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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NW Beauty Archive: Hollywood's "Go-To" Stylist Nicole Chavez

Nicole Chavez,
Photo Courtesy of Nicole Chavez Facebook
Recently, I’ve been fascinated with the works of celebrity stylists. I watch their features, and decide how I'm going to plan out my own wardrobe.  I’ve been lucky enough to speak with several stylists over the last few weeks in an effort to develope stories about them on NW Beauty Mag. On the top of my list of stylists to interview, was Nicole Chavez.

Nicole Chavez, is often described as an inspired visionary. She began her career in the costume/wardrobe department of the Fox Network series "The OC." The trend-setting show would be the launch pad for Nicole’s distinguished success as one of the Hollywood Elite’s most highly sought after stylists. Nicole has since been the recipient of the award for ‘Star Stylist Extraordinaire’ at the Hollywood Style Awards in recognition for her exemplary work in styling, as well as also having been named one of the ‘Top 10 Superstar Stylists' by Forbes. With featured profiles in the Los Angeles Times Magazine and Angeleno respectively for her excellence in styling, Nicole continues to have her work consistently celebrated in WWD and InStyle for its innovation and beauty as well. While Nicole’s ‘expert advice’ remains a highly coveted commodity by a myriad of world-wide media outlets, publications and on-line fashion sites, her established relationships with today’s top designers along with her keen eye for detail and fit have firmly landed Nicole at the forefront of fashion. (Bio courtesy of Nicole Chavez Official Facebook page).

Nicole's client roster includes Scarlett Johansson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Courteney Cox, Rachel Bilson, Katherine Heigl, Kristen Bell, Nikki Reed, Miranda Cosgrove and Piper Perabo, while her work has further graced the covers and editorial fashion pages of InStyle, W, Seventeen, and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few. Having additionally styled campaigns for L’Oreal, Macys, T-Mobile, Lux, Max Factor and Neutrogena, Nicole has also styled and hosted events for W Magazine, Darphin, Loft and Vogue, in addition to also lending her talents and expertise to styling sessions for Modelinia and Theory respectively.

Nicole’s artistic collaborations from memorable red carpet moments to an impressive array of print, commercial and on-camera work, have garnered her industry-wide acclaim and accolades from clients and colleagues, praiseworthy of the commitment and caliber she brings to her craft.

Nicole was not available for an interview so instead I am featuring my top three favorite looks and picks from Nicole Chavez: her 2009 WhoWhatWear Feature, Insider Picks for LAMixx Blog, and her ShoeMint collaboration. These looks and picks are from 2009, 2010 and early 2012. I can't wait to see what she puts together for 2013!

1. Her July 2009 feature was fantastic! I love what she picked for Kristen bell.

2. Nicole Chavez’s INSIDER looks on LAMixx blog, back in May 2010 were timeless. Who doesn’t love boyfriend jeans, oversized watches, and classic black blazers?  Those are still staples, years later.

3. Nicole Chavez partnered with Rachel Bilson to create ShoeMint. What’s not to love there? ShoeMint is a brand where fashionable footwear and affordable prices come together to make a brand every woman will love. Nicole & Rachel are often photographed together, so I included a photo from Refinery 29‘s coverage of Chavez’s essentials.
Rachel Bilson & Nicole Chavez
Featured image "Hollywood's Go To Stylist: Nicole Chavez" courtesy of Tracey Mattingly. Hair by Davy Newkirk.

About the author: Maile CabralView all posts by 
Maile Cabral is one of the founding partners of Cabral Edwards Management, a boutique Public Relations and Event Marketing company. In addition to her NW Beauty Magazine articles, she also blogs for Girl Power Hour and her own blog, Pink Energy. Follow her on Twitter at @MailePRMedia, @CEMManagement & @SeattleCelebBuz.

Trend Alert: Copperpeace Handbags + Accessories

There is a super chic bag line out there called COPPERPEACE.   The collection is a new line of leather bags inspired by the concertgoer’s love of music.  All of their bags are handmade in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

My favorite is the original bag, “The Concert Clutch”.  It features a unique design with hinges rather than a zipper .   It also features a removable chain strap that can be added to the clutch and then mixed and matched with other bags in the line to create a signature look of your own. Each purse also comes with a ‘pick pocket,’ stemming from the first COPPERPEACE line of guitar straps, which have been rocked by Katy Perry, Weezer, Alanis Morissette, Gwyneth Paltrow, Band of Horses, The Hives, Dave Navarro, Michelle Branch and The Avett Brothers. I love the chic patent leather colors it comes in, including silver a hot pink and sleek black.

