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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why I Write: The History of My GPH Seattle Celeb Buzz Blog

01.06 Why I Write: The History of My GPH Seattle Celeb Buzz Blog
Most of you probably think I write this Celebrity Buzz blog because I am celebrity obsessed or something like that. This couldn’t be father from the truth. I write because I love it.  It is my passion. My release, my art.  Some of you like to dance, some like to make clothes or some other hobby, I write.  When I first approached Darnell Sue, founder of Girl Power Hour about writing for GPH 2 years ago, I asked, “What topics are yet to be covered?” She replied that no one was covering celebrities yet, and I jