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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celebrity Trend Alert: BINSI Birth & Labor Apparel

There is a new brand out there called BINSI, that is outtfiting some of the biggest names in Hollywood, in Maternity and Birthing Apparel.

Never heard of BINSI® Inc.? It is a clothing line specializing in unique birthing skirts and tops for women who want more comfort, control, and empowerment in the delivery room. The skirt’s unique designs are owner Carri Grimditch's own.   Her expertise isn’t grounded in the clothing or fashion industry, but in working with women as a certified doula, helping them have the best birth possible by providing assistance and support from start to finish.  Every BINSI® garment is designed to work well for doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist-and most of all mommies! BINSI® skirts fit below the belly and were designed, along with all the items, to accommodate any medical equipment-even the epidural. BINSI® skirts and tops include features, such as, nursing hooks, snaps, adjustable straps and drawstring waistbands, which allows for easy and quick removal.
BINSI has partnered with or gifted tons of celebrities in Hollywood including: Trista Sutter, Kerri Russel, Marcia Cross, Jennifer Garner, Michelle Williams, Brooke Shields, Melissa Joan Hart, and Melissa Peterman.

Binsi Founders Carri & Kim
Today, more women are discovering the benefit of molding their birthing experience to their taste and comfort, using special scents, keepsakes set at eye level, and yes- wearing the perfect outfit.   There are countless products out there for pregnant women today, and while the makers of those products don’t promise to turn birth into an easy, breezy carnival ride, research does show that the more women can personalize their birth environment, the less stress they experience; and the lower the stress level, the better women can handle the rigors of labor. "Maverick" authors William Taylor and Polly LaBarre spoke recently about BINSI.  According to LaBarre, BINSI founder Grimditch was driven by two key factors: purpose and passion. "She saw an unmet need and used her knowledge to create something to answer it," LaBarre said. LaBarre cited the popular women's gym Curves for doing the same sort of thing when it created a more private, welcoming atmosphere for women averse to working out in public.

So just what pieces are Trista Sutter, Marcia Cross, and Brooke Shields wearing? The Basic BINSI skirt, Go Go top and the PrimaMama skirt are some of their favorites.  The skirts are designed to earn your comfort points for cut, styling, and fabric. And, skirts earn fashion points for its grosgrain ribbon tie. The Original BINSI® Skirt was designed to wear during labor and give birth in, even if you wind up having a cesarean. The thought behind this ingenious skirt is to simply preserve your modesty in labor.  You can wear the skirts under your belly or a bit higher, and the fabric choices include a cozy cotton and lycra blend for the tops, and either cotton/spandex or cotton/rayon/spandex combos for the skirts.

Want to wear the same BINSI gear as the celebs? Check out their website at: where you can shop directly with them or get a list of local vendors that carry their project.

Follow Binsi on Twitter at @BirthBinsi and @BirthInBinsi.  Their faebook page can be found at And, make sure to check out their Facebook contest to win FREE BINSI products.

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