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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mele Cabral's Wedding: October 2012

My sister was married on Oct. 7th, 2012 at the Botanic Gardens at Chatfield in Colorado. I loved everything about the wedding. As one of the Maid-of-Honors, and de-facto wedding planners {behind my Mom who is the ultimate wedding planner}, it was a once in a lifetime experience. I could not have planned the wedding, or imagined it any better. Everything about it was, well, simply perfect.  Most importantly, I believe that it was absolutely what my sister Mele wanted.  The fact that it turned out exactly the vision she saw for her special day, alone makes it perfect.

{Please note, the above video takes a few seconds to load. At first you will see a white screen, please be patient and the video will load.  Please stay at the top of the blog to watch the video, if you scroll down to read the blog, you will lose the video feed.  The above is an actual video,  and is not just audio}.

It is only fair that every Bride believe that their wedding is the best. Well, yours might be great but this one was incredible. There are so many little details I loved, millions of in fact.  Too many of them to share here on this blog. Instead, I'll let you watch the short video and read my "Top Ten Favorite Moments List".  It is amazing  that I can watch this video with pure joy, forgetting the months and countless hours that went into every tiny detail of this day.  Between my mother, my sister and I, be rest assured not a single detail was overlooked.  

Many of you already know that blogs on this site are usually promotional or business related in nature. Although we do offer event and wedding planning services, this blog is purely written to share an amazing moment, event and experience in my life.  Perhaps later I'll write a blog about the label of the dresses, where we got our shoes, the tuxes, the cupcakes and more.  However, for now I am writing just about my favorite memories.  

And, I know, I am in a lot of the photos!  For one, it is my blog so I get to do that! =) Second, this blog is written about my sisters wedding, through my eyes.

Video credit, VELARE

My favorite touches, moments and memories (in no order):

1.  Spending time with my sister, The Bride.  I got to spend just about every minute with her from the morning getting up, to getting ready, to carrying her dress, taking photos, and standing right next to her at the ceremony.  These memories are irreplaceable and I will cherish them always. Thank you to my mom, Becky Cabral, and her amazing team of helpers (you know who you are). It was really a blessing that the wedding party was able to truly enjoy the day! Thank you for giving us that.

Memories of loved ones who have passed.  Tokens of our family were incorporated into many aspects of the wedding.  My favorite,  was our Great Grandmother Buscia's blue rosary.  I also really enjoyed our Grandfathers Kaipo Cabral and Donald Lucas Photos on the Brides bouquet. The rosary was given to me as a teenager, by my Grandma Buscia before she passed away. What a perfect gift for a Bride's "something blue".  After the ceremony, the rosary was pinned to the inside of the Bride's dress.  The photos of our Grandfathers, were originally mine, and were passed on to the Bride for her special day.

3.  The Groomsmen piling out of the U-Haul Truck! As Maid-of-Honor and family "go-to planner" it was my job to keep the Groomsmen going where there were supposed to be, or to at least help. After countless texts and calls from the Groomsmen asking "What should we be doing?" my Dad delivered them to me in the U-Haul truck that was used to transport the flowers.  He found  them wandering around the grounds of the wedding site. Priceless.

4.  Watching our Dad walk Mele down the aisle. What a beautiful location, with just the right view.  But more than that, my sister Mele and I have always known we have a pretty extraordinary and amazing  father.  It’s hard to put into words and  express how much I admire and love their relationship.  There is nothing more powerful for me to watch than for my Dad to give his last daughter away.  He, along with my Mother, have set the most wonderful example for us kids of what a marriage should be and what it should look like. That day, clearly, the love of God was there. If you couldn’t see it, you could feel it.

5.  Michael {The Grooms} traditional Hawaiian "Maile Lei" he wore in during the actual ceremony. The lei was worn by my Dad down the aisle, then given by my Dad to Michael as he passed my sister to him.  The lei symbolizes out-pouring and endless love.

6.   The powerful nature of Mr. Fields sermon during the wedding. This video only gives you a small glimpse into his wonderful sermon. He was perfect in both content and delivery, and it was clear that God was speaking directly through him.  There wasn't a person there who didn't learn a lesson from him that day.  I remember leaving wanting a copy of the sermon in it's entirety.  I felt so inspired and wanted to apply much of his advice to my own life. It was simply beautiful!

7.  Two families becoming one. Not only did the Cabrals and Fields families become one through the Bride and Groom that day, but our families have truly connected on a pretty incredible level.  Fathers of the Bride and Groom, Bruce and Brian, enjoy a genuine friendship and shared faith in the Lord.   Mothers of the Bride and Groom, Mary and Becky, are equally friends and support eachother’s children as if they were their own. As for myself, I gained three new siblings that day: my sisters Rachel and Rebekah and my new brother Caleb.  And baby Michael, he is the biggest blessing of all, like a nephew to me. (Photo on for this one is of the Fields Family).

8.  The Dance Party at the end! Was so much fun and the perfect way to end the evening. Baby Michael cut up the rug and just about everyone danced! I wish the party could have gone on all night.

9. My date Joe! Joe was without a doubt one of my favorite guests (duh!). Thankfully, he was willing to deal with a wedding planner, Maid-of-Honor, crying mess,  all rolled into one. Thank you for keeping me stay sane, reminding me to eat, dancing with me and for just having fun with me.  P.S. Your suit looked amazing!

10. Our awesome Uncle Jack.  And of course, if you were there, who can forget our amazing Uncle Jack taking photos on his iPad =). We were so glad our Aunt Mary and Uncle Jack were able to join us. Love you guys!

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