Other designs include the “Wristlet Clutch”, “The Portfolio Bag” and the “Lanny Pack” as well as the “LB Pick Wallet”, created completely out of leftover leather; the sale of which benefits the Guitar Straps for Students and the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.

Copperpeace was founded in 2008 by designer and musician, Johnna Lynn, out of necessity after her new banjo was in need of support. She made her first banjo strap by hand cutting and braiding leather. It wasn’t long before these handmade guitar straps caught the eye of many local musicians and Copperpeace began reeling in custom orders. As the orders grew so did Johnna’s designs, becoming more elaborate with use of different types of leathers and exotic skins.

All Copperpeace designs can be easily recognized by the signature Copperpeace ‘Pick Pocket’ and medallion.  The purses are individually handmade by Johnna and her skilled team of artisans at the Copperpeace workshop in downtown Los Angeles.  For more information please visit

Maile Cabral
About the author: Maile CabralView all posts by 
Maile Cabral is one of the founding partners of Cabral Edwards Management, a boutique Public Relations and Event Marketing company. In addition to her NW Beauty Magazine articles, she also blogs for Girl Power Hour and her own blog, Pink Energy. Follow her on Twitter at @MailePRMedia, @CEMManagement & @SeattleCelebBuz.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PR TIP: How To Best Pitch Freelance Journalists

Often times your business, company or brand will need to pitch reporters to write a story about something that is important to your brand.  Whether you will need to pitch various publications, blogs, or others on your  media list, you’ll also need to pitch freelance writers.  Freelance journalists write to sell their stories.  They typically sell their content to magazines, trade publications, newspapers, online news websites, blogs and more. When working with them it’s  important to remember they work for themselves, not directly for an organization or publication.  And that is exactly what makes them an important group to pitch your story to; their multiple relationships with a variety of news organizations.  An editor may turn you down when you email them a story about your company, but they are much more likely to listen when a freelance writer brings them a completed story, ready to go.

Customized media pitching can be a time consuming process. If you don’t know how to do it, or don’t have the ample time needed to do it right, consider hiring a PR professional to take this task on for you. Contact our team at to find out how we can assist you. If you’ve decided to pitch them on your own, here are a few things you should know, according to

1.     Freelancers tend to be more diverse than traditional reporters — “Staff reporters typically have a single niche that they cover. Freelancers, on the other hand, tend to be more diverse. They often cover multiple industries and different types of stories because it gives them the chance to write more stories and make more money. This often gives you a bit more flexibility when pitching freelancers as they may be able to cover any type of good story you have for them. Have multiple pitches and angles ready when talking to a freelance reporter because they could be able to create different stories that get your company in different publications."

2.     Freelancers need you —“ The freelance reporter doesn’t have a salary to fall back on. He (or she) has to always be writing if he wants to get paid. They have a lot of motivation to write stories so they can make money and keep food on the table. That is something you can use to your advantage because they will be working hard to sell your story and get you coverage so they can get paid.”

3.     Freelancers often have flexible schedules — “Staff reporters tend to keep predictable schedules, and they’re often busy working to meet their employer’s deadlines. Freelancers, on the other hand, often have flexible schedules. They sometimes work all hours of the day and night, making themselves available whenever opportunity presents itself. This gives you more chances to make contact and to stand out with your pitch. Just make sure you know how the freelancer likes to be contacted. Some prefer email to phone calls, so keep that in mind so you don’t annoy them.”

We recommend one on one communication when pitching a freelance writer. They’ll respond more to a customized email or 60 second phone pitch than they will to a large press release blast.  Be personable and honest with them about your media goals and the message you want to send.  Follow them on twitter, and show social media support when they write about your topic. A thank you note is not necessary in most cases, you provided them with content that allowed them to make money writing your story.  Re sharing their story or supporting them on social media is thank you enough.

