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Monday, December 31, 2012

Our New Years Resolutions

Every year, people make  New Years Resolutions. Some people keep them, most don't. At C.E.M. we're making a very basic, and genuine Resolution. If you follow our blog, we are sure you've seen our blogs about being kind to others, working hard, and having a solid reputation. 

As our 2013 Resolution, we want to continue working hard towards our values that we believe are essential to being an all around good person.

We pledge to value and honor every, single day,  we have in 2013. We will forgive others and admit our own wrongdoings and attempt to ammend them the best we can. We promise to be of service to others and give back.  We’ll donate to non-profits with financial contributions and support them with our resources.  We will be grateful for all those who support us, both financially as clients and socially as supporters. We will be kind to all, and strive to be good people as we serve through our company.

What is your Resolution? Join us, and tweet your Resolution to @CEMManagement or leave your Resolution in our comments below.

Happy New Year 2013!

xo, Maile + Kassie
CEM Founders

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