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Friday, December 7, 2012

Larissa Long Features Maile Cabral on NW Beauty Magazine

Maile Cabral NW Beauty Editor and Beauty Expert

Maile Cabral NW Beauty Editor and Beauty Expert

Maile Cabral
Maile Cabral, the newest editor to join NW Beauty Magazine, has started strong adding a lot of flavor to this amazing magazine. Her experience spans the country covering beauty to the hilt. She works with many beauty related clients with her business Cabral Edwards Management (C.E.M.), a boutique PR firm and event planning company.   She has a wonderful business partner, Kassie Edwards.  Their clientele includes celebrities, their stylists and designers of beauty and fashion products. She is an active member of Girl Power Hour, and maintains a wildly popular “Celeb Buzz” blog for them.   She also edits and maintains her company blog, Pink Energy for C.E.M.   Maile has had her articles published in DLIST Magazine including Cover features and Blog articles.  Maile is also a fashionsta at heart!  She was an integral member of the Seattle Fashion Week 2011 team and an early member of  Metropolitan Fashion Week’s team in Seattle.  Maile received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kansas in 2005 as a member of the Deans List.
Instead of the typical bio I decided to ask Maile the important questions we all want to know from a beauty industry leader. Here is what she had to say:
Larissa: What made you interested in writing for NW Beauty?
Maile: I have been writing for Girl Power Hour for some time now, and realized I had so much more I wanted to write about. After being approached by Dawn Hunter to join the team, I agreed! As a publicist I am always writing for them, pitching articles and putting out press releases. Being a writer just seems to come naturally in my industry.
Larissa: Tell us a bit about your beauty experience.
Maile: When I was younger, starting at age 16 I was an agency represented model. I got to work with amazing brands like Vivienne Westwood and Nike, and fell in love with fashion way back then.  After leaving modeling and growing into adulthood, I never lost my love for fashion and the runway. And of course, fashion and beauty go hand in hand!
Larissa: Let’s get down to business. People really want to know what your must have beauty item is…do tell.
Maile: As you know, I am constantly on the go. Whether it’s traveling for meetings, events, etc., I am never in one place for very long. I highly suggest everyone keep a bag of miniature travel essentials to go in their car. I do, and I use it all the time!
Larissa: Are you the kind of girl who can’t leave the house without make-up?
Maile: No way! I am a girly girl at heart and I love wearing makeup, but I don’t wear it every day. Most days you can find me with a clean face, moisturizer and my hair in a ponytail.  When I participate in special events or photoshoots, I love to have my makeup done professionally. I have used Heather Lopez-Thorpe a lot in the past and recently I have used Sequioa Leopold from My Flawless Beauty Bars.  Both of them can work wonders with makeup!
Larissa: What is your go-to style accessory not make-up related?
Maile: Hair accessories! I love to change my look with headbands, pins, flowers, feathers, etc. You can create a statement so easily with hair accessories!
Larissa: If you won a million dollar shopping spree to Nordstrom what would be the first thing you’d buy?
Maile: The FIRST thing? That is so hard. I would buy a custom made suit with a well-fitting white button up shirt.  Well-structured women’s shirts are so hard to find. After that, I’d buy a killer splurge pair of shoes.
Larissa: What is your favorite brand of make-up?
Maile: I have lots of favorites, and I am always trying new brands. However, DIOR lipgloss and eye shadow colors seem to work really well with my complexion.  Chanel skin makeup is my favorite, their foundations are to die for. If I need a special color for something, I’ll shop MAC, they have every color imaginable!
Larissa: What is your favorite brand of clothing?
Maile: Again, I have so many favorites. Classically, VALENTINO always  puts out couture designs that I fall in love with.  Recently, I have been crushing over Bri Seeley’s Escape Collection.  There are a few pieces I like from Cameron Levin’s Ruby Collection that I like as well, but I’ve never tried them on.
Thanks so much Maile for taking time out of your hectic schedule to share a little bit about what makes you… you. Even more importantly thanks for sharing your expertise with NW Beauty.

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