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Friday, November 9, 2012

GPH Blog Repost: My Meet & Greet With Two Twilight Saga Stars!

11.01 Meeting Two Stars from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2: Mia Maestro and Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace & Mia Maestro on New Day Northwest
Today I met actresses Mia Maestro and Maggie Grace and watched their live interviews on Seattle’s very own King5’s New Day Northwest show. They were on the show to talk about their characters on the final chapter in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2. Both were super sweet and took the time to take photos with fans, after their appearance.  These two have a natural aura about them, and you can tell they are friends. I can’t wait to see how their natural friendship plays out on screen.
Both Grace and Maestro came into the Saga as new cast mates for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1‘s wedding sequence, but in the second installment they had much more screen time. The film was a lengthy process and was shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Vancouver, British Columbia.  Both play characters that are part of a coven, that are the cousins to the Cullen family.  Their characters play vegetarian vampires.
Both Maestro and Grace agree that Breaking Dawn Part 2 is by far, the best film of the entire series. According to Mia Maestro, they along with some other cast members were recently treated to a screening of the film, and “when the movie ended, it was a really moving moment, you know, because you realize you’re a part of this big, big pop culture worldwide event.”  Maggie Grace told New Day’s host Margaret that “It’s really an epic story, and for me it was the favorite of all of them.”
To me, the strangest part of the interview was when Maestro admitted she had never read the Twilight saga books “No, I hadn’t read them. I read them when I got the part.” Considering they had two publicists with them, I just thought it strange Maestro would admit that.  You’d think at least in public, she would pretend she had read the books.
Maggie Grace, Myself and Mia Maestro
The New Day interview was a little short, so I did some more digging on Maestro and Grace’s characters.  Mia Maestro discussed her role in TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 recently in an interview with She says that, “I play Carmen Denali. She’s part of the Denali clan—a vegetarian clan that are cousins to the Cullens—Edward’s clan. The Denali’s and my character Carmen are guests to Edward and Bella’s wedding and that’s basically all we do in this movie. Then in the second movie—which is coming out next year—the Denali’s have a bigger role because we’re the first vampires that start helping the Cullens protect Edward and Bella’s baby. We filmed Part 1 and Part 2 together, so that’s done!”
Breaking Dawn Part 2 will premier in Seattle on Nov. 15th, at Bainbridge Cinemas, at 11:00 PM. Tickets are for sale on Brown Paper Tickets. For more information visit the official website at:
Fans of Mia Maestro can tweet with her at @MiaMaestro. Fans of Maggie Grace can tweet with her at @MaggieGrace.
To view the King5 New Day Northwest segment featuring Maestro and Grace:CLICK HERE.
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