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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seattle Artist Gives Tribute To "The Doors"

Seattle artist Sarita Valdes is launching her latest project, “The Doors of Perception” at the Continuum Art Gallery in Seattle on October 20th, 2012.  In her latest project, "The Doors of Perception," Artist Sarita Valdes (also known as Ms. Rager) will pay tribute to her favorite American 60s rock band, The Doors, through a collection of uniquely painted pieces.

Using actual doors as her canvas and the music as her inspiration, each door is a completed painting, both front and back, to be displayed installation-style. Within the space of the gallery, pieces might hang lopsided from tall ceilings or others in crooked doorways you can walk though. Some might be propped against the wall with a kaleidoscope light show happening underneath (guests may even crawl under to view); while some might open and shut horizontally using hydraulics or manual levers. Valdes used a mixed media method of metallics, neon's, phosphorescence, and iron oxide (a natural stone "glitter") to give her pieces a 60s rock-star glam, yet a raver/psychedelic twist.

Valdes says that “To me, doors are a metaphor for many things. We spend our lives searching for the doors we need, waiting in line to get to them, going through the turn-styles, having our passes marked, our tickets taken, and our hands stamped. After we've invested this time and waited this long, we can only pray that the door we chose was the right one. But as Jim Morisson said (who got it from Aldous Huxley, who in turn got it from William Blake), "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite." While creating this artwork, I felt an overwhelming desire to shed all of the preconceptions I had had about art, about painting, about credentials and experience, and mostly about myself. I felt personally that I had spent far too long waiting in lines to get through doors I didn't necessarily even want to enter; that I had wasted too much of everyone's time asking for permission to do what I already knew how to do. I felt that it was time to lose everything I had come into adulthood carrying--all of the baggage and all of the fear--and run as fast and as hard as I could at the door I was meant for. I no longer noticed the line, or cared about the turn-style. I wasn't asking for permission. If they didn't open it for me, I was going to break it down or hop the fence.”

The artist continues that the song, "Break on Through to the Other Side" is “only one of the Doors songs which began to resonate with me in a way I had never known before. My 60's soul understood what it must have been like to experience that need to break ties with everything, not just personally, but culturally, sexually, academically, and socially. While this show is primarily a tribute to The Doors, it evolved over the course of the project and there are many dedications to other artists and musicians who inspired me during the process.”

Join Artist Sarita Valdes at the "The Doors of Perception", A Tribute to The Doors, on  Oct. 20th 2012 at 8pm. Viewing event will be at the Continuum Art Gallery  at 570 1st Ave S.

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