Are you a freelance writer and have a comment? Leave it below. We’d love to hear from you!
PR TIP TUESDAY is something new we are brining to our blog, Pink Energy by CEM. Our goal is to bring awareness to you about topics that relate to PR and Marketing. Last week we featured the Press Release and how we can help you get your news in the national media spotlight. This week, we are covering how to best pitch freelance journalists to cover your story. Have an idea you want to see featured on Pink Energy? Tweet your idea to @CEMManagement or email us at

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Offer From Blue Nile + The Extraordinary Days of Christmas

Maile's Favorite: Petals Chandelier earrings
Blue Nile, Seattle’s very own exclusive and leading fine jewelry retailer is excited to celebrate the holidays beginning with Cyber Monday Nov. 26th! And, we have all the exclusive details for you, right here on Pink Energy.

CEM Pink Energy has been given an exclusive discount code for our readers to enjoy. This code is good for 20% off silver, gemstone, or pearl jewelry and valid from November 26, 2012 at 8:00 am ET to November 29, 2012 at 8:00 am ET.

EXCLUSIVE 72 HOUR DISCOUNT code is: Special20%Off

Kassie's Favorite: Blue Nile Garnett Earrings
 CEM is going to shop this special offer as well! Kassie is going to get the Garnet Earrings in Sterling Silver, which retail for $95.00, and will be just around $78.00 with the discount offer.   Maile is getting the Petals Chandelier earrings in Sterling Silver, retails for $105 and will be about $80 with the exclusive 72 hour discount. 

Also make sure you check out The Extraordinary Days of Christmas game from Blue Nile!
How the game works:  There are six unique presents wrapped and displayed for each Facebook fan on Blue Nile’s Facebook page. In order to participate, fans must “Like” the Blue Nile Facebook page.  For 12 days, Facebook fans will have a chance to unwrap one present of their liking to win a Blue Nile prize.  This is a game of chance. Prizes vary from percentage off discount codes to $11,000 diamond rings. We’re happy to say that we will be giving away a cumulative prize value of $100,000 over the course of 12 days.  One extraordinary jewelry prize will be given out per day, but everyone will win something.  The  Extraordinary Days of Christmas campaign will kick off on Cyber Monday, November 26, 2012 and end on December 7, 2012.

We are definitely going to be playing TheExtraordinary Days of Christmas with Blue Nile. Please comment below what you hope you win. And, if you win, you have to tell us in the comments section what you won!

Good Luck + Happy Holidays,

Maile + Kassie, CEM Founders

Terms and Conditions for the discount offer below:

Offer MUST be entered in cart or mentioned over phone at time of purchase. 20% discount applies to silver or pearl or gemstone jewelry, only. 20% off applies to only one item in one category, and does not apply to loose diamonds, Build Your Own Diamond Jewelry, gift certificates, and cleaning product purchases. Offer may not be combined with any other offer and cannot be applied retroactively. Void where prohibited. Offer valid through November 29, 2012 at 8:00amET.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

NW Beauty Mag Archive: We Speak Fashion: Local Fashionista's Unite!

Recently fashion blogger Rebecca Klein, of Eastside Fashion asked her  favorite 7 local “fashionista’s”, fashion bloggers, and fashion experts to pose for one united photo together.   Together, these ladies developed a concept and posed for a shoot together. I was lucky enough to be included in the group and had a wonderful time at the shoot. These ladies were honestly some of the most polite, fun and un-mistakably positive women I have been around in a long time. Honestly, it was a breath of fresh air and so inspiring to be alongside some of Seattle's finest.  I enjoyed speaking to each gal, and learning more about how they got involved doing what they do.  I am excited to see what they all do in the next year as these movers and shakers undoubtedly have plans for what's next!

Here's info on all the ladies:
Fashion Publicist & Blogger,

Sasha O'Leary: Twitter @SashaOleary
Socialite Networking Queen

Kate Retherford: Twitter @AllThingsKate
Fashion Blogger, All Things Kate

Delaney Knight: Twitter @lover_ofclothes
Fashion Blogger, Lover of Clothes

Lindsey Otta: Twitter @ilikeweddings
Wedding Enthusiast, I Really Like Weddings

Brooke Hubbard: Twitter @maggiebrookes
Fashion Blogger, Maggie Brookes

Rebecca Klein, Twitter @eastsidefashion
Fashion Blogger,

An Eastside Fashion blogger, Bellevue Socialite, Connoisseur of Chic, Who's Connected to Her Phone
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Flawless Beauty BarsWild BrunchHotel Bellevue and the amazing photography of Kazimir Jones!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NW Beauty Mag Archive: Bel Fiore: Bellevue's Own Couture Accessories

Bellevue has it’s own rising star couture hair accessory line, Bel Fiore.  The line was  founded in Bellevue, Washington by Jaclyn Schwartz in 2010.  The brand was created to maintain a simple, yet practical way to accessorize while also being a necessity.  Their signature hair ties and headbands are made for comfort and versatile style.  Bel Fiore hair ties and headband are made from a super-soft and stretchy material that is easy to wear.  Schwartz says that when you wear her accessories, “you are able to keep your hair healthy, while also being able to accessorize with a chic bracelet."  The hair ties are not only a function, but are stackable to create fun bracelets that you can match with your outfits!

Bel Fiore is primarily focused on bringing in new colors and styles for our famous knotted hairties and headbands.  Bel Fiore currently offers over 50 different colors and glitter styles.  They are constantly launching new colors and patterns for their loyal customers.  Currently they have holiday packs available at many local boutiques that include holiday colors, glitter and charmed ties.  Bel Fiore is now pushing the limits by offering charmed and chains in both hair ties and headbands.  They have also been making custom head pieces that have been seen in many local fashion shows.  Some of their new styles feature chains, lace, spikes and more, giving them a high end fashion look.  Bel Fiore has captured a trendy look, that is versatile and wearable look for all ages. Recently, I had to honor of speaking with the creator of Bel Fiore.

Maile: What inspired you to design hair accessories?
Jaclyn: My daughters, my friends and my sister.  I started by making head pieces for my daughters.  When that was successful, I thought why can't I make this for myself, my friends and my sister.  When I made the simple knotted hair ties and headbands it was a hit.  No one wanted to go back to the basic black elastic hair tie that pulled you hair out.  So, I started giving them out to friends and families, and that is when boutiques and salons started reaching out to us to be sold in their stores.  It started off as a hobby, and now it has turned into a successful business.  It's amazing!

Maile: What is your favorite item in your collection?
Jaclyn: I have made a few awesome headpieces for some local fashion shows and they are amazing.  I love that I can get creative and help make an outfit push the limits.  I use the knotted hairties on a daily basis though, so they would be my all time favorite.  Can't live without them!

Maile: What is your favorite trend in hair accessories right now?
Jaclyn: I love the Halo Headpieces.  They are so fun, and everyone can pull them off.  You just have to be able to be confident in it, and you can make it work!  The Halo Headpieces are awesome for events, but, also look great with just a sweater and jeans.

Maile: What was your biggest challenge bringing Bel Fiore designs to the market?
Jaclyn: I had never ran a business before, so I wasn't exactly sure how to get the items into the market.  At the beginning I was going in personally to approach salons and spas.  It was definitely a great experience, but it was not as easy as I had expected.   After we had got into our first Showroom our business boomed.

Maile: Where are your accessories available for sale?
Jaclyn: We are in over 300 boutiques, salons and spas around the Pacific Northwest.  We have been expanding rapidly over the last six months.  Locally you can find them at all Noir Eyelash Lounge locations, Seduce in Kirkland, Oasis Spa and Salon in Woodinville, Bala Yoga in Kirkland, Rosaline Hampton in Bellevue, at all Sorella Salon locations, Bliss in Seattle, Dream in Seattle, all Seattle Sun Tan locations, all Fuego locations and many more.  If you are wanting a full list please email or

Maile: What is coming next for your line?
Jaclyn: We are going to continue to push the limits and add lots of charms, and accessorize our basic hairties and headbands.  We are heading to LA next week to go to several warehouses where we are hoping to get some more fun inspiration.  Our new line launches January 1, 2013 for all the upcoming shows!  We are also looking at working with several Professional Teams to make custom hair ties and headbands for their organizations. We are looking forward to 2013!!

Maile: How can your friends connect with you online?
Jaclyn:  They can easily find us on Facebook and Twitter.  Our website is  For custom pieces, or if you have questions or inquiries you can contact me directly. 
NW BEAUTY READER SPECIAL! ENTER TO WIN A HOLIDAY PACK, WITH 20 HAIR TIES, 10 HEADBANDS, AND A CUSTOM HEADBAND FROM BEL FIORE! To enter to win, just use the RAFFLECOPTER easy widget below. Contest ends Dec. 7th, 2012. Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NW Beauty Mag Archive: Interview With Fashion Stylist Nicole Busch

Nicole Busch is a certified personal stylist and the founder of Nicole Blair Wear, an image consulting company based in the San Francisco, California and Columbus, Ohio areas. Nicole specializes in helping people look and feel more confident by discovering and displaying their personal style. Her services include fashion consulting, color and body analysis, closet sweeps and personal shopping, and her clients range from celebrities and professional athletes to business people, stay-at-home mothers, teenagers and anyone else interested in learning to dress with confidence.

Nicole received her training through the Wardrobe 911 Style Institute. She was selected by What Not to Wear’s Stacy London to work as a stylist for her Style for Hire company and toured with Ms. London on her Westfield Style Tour. Nicole has also consulted for 1.800.STYLE and Bodymetrics, recently styled a photo shoot for Content Magazine and has presented at a number of businesses and organizations on personal style and confidence.

She began her career in the fitness industry, helping clients feel better in their own bodies by getting their bodies in better shape. Nicole earned certifications from leading fitness organizations and began incorporating mind, body and meditation work into her training sessions to help her clients experience a more holistic transformation. She also became certified in sports nutrition to provide a more comprehensive range of services.

Personal style consulting brings yet another dimension to Nicole’s capabilities, one which she finds especially rewarding. “Feeling confident in how you look helps you feel confident about who you are,” Nicole says. “I love helping people gain the knowledge and tools to look and feel their best.”

Recently I was incredibly honored to be able to speak with Nicole and interview her about her styling career.
NW Beauty Magazine: You have such an impressive bio and background! How do you get it all done, from styling your clients to managing your role at Style For Hire?

Nicole Busch: “Thank you. I sometimes ask myself that question. I think the answer is that when you are doing something that you love you just dig deep and get it done. I personal train clients 3-4 days a week, I have my own styling business Nicole Blair WEAR, I style through Style For Hire and I help my husband with his business (  I will say that I have found that "stacking" clients has helped. I will go hard for a few days/weeks then I take mini breaks 3-4 days off to recoup before my next round.”

NW Beauty Magazine: What’s the last book you read? Or do you even have time to read? You must be so busy!

Nicole Busch: “Unfortunately I'm not a big reader- I'm a reality tv junkie! I tend to read magazines more than anything. I love to see what the celebrities are wearing to get inspiration.“

NW Beauty Magazine: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do styling and why?

Nicole Busch: “The hardest thing I'd say is, I had this client who her style was so ‘out there’ and trying to reel her in without crushing her ambition or creativity. My job is to build women up and that one was a tough balance.”

NW Beauty Magazine: When styling photo shoots, what music do you turn on the get the mood just right?
Nicole Busch: “I listen to music before I go into the shoot- usually I'm assisting the photographer so I feel it's about the photographer and the model. Prior to getting to the shoot I love to listen to Pitbull”.

NW Beauty Magazine: How did you get your start in the industry? What advice do you have for people just getting started?

Nicole Brusch: “I met Olympian Gold Medalist Brandi Chastain at the movie theater. She knew my husband from the soccer world. They were speaking about soccer so as I sat there with nothing to interject I googled her. Yes you read that right, I googled her! I asked her about some things I had just found and we started talking. She then asked what I did. It turned out she was covering the Women's World Cup and needed 21 outfits for on air. So I gave her my business card and the rest is history.

My advice would be: get out of your own way! I say that because so often we doubt ourselves and don't take chances, whether its due to fear, rejection, etc. Had I never taken that chance and googled her to find out information I would have never had that opportunity. “

NW Beauty Magazine: What are you most proud of in your career?

Nicole Brusch: “Getting out of my own way! There are so many little accomplishments I've made but they all started with a hesitation. “

NW Beauty Magazine: What is one item in your closet that you can not live without?

Nicole Brusch: “My Alice + Olivia fur vest!”

NW Beauty Magazine: What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

Nicole Brusch: “I'm working on something right now but it's on the will have to stay tuned.”

NW Beauty Magazine: Before we end our interview, anything you want to PLUG?
Nicole Brusch ”Sure! Check out my profile on Style for Hire, my company Nicole Blair WEAR and follow me on Facebook & Instagram at Nicole Blair Wear.”

CEM's Small Business Saturday Holiday Gift Guide

CEM’s Holiday Gift Guide

This year, on Nov. 24th we encourage you to shop small businesses, shop small, shop local, SHOP SEATTLE! Having trouble finding that perfect gift for the Holiday’s? Here is our guide!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Congratulations Marcus Harrison Green!


It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce that author Marcus Harrison Green's debut novel, "A Year Without April" is available today for sale on Mr. Green was compelled by his experiences with chronic heartbreak to write his first work of fiction about a young African American male whose powerful relationship with a female named April, ends in heartbreak. His character in the novel has a remarkable emotional journey, and in the end is able to transform his devastation post break-up, into strength, redemption and a powerful sense of self-acceptance.

 We hope that you take a look at the book online, at Additional information is available on the official press release by CLICKING HERE.

To Marcus, we are beyond proud of you.  And, we are honored that you selected us to be your PR team.  We know that your book is going to be a huge success.  Thank you for choosing us!


Your Team at Cabral Edwards Management

Shop For The Book On! 

Be one of the first to get Marcus Harrison Green's novel today! Shop for this exclusive book release.
List Price: $16.95
S & H: $ {varies per Amazon}

About the Author 

Marcus Harrison Green is a writer, journalist, enterpriser, philomath, fairweather seattle sports fan, and considers himself to be a "lucky S.O.B." He is a columnist for The Aspiring Gentleman Magazine, and a freelance journalist. Forgoing a career in Investment Banking to take up his passion for writing full time, he was inspired to pen his first novel, an allegorical tale for the heartbroken, as an attempt to find a remedy for a broken heart that was slow in mending. His writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Just A Guy Thing, and Real Change. He currently resides in his beloved city of Seattle, WA.

TWEET MARCUS      l       LIKE MARCUS        l            PIN A YEAR WITHOUT APRIL

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tomorrow Hosts True Beauty Box Event!

LoveTrueNatural is hosting a shopping event on Saturday, Nov. 17th at the Januik Winery in Woodinville. You will receive a facial and make over, as well as wine and delicious snacks. Bloggers and press are advised to come from 12:30 to 2:30pm, though the event is open until 5:30pm, to try out our all natural beauty lines and be there for the big reveal of the True Beauty Box. On top of receiving a facial and make-over you will be one of the first to have a True Beauty Box!

LoveTrueNatural is a great company that does the research for you. Not only are the products they recommend safe and free from harmful ingredients, but their team of Estheticians & Beauty Experts have personally tried each & every product to ensure they deliver the results promised.  They do not settle for synthetics. Their products are free of petroleum based ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, and are never tested on animals!

At the True Beauty Box Sneak Preview Event, beauty lovers will have an exclusive chance to pre-register for your monthly True Beauty Box! As a True Beauty, you will receive the best all natural beauty products, personally curated to suite your beauty profile once a month. As a member of the True Beauty Box program, you will enjoy exclusive sales and special member pricing on With lines such as Lavera, Benecos, and True Natural you are sure to get that perfect look.

LoveTrueNatural Ingredient Standard is Simple:
They don’t settle for synthetics. Their products contain:
No petroleum based ingredients
No synthetic preservatives
No synthetic emulsifiers
No animal testing

Their Products Are Natural Products
We believe that skin care and cosmetics should be all natural. Made with pure ingredients that not only offer health benefits, but perform the way you want. We feel that you should never have to sacrifice effectiveness for safety.

They Only Use Natural Ingredients
We only recommend products made with safe natural ingredients — never any ParabensPEGPhthalates, petrochemicals, Synthetic Colors or fragrances, or other harmful synthetics. We constantly work to educate ourselves and our customers on the best natural ingredients and latest technologies available to organic cosmetics.

Ingredients They Avoid
4-Methyl-Benzylidencamphor (4-MBC)
Acrylates Copolymer
Butylene Glycol
C13-14 Isoparaffin
Cocamide Mea
Diazolidinyl Urea
Diethanolamine (DEA)
Dimethicone Copolyol
Dipropylene Glycol
Disodium EDTA
Dm Hydantoin
Emulsifying Wax
FD&C Blue 1
FD&C Red 40
FD&C Yellow 5
Octyl-Dimethyl-Para-Amino-Benzoic Acid (OD-PABA)
Octyl-methoyl-cinnamates (OMC)
Oxybenzone Benzophenone-3
Parfum (synthetic Fragrance)
PEG-100 Stearate
PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Phenyl Trimethicone*
Polymethyl Methacrylate
Propylene Glycol
Pvp/Va Copolymer
Sodium Acrylate
Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate
sodium lauryl sulfate
Tetrasodium EDTA
Triethanolamine (TEA)
Trisodium EDTA
Vanillyl Butyl Ether