3.2 - Cabral voiced that ‘she did not choose the profession, the profession chose her’.  With a knack for strategic thinking, and rising to a challenge and end-result of self-fulfillment, Cabral expressed she was a shoe-in.

Social Media is changing traditional
public relations methods.
4.0 – Evolution of the Industry

Notables on the evolution of PR as a whole, which Cabral spoke of, point to an increased number of firms, as well as the overwhelming use of social media in comparison to traditional media.  This is a positive in some aspects, and negative in others.  Cabral says some of the ‘tools’ she is expected to utilize, are not relevant to her company or clients, i.e. coding.    

“Knowing one’s audience and actively targeting them through various portals has become a challenge in maintenance”, quoted Cabral.  “For example, where traditional media once reigned, digital and social media has exploded via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, and the list goes on.  Managing each of these functional is critical, though time consuming for a small PR shop” Cabral went on.

5.0 – Boutique vs. Corporation

The functionality of a boutique firm is significantly different than that of a larger organization.  I asked Cabral what the some of the challenges were in running a ‘smaller shop’ in contrast to those a larger corporate beast might encounter.  She replied, “We each bring something different to the table, adding diversity and value.  On top of it all, we all contribute a high amount of energy”.  Cabral provided me with a few examples. 

·      5.1 - The positives with a boutique that stood out are that of having less people to coordinate to agree on a campaign or approve one’s work.  Also, not having any one to report to, and providing more of a personal touch.  Negative aspects included the inability to take on multiple projects and clients, depending on the level of service the one(s) currently being engaged require. 
·      5.2 - In contrast, a larger firm might have more ‘hands on deck’ and resources to aid in assistance for projects, freeing up time for handling a larger number of clients at once. 
·      5.3 - Cabral noted, whether the firm be boutique and local or Fortune-500 and international, the greatest challenges are staying relevant as an agency and finding better ways to measure their success’ and failures.

6.0 – Niche Operations and Opportunities

After establishing the company’s niche operations as boutique firm, I then dove into inquiring on clients and projects, past and present.  I asked, “Do you approach your clients and place bids for opportunities, do they find you, or does a little of both happen?”  Though there was no option c), the answer was all of the above. 

·      6.1 - Cabral say they place bids on projects, submitting them sometimes knowing they don’t have much of a shot, though still feel it’s worth placing an interest and making the connection.  Her firm is aware that clients do “shop around” getting multiple bids, though they are cautious to only submit proposals if their companies are 100% interested and committed.  If they aren’t able to properly service the client, they refer them to other agencies.  But both ladies agree that the best projects are the ones where the client finds you (word of mouth or referral).
·      6.2 – Cabral states that client’s expectations are becoming exceedingly grandiose, as in they expect the world though are not so willing to commit to anything up front.  Clients often know that new firms are willing to ‘volunteer’, therefore competition as such sometimes stamps out ‘paid positions’.

7.0 – Agency Competition

On the topic of ‘other agencies’, I had to ask about the competition and any sense of camaraderie within the industry.  The response from Cabral is that Public Relations is highly competitive and definitely not a buddy-buddy system.  “Competitive and then some”, says Cabral. 

Having said that, the advice I received is to always support your competitors and attempt to be friendly with them.  You never know whom you will be teaming up with (especially if you service the same ‘niche’ sector, in my interviewee’s case, luxury brands and celebrity product placement).

8.0 – Teaming-Up and Outsourcing

In the case of teaming up with other agencies, it does happen.  Competition or not, not everyone is specialized in the same area.  Cabral says that some times she acts as ‘management’ rather than ‘publicist’, representing a client during times when her company must out source and hire a larger PR firm.  Cabral says her company manages the content, and makes sure that the client they are representing does not get manipulated.  Regardless of owning multiple roles within a smaller organization, there will just be times when a larger firm must be called upon.

9.0 - Accessibility

We live in a world where connectivity and accessibility are at our fingertips, and although the rapidly evolving industry has poses some hurdles, it also has its advantages.  

