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Monday, November 5, 2012

Girl Power Hour Blog: Celebrity Blogs, Who Writes Them and Do You Read Them?

10.30 Celebrity Blogs, Who Writes Them and Do You Read Them?

Lauren Conrad
Celebrity Blogs: Do you read them?
Recently, I heard that former Girls Next Door star, Holly Madison was starting her own blog and I found myself wondering if blogging is something lots of celebrities do.   I’d be curious to know from my Girl Power Hour blog readers if you read any blogs written by celebrities, and which ones do you read?
Since I don’t read any celebrity written blogs on a regular basis, I decided to do a little research, and here’s what I’ve found.  There are three different types of blogs that seem to be a trend among celebrities, Instagram blogs, sponsored media blogs and genuine blogs they started themselves.   Oh, wait, and there was that Kate Gosselin blog on Coupon Cabin, which didn’t last long, and she was fired from.
Celebs like Beyonce and Lady Gaga have Instagram blogs that the share photos on. Rarely do their blog postings on Instagram include more text than a few blurbs.  Stars like Kim Kardashian and her entire family, Whitney Eve Port and Holly Madison have blogs sponsored by  I’m still trying to figure out how much of their blogging is “genuine” and how much of it is done by interns or editors. The jury is still out on that one. The other type of media sponsored blogs I found were on, where shows like Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelorette  have show contestents blog about their show experiences. But once the show ends, so does their blog.  Both Apolo Ohno and Emily Maynard, from their respective shows, have blog postings on but neither have blogs outside of People that I was able to locate.
The Instagram and media sponsored blogs on and come across as less genuine than two other blogs I found, from Molly Mesnick and Lauren Conrad. {With the exception of Holly Madison’s new blog on, she seems to be making a genuine effort to communicate with fans through her blog}.  Both Mesnick and Conrad maintain blogs that they seemed to have built themselves, as a way to reach out to fans, or talk about topics that interest them.   Molly’s blog is titled “Reality Through My Eyes” and features everything from travel and destination blog postings, to party planning ideas and giveaways.  Lauren Conrads blog was by far the most evolved blog I was able to find.  She has tons of content ranging from giveaways to things she loves, recipes, cosmetic and beauty tips,  and more. She blogs frequently, often and about a variety of topics. Hats off to Lauren and Molly for doing such a great job on their blogs!

Holly Madison
On Oct. 25thHolly Madison wrote this about her new blog, “Welcome to my new blog, guys! I was craving a fresh start and a new space to connect with my friends, family and fans. I hope you love it! I’ll be using this blog to share an inside peek at my life. Everything from fashion to fitness, Vegas to Hollywood- I’ll talk about it here. My goal is to make this space where we can share stories and tips and support one another.”  If she ends up blogging about all the topics she says she will, and is genuine in engaging her fans, her blog promises to be a great read.
It is interesting to note that both Las Vegas Star Holly Madison and Seattle resident Molly Mesnick are pregnant and expecting babies in early spring of next year. Holly has only done one “baby topic” blog so far sharing her favorite maternity dresses. And, I haven’t seen any “mommy blog” topics yet from Molly Mesnick.  I wonder if either will turn into self proclaimed “Mommy Bloggers” or if they’ll just continue to post their usual topics. It will definitely be interesting to see!

Maile Cabral Hager
Maile Cabral is our newest Girl Power Hour blogger, launching our Celebrity Watch blog, Celeb Buzz Seattle. Her bi-monthly blogs will not only focus on celebrities, but on their passions and the positive impact they have on the world. She will be covering mostly female celebrities of all kinds that visit the Seattle and Pacific Northwest area, including : A-Listers, Musicians, Actors / Actresses, TV Stars, Fashion Designers, Models, Athletes, Locals, Bloggers, Wives of Famous Celebs and maybe even some D-Listers. Maile has worked with numerous celebrities and co-founded CABRAL EDWARDS MANAGEMENT, a Celebrity booking & event management company catering to businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Follow her on Twitter at @MailePRMedia, @CEMManagement & @SeattleCelebBuz.

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