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Thursday, November 15, 2012

How We Can Help You With a Public Relations Campaign

Cabral Edwards Management (C.E.M.) can help you and your brand with customized press releases. Through these press releases, we can help guarantee that you get the media coverage you need for your company, brand, product, event or special message.  Whether you need a monthly campaign or just one press release, let us help you build your media presence.  

C.E.M. will help you develop a comprehensive media plan that fits your needs. We will work with you to draft media documents that are essential to your success including stylish press releases, media alerts, fact sheets, brochures and more. Already have these documents? No problem! We can be your vehicle to get them into the right hands and get them noticed. Through our partnership with PR Newswire, we distribute your marketing and media products to members of the local and national media outlets according to your marketing plan. All major and secondary market Newspapers, Magazines, TV and radio outlets are included in our traditional media contact list. We also include smaller and targeted publications related to your target audience.

C.E.M. has established relationships with various professional and traditional outlets such as: Print, Magazine, Radio, TV and Web media. We also maintain strong relationships with non-¬‐ traditional contacts including bloggers and local social media leaders who are powerful influencers in the local market. We can also help schedule and conduct editorial meet and greets, press tours, and generate relevant and targeted story lines to pitch to media on your behalf. We also have the ability to assist you with a celebrity engagement campaign, to assist you with a campaign otherwise known as “splash” or “buzz” marketing.

Curious what your press release might look like? Check out our release for a recent client, Marcus Harrison Green, who has a novel launching Nov. 19th, 2012.  Please note additional options for including photos, logos, links and more are available for additional fees.

New Novel Provides Cure For The Chronically Heartbroken

SEATTLE, Nov. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Seattle based author, Marcus Harrison Green's debut novel "A Year Without April" is available for sale at bookstores and on starting on Nov. 19th, 2012. He was compelled by his experiences with chronic heartbreak to write his first work of fiction about a young man whose surreal relationship with a woman named April, ends in heartbreak. In the story, Miles has a remarkable emotional journey, and in the end is able to transform his devastation post break-up, into strength, redemption and a powerful sense of self-acceptance.  This book is comforting to anyone who can relate to the feeling of loss, and is a fantastic example of perseverance. Those suffering from chronic heartbreak can soon have it remedied with the arrival of A Year Without April, which uses humor and wit to relate the stark realities of all who have ever felt the onslaught of pain, confusion and delirium that usually accompanies a break up.

Green says that "We've all either 'been there' before or will be going one day. Loving to the point that your heart soars and carries you with it to heights that you thought were unimaginable, only to have it come crashing down and completely shattering once a relationship ends, leaving you to pick up the pieces. Heartbreak may be the most common ailment that people face next to the cold, but unfortunately because of the internal pain and shame that is often associated with it, never feel they have a platform that vents a genuine expression of their condition."

Inspired by, as he puts it, "A One-Sided butt kicking" his heart took at the end of a relationship and unable to find closure or any books which depicted the experience of a male and average person, the writer spent a year and a half traveling the country, collecting stories from hundreds of people who had a brush with "the other side of love." The tales assembled should sound familiar to anyone who has ever been one of love's casualties, and touch on topics including, your mind trying to forget someone your heart won't let go of, crazy in love turning into plain crazy, the want for love turning into a need for a shot of whiskey, and the friends who are always there for you, amongst others he distilled into the novel to communicate what he thought was lacking as a counter narrative to the conventional description the heartbroken receive as "being unable to get over someone, or being weak and abnormal," that responds back with, "all that's wrong is that they're human."

For more information on Green's book "A Year Without April" please visit his author page on For all booking requests, media inquiries or other questions please contact Publicists Maile Cabral Hager and Kassie Edwards of Cabral Edwards Management at 360.561.0961 or email

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