·      9.1 - With several allowances such as cell phones, the ability to make conference calls, use of email, Skype (and other video conference programs), and other networking programs, doing business remotely is not unusual.
·      9.2 - Cabral say that technology has bridged any potential gaps in client connectivity, though when its necessary to be with a client, they will go to all lengths to make it happen whether they share a zip code with their client or they are a plane ride away.

10.0 – Transparency and Trust

Although sharing a city block might be convenient, it is not the most paramount factor to a client.  Building trust, transparency and proper representation are full mast.  Cabral’s number one focus is on client needs and satisfaction, in addition to a job well executed.  In addition to integrity, one’s character goes a long way.  Never burn bridges, and always act set a good example among your peers and clients.

11.0 – Hurdles

Regardless of your capacity to ‘know your client’ aside, there will always be hurdles regardless of bodies employed.  Cabral gave me two examples of upcoming trends on how companies can better reach their audiences.  The moral of the story in this case is, ‘small changes can make big differences”. 

·      11.1 - Gillette (who is owned by Procter and Gamble) was a Team USA Sponsor of the 2012 Olympics.  Instead of gifting regular Gillette razors, they gifted customized razors with Swarovski crystals, complete with their names on them.  As a result, many of the athletes took pictures of their “special” razors and tweeted the photo, or posted it to their Facebook page, which provided more digital impressions for Gillette than non-customized gifts would have.
·      11.2 - Reaching out directly to fans and followers is becoming increasingly important for brands. For example, a brand like Pepsi needs to “tweet” with their fans and not just “tweet” at them. “Direct engagement that is personalized is more likely to be noticed and to have a greater impact”, notes Cabral.

12.0 – Reflective Advice for Interviewee

Two insights to share:  first, Public Relations is all about relationships - building, forming, and fostering relationships.  Second, two-way communications is proving as a more responsive approach.  Work as an ally to your client and other agencies; feedback is necessary for growth and collaboration leads to share success.  Act with integrity, respect confidentiality, and adhere with transparency. The cornerstone of PR is to ‘know your audience’.  Never underestimate the value of how you will be received by all, i.e. the general public; you never know who is listening to you regardless of who you are speaking with or towards.

I asked Cabral what her best pieces of advice would be and she responded - don’t give up, be prepared to hear ‘no’, one hundred times over for every one ‘yes’, and to find a good mentor.

13.0 - Conclusion

Much of the insight I received from this generous and inspirational lady spoke to my previous knowledge of the industry, though not all.  Each of their examples, and points of view, without question will benefit myself applying this in my future dealings.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Complete List of Seattle's Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors

09.13 CelebBuzz: Seattle’s Top Ten Most Eligible Bachelors
There are so many great guys in Seattle, but lately I’ve been wondering, where are they all hiding?  So, I decided to launch a Seattle’s Top Ten Most Eligible Bachelors search, am pleased to bring you what I found! At the beginning of my search, nominations poured in through Facebook, Twitter, and Email.   Bachelors from all walks of life were nominated, and we’re pleased to bring you the Philanthropist, Olympic Athlete, College Football Player, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Self Professed Geek, Young CEO, Author, Radio Host and World Traveler.   Thank you to all the ladies (and even some gents) who nominated their favorite fun, single and successful guy in Seattle to be included in Girl Power Hour’s list. And hey, we even appreciate the self nominations too (wink wink, you know who you are!).  So without further ado, here are our Top Ten Bachelors in Seattle, a little about them, what they do professionally, what they’re looking for in a woman and how to connect with them.  Our list event includes a few celebs!
In no particular order, I proudly present to you Seattle’s Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors
  1. The Bachelor & Philanthropist: Doug Clerget.  Doug is a handsome guy, and is well known for his appearance on ABC’s TV show, The Bachelorette, as one of the contenders for Emily Maynard’s heart.  More importantly, he is a passionate philanthropist and co-founder of   According to Doug, Dollar Per Month “was founded on the philosophy that if everyone could just give a little, as little as $1 a month, and then we combine all of that to support the very best organizations working to cure disease, better the human condition, improve the environment and protect the endangered, that together we really can make the world a better place.” Dollar Per Month collects online community donations each month and donors vote for which of three pre-screened charities they would most like to see supported. At the end of every month, all three charities are guaranteed a donation based on the voting.  Recently, Girl Power Hour member and Miss Washington 2010, Jacquie Brown, had the opportunity to sit down and interview him for GPHTV and said that she “really enjoyed meeting Doug and finding out more about his charity Dollar Per Month.  Doug is an extremely genuine and down-to-earth guy with a passion for giving back. He is extremely laid back and easy to chat with. He is an open book and not afraid to be candid and honest.”  He may not have won the final rose from Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette,  but he was won the hearts of Girl Power Hour, and for that, he is our number one Most Eligible Bachelor in Seattle.   Want to meet Doug?  We have an opportunity for you! He’ll be joining GPH at our 5th Anniversary party Global Glamour on  Friday September 21st.  Come on out, show your support for Girl Power Hour,  and meet our number one Most Eligible Bachelor in Seattle! Fans can tweet with Doug at @DougClerget, find out more about his charity at, and LIKE his page on Facebook at
2. The Olympic Athlete: Nathan Adrian. Out of Bremerton, Washington hails 23 year old Nathan Adrian, one of Seattle’s most celebrated Olympic Athletes in this years’ London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.   Nathan swam alongside the likes of fellow Olympians Michael Phelps and Ryan Lotche, and came home with Gold!   Adrian won gold medals in both the 100-meter freestyle and the 4×100-meter medley relay, and a silver medal in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay.  When I asked Nathan what it felt like to win Gold in London he said that he felt the same as “anyone else would who accomplished a lifelong goal. It is an amazing sense of accomplishment but the fact that you got there means it is time to step back and figure out what you can do to get better!”  In addition to his Olympic Medals, Nathan also currently holds the American record in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle events.  Nathan lives and trains full time in California, but comes home to Bremerton often to visit family.  When it comes to women, Nathan insists that he doesn’t “look for specific traits in girls that will either make or break any potential relationship” he continues that “I do value intelligence and a good sense of humor. The ability to hold any given conversation and add an element of laughter is an admirable trait in anyone.”  Ladies, if you want to win Nathan’s heart you better learn how to swim, brush your teeth in the shower, and put on some heels to keep up with this 6 foot 6 inches tall Bachelor!  Nathan has been really busy since his return from London, keep your eyes peeled for local events he’ll be attending to do media interviews, and fan meet & greets.  Fans can tweet with Nathan at @NathanGAdrian and follow his Public Profile on Facebook at

3. The Entrepreneur: Andy Karuza . Andy is perhaps one of the most well known Bachelors in Seattle.  I was absolutely not surprised when his name was the first to be nominated when our Bachelor search began.   Andy is the CEO of his own start up, and is a fixture in Seattle’s nightlife scene through his constant social media finesse.   If there is anything exciting going on, you can be sure Andy is there, or knows all about it.  This self-starter was even featured as one of Seattleite Magazines, “Greatest Catch”.  Andy says that when it comes to women, he has “ pretty high standards for a woman’s values, tastes, and personality. The big compatibility indicators to me include the type of people she surrounds herself with, how she treats others, and ultimately how much chemistry we have. I think the most important thing you should find in a dating relationship is a true friendship. I see my relationships as an exhilarating adventure and that’s how I think it should feel.”  Ladies, if you have the pleasure of meeting this bachelor, make sure to strike up a conversation with him.  He has a true Entrepreneurial spirit and loves to talk, ask questions and exchange ideas.  Follow what he’s up to on his Facebook page at, and chances are he’ll invite you to an event he’s involved in. Fans can also tweet with him at @AndyKaruza.

4. The Author: Marcus Harrison Green.  Marcus is perhaps one of the most humble of the Bachelors I had the pleasure of speaking with for this article.   He is 31 years old and is a successful writer, entrepreneur and community activist. After a successful career in the investment industry, he chose to pursue his passion for the written word.  He is featured as a columnist for both The Aspiring Gentleman and Parle magazines. His debut novel, “A Year without April” will be released on October 30th on  His novel is already being heralded as the male counterpart to “Eat, Pray, Love”, while its author has drawn comparisons to Woody Allen.  In additional to his lifelong love affair with the city of Seattle that he calls home, he is passionate about volunteering and is a contributor to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of King County.  When it comes to women, Marcus likes women who are “strong willed, independent and ambitious, and extremely attractive. There’s nothing more alluring then a women who doesn’t need you but wants you.” Ladies if you want to catch Marcus, get ready to eat some soul food at the King Fish Café in Seattle, laugh and have a blast! This young Bachelor is an absolute pleasure and I myself, had a blast while interviewing him in person for this article.  If you want to track Marcus down I would suggest starting at the King Fish Café. If you’re not successful there, try finding him on Facebook at or tweeting with him at @MHGreen3000. And, be sure to search out his book on or in local bookshops in Seattle.
5. The Radio Personality: Bob Stelton. Bob is one of Seattle’s best radio hosts and on air personalities.  He received an overwhelming number of votes during the nomination process, undoubtedly from his slew of female fans!   The past few years, Bob has been traveling the country for different shows hosting them in California and St. Louis, but luckily has recently been able to return to Seattle. Bob is best known for his weekday sports talk radio show, “Bob and Groz” on 710 ESPN Seattle at Noon on weekdays.  One of his nominators wrote in that Bob is “super tall, so handsome and just so much fun!” and another nominator continues that “Bob Stelton is the MVP of available Bachelors. He is not only handsome and intelligent but he’s extremely funny and compassionate. I’m fortunate to have known Bob for so many years!” I haven’t been able to ask Bob what he looks for in a woman but my guess is that if you want to catch Bob, you’ll need to sharpen up your “sports talk” and start tuning in to ESPN 710.  Fans can find his public Facebook page at, tweet his radio show at @BobandGroz and tweet with Bob personally at @BStelton.
6. The Young CEO & Self Described Geek: Brayden Olson.  This busy 24 year old CEO of Novel, Inc. and Recurrence, Inc. (a brand new venture in partnership with the University of Washington) resides in Kirkland.  He has received numerous awards for his leadership and innovative spirit.  Some of his impressive awards include being the youngest member ever admitted to Seattle’s Entrepreneur Organization, selection as the Eastside Young Professional of the Year (2011) by the Chamber of Commerce, one of the 2011 “Startup Idols” by Fortune Magazine, Top Student Entrepreneur on the West Coast (2010), and an Innovation award from Microsoft in 2009.  Chasing his dreams and doing what he believes in has lead Brayden to many successful ventures at such a young age.  He confesses that he “ grew up a proud geek and since the age of twelve, it has always been my dream to apply game technology to solving real world issues.”    Ladies, if you want to couple up with Brayden, he’d be one great catch!  One of his nominations came in with this impressive recommendation, “he’s one of the most compassionate, ambitious, hard working, loyal and not to mention handsome men that I have the pleasure of knowing and calling my friend. His morals and ethics in all he does make him an all around great catch for one lucky woman.” So, if you’d like to meet Brayden or get more involved with some great local non-profits, connect with him on Facebook. He’s currently working on the March of Dimes signature chef auction, working with the local Seattle Humane Society and frequently hosts events for his own non-profit supporting young Seattle entrepreneurs. So, don’t be shy ladies! You’re likely to get invited to one of these great events. Make sure to show up and say hi to Brayden!
7. The Engineer: Darwin Allen: Darwin is a handsome, 43 year old, American Filipino who resides in Bellevue, Washington.  During our voting and nomination process, we recieved many heart felt nominations for Darwin.  He’s a very successful guy and its no suprise his nominators were so eager to see him in this article!  For the last 14 years his career has been in Engineering, specializing in Civil Aviation. Darwin’s career is not what caught our attention, but rather his involvement in his own local charity, The Shank-A-Thon Golf Tournament which benefited Operation Smile this year.   When he’s not working or supporting an important charity, he is very active and enjoys boating, golf, running and painting.  When it comes to the ladies, Darwin says that he’s looking for a woman who is “intelligent and down to earth.  I like classy ladies who are romantic but also have a sense of humor.  Enjoying life is important and I like women who are adventurous and know how to have fun!  Above all, I look for a woman who is considerate and caring.”   Throughout our Bachelor Search and nomination process, Darwin had perhaps the most vocal and supportive crew cheering him on, which leads us to believe he is a very popular guy! One of his nominators says that “I’ve been friends with Darwin for over 15 years. I think of him as my “go to” friend.  His loyalty, humor and huge heart are friends for life qualities. He’s a great guy, and is easy to love.”  Ladies, if you get a chance to win Darwin’s heart be ready to meet a ton of new friends and get ready to live life to its fullest!  There are no boring or down times with Darwin, so be ready to always be on the go.  Fans can friend Darwin on Facebook and / or catch him at any of his next charity events. You may also be able to catch him at G5, Global Glamour. If you do, make sure to say hi and strike up a conversation with him.
8. The Traveler: Sean Hobday  This 42 year old, globetrotting bachelor,  is the Senior VP of Global Sales and Operations for Zones, Inc, a Global IT products and solutions company that has over one billion dollars in revenue.  Sean’s job takes him to Canada, Europe, Asia and India where he is responsible for expanding their operations in those markets. When it comes to women, Sean is looking for a “confident,  independent, healthy and empowered woman.  Someone that is genuinely happy, caring, willing to lift people up and inspire those around them…  A person that is equally as comfortable at a back yard BBQ, football game, out on the town, or at a Black Tie Charity event and everything in between.” Sean was nominated to us on Facebook, and his fans showed a lot of support!  He’s a triple threat, smart, handsome and successful.  And here’s an added bonus, he’s a UW Football Huskies Fan {who doesn’t love a Huskie fan?}.  Ladies, if you want to link up with Sean, you should be ready to travel,  and get out and try new things.  Fans can tweet with Sean, who is new on Twitter, at @SeanHobday1. Make sure to log on and show him some Twitter love.
9. The College Football Player: C.J. Ryan This 21 year old, college student-athlete, might not be on your typical “Seattleite” radar, but that didn’t stop ladies from nominating him!  This handsome guy plays defensive tackle for Arizona State University (ASU).  Ryan and his teammates at ASU will face off against Washington State Football at Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona on November 17th, later this year.  Ryan is originally from Montlake, WA and visits family there often during the off season.  Cameron Ryan {nickname, C.J.} attended Seattle Prep and graduated in 2009 {gasp that makes me feel OLD!}.  This over achiever  is currently a Communications major, and is eyeing a double major in Marketing.   When he’s not on the field or in class, Ryan is a freelance consultant for companies and brands assisting them to increase their impact on social media.  When it comes to the ladies, C.J. looks for women with “A great personality! Personality makes the woman,” and adds that “a pretty package is always a plus!”  Ladies if you want to catch C.J., you’ll have to put down your Huskie gear and tune into to the Sundevils on game day. C.J. does plan to return to Seattle after he completes his education at ASU, so don’t worry ladies, you won’t have to move to Arizona.  Fans can catch him on the field at ASU games, and tweet with him at @CJMcFly.

