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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stocking Stuffers For Him + Her!

Here are some great stocking stuffers for HER:

1. Saky Sacks. City Sack starts at just $20.00. Compact small enough to take on the go or stuff in a stocking.

2. Eco Bling Couture. Reclaimed and recycled jewelry, unique and handmade in Seattle. Prices vary.

3. Mary Kay eye makeup remover. Seriously, awesome! $14.00

4. Bel Fiore Couture Hair Ties: Handmade in Bellevue. $10.00 / pack of 5.

5. Butter London: Toxic free nail polish from a Seattle based company.  $14.00. Make sure to pick up the RACING GREEN color, this Emerald Hue was named the Pantone 2013 color of the year for 2013.

Ok, so we tricked you with saying we'd give you 25 stocking stuffers for him. We're only going to give you 5. But we promise, these 5 are really worth it!

Here are some great stocking stuffer recommendations for your guy:

1. Built For Man Scarves. They're manly, they're soft, and they are just plain cool. $200.00

2. Homemade treats! You know guys like to eat, be a good Santa and give him some treats!

3. Mary Kay Shaving Cream. Trust me, his face with thank you! $10.00

4. Seacret Salt Scrub for Hands. $49.95

5. Tweezerman nail clippers. Built man tough! $5.00

Articles originally appeared on NW Beauty Magazine. CLICK HERE to view.

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