10. The 10th Bachelor, was originally kept a secret, but can now be revealed. Read below!

Without further ado, I bring you the 10th Bachelor, 32 year old Bryan Otis, Co-Founder of Bryan is from Redmond, WA and his family owns Matthews Estate and Tenor wineries.  We even asked Bachelor #1, Doug Clerget, about Bryan and he had nothing but great things to say about him, “Bryan is a very generous guy. Both his family and his winery have been huge supporters of everything I am doing I could not be more grateful for their support. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised to hear Bryan made the Bachelor list as he is a really great guy!”
I was lucky enough to interview Bryan, here is a short excerpt from our interview:
Maile: Tell me a little about our job, and what you do.
Bryan: “I co-founded a company called Tandem, with my amazing brother, Scott. Our company was created to help schools and universities help be more scheduled, and socialize their events. Schedule and socialize? What does that mean? Schools and universities do a lot of events: sports events, club events, theater events. Paper calendars just can’t handle all the changes and updates that happen at schools and universities. We built an online application that helps schedule all their events in one, online master calendar. It shows when schools or universities are double booking their facilities. Once they are completely scheduled, we convert all their public events into Facebook Events so they can invite their community to support the events.”

Maile: How has business been going or you over at Tandem?
Bryan: “It has been going really well. It has been great to hear from over 1200 schools and universities across the country who use our application, on how they are better organized and are seeing more attendance at plays, sports games and events.”

Maile: Wow! That sounds great and must keep you really busy! What else do you have going on outside of work?
Bryan: “Well, my family owns two wineries, Matthews Estate and Tenor. When I’m not geeking out on online calendars, I help my family host events out at the winery for our friends in the area, as well as work with local restaurant sommeliers on food and wine pairings with our wines.”

Seattle's 10th Most Eligible Bachelor Bryan Otis
Maile: You must be so lucky to have a family that owns a winery! What is your favorite part in your roles at the wineries?
Bryan: “It’s been great to meet a ton of new people at our events, and I love connecting with local restaurants!  Currently, its harvest time, and we are expecting out first batch of Cabernet Sauvingnon in the winery next week. We are so excited!” 

Maile: How do you balance your roles at the winery with daily work at Tandem?
Bryan: “I live a bit of a double life: Bruce Wayne of online calendars during the day, and Batman of wine by night. Really, it’s a lot of fun!”

Maile: You know that this is an article about Seattle’s Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors. Tell me, what three qualities do you look for in a woman?
Bryan: “What three qualities do I look for in a woman? Three qualities really standout to me. “Only three”, you say? I know… I’m pretty simple.  Given that I am someone who is passionate about a very specific (albeit geeky) subject (which is: online scheduling and calendars, if you just skipped to this part) the first thing I look for in a woman is someone who is passionate about something. Could be anything really.  Someone who is authentic in their passion and ambition. General life enthusiasm is overwhelmingly attractive. Overwhelmingly. The second quality I look for is for someone that is an “includer”. Someone helps people feel included in any setting. That treats everyone as an equal. Someone who isn’t phased by titles, net-worth or celebrity.  Finally, (on the more superficial level), I look for someone who really enjoys great food and wine. Food and wine are a huge part of my life! It’s no secret that my family owns two wineries. We really enjoy getting together, cooking up a bunch of fantastic food and sharing life over some great wine. Even though we’re English, we sound pretty Italian!” 

Well ladies, that’s it the end of my interview. If you’re like me, Bryan’s family winery peaked my interest so I did a little digging. This section is for those you that want to know a little bit more about Matthews Estate Winery.
Established in 1993, Matthews Estate is located in the heart of the Woodinville Wine Country.  The boutique winery is owned by one local family and focuses on maintaining production of bordeaux style and single varietal vineyard designated wines, using grapes grown in Washington State from vineyards that have experience and respect for nature and soil.  The winery and winemaker, Aryn Morell, believe that there is a deep and tangible link between the vines, hills, winegrowers and winemakers, and carries this proof of affinity into every aspect of winemaking: from the vineyard to the cellar, from the vine to the wine bottle.
With amazing views of the valley, the 8 acre property is the location of the winery and Tasting and Barrel Room, as well as the Matthews Estate House and Event Center, which includes comfortable Bed & Breakfast accommodations.  The Estate House is a one of a kind intimate and elegant event facility that blends the traditional and modern and is an ideal setting for hosting private and corporate events that create special memories: placing people, delicious food and incredible wines in the same location!
Matthews Estate has a tasting room that is now open daily. The encourage the public to stop by and enjoy their newly renovated tasting room, and taste some of their excellent new wines.  Tasting room hours are everyday from 12-6 PM. They also have live music every Friday from 6:30 – 9:00 PM.
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Maile Cabral Hager
Maile Cabral is our newest Girl Power Hour blogger, launching our Celebrity Watch blog, Celeb Buzz Seattle. Her bi-monthly blogs will not only focus on celebrities, but on their passions and the positive impact they have on the world. She will be covering mostly female celebrities of all kinds that visit the Seattle and Pacific Northwest area, including : A-Listers, Musicians, Actors / Actresses, TV Stars, Fashion Designers, Models, Athletes, Locals, Bloggers, Wives of Famous Celebs and maybe even some D-Listers. Maile has worked with numerous celebrities and co-founded CABRAL EDWARDS MANAGEMENT, a Celebrity booking & event management company catering to businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Follow her on Twitter at @MailePRMedia, @CEMManagement & @SeattleCelebBuz.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celebrity Trend Alert: BINSI Birth & Labor Apparel

There is a new brand out there called BINSI, that is outtfiting some of the biggest names in Hollywood, in Maternity and Birthing Apparel.

Never heard of BINSI® Inc.? It is a clothing line specializing in unique birthing skirts and tops for women who want more comfort, control, and empowerment in the delivery room. The skirt’s unique designs are owner Carri Grimditch's own.   Her expertise isn’t grounded in the clothing or fashion industry, but in working with women as a certified doula, helping them have the best birth possible by providing assistance and support from start to finish.  Every BINSI® garment is designed to work well for doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist-and most of all mommies! BINSI® skirts fit below the belly and were designed, along with all the items, to accommodate any medical equipment-even the epidural. BINSI® skirts and tops include features, such as, nursing hooks, snaps, adjustable straps and drawstring waistbands, which allows for easy and quick removal.
BINSI has partnered with or gifted tons of celebrities in Hollywood including: Trista Sutter, Kerri Russel, Marcia Cross, Jennifer Garner, Michelle Williams, Brooke Shields, Melissa Joan Hart, and Melissa Peterman.

Binsi Founders Carri & Kim
Today, more women are discovering the benefit of molding their birthing experience to their taste and comfort, using special scents, keepsakes set at eye level, and yes- wearing the perfect outfit.   There are countless products out there for pregnant women today, and while the makers of those products don’t promise to turn birth into an easy, breezy carnival ride, research does show that the more women can personalize their birth environment, the less stress they experience; and the lower the stress level, the better women can handle the rigors of labor. "Maverick" authors William Taylor and Polly LaBarre spoke recently about BINSI.  According to LaBarre, BINSI founder Grimditch was driven by two key factors: purpose and passion. "She saw an unmet need and used her knowledge to create something to answer it," LaBarre said. LaBarre cited the popular women's gym Curves for doing the same sort of thing when it created a more private, welcoming atmosphere for women averse to working out in public.

So just what pieces are Trista Sutter, Marcia Cross, and Brooke Shields wearing? The Basic BINSI skirt, Go Go top and the PrimaMama skirt are some of their favorites.  The skirts are designed to earn your comfort points for cut, styling, and fabric. And, skirts earn fashion points for its grosgrain ribbon tie. The Original BINSI® Skirt was designed to wear during labor and give birth in, even if you wind up having a cesarean. The thought behind this ingenious skirt is to simply preserve your modesty in labor.  You can wear the skirts under your belly or a bit higher, and the fabric choices include a cozy cotton and lycra blend for the tops, and either cotton/spandex or cotton/rayon/spandex combos for the skirts.

Want to wear the same BINSI gear as the celebs? Check out their website at: where you can shop directly with them or get a list of local vendors that carry their project.

Follow Binsi on Twitter at @BirthBinsi and @BirthInBinsi.  Their faebook page can be found at And, make sure to check out their Facebook contest to win FREE BINSI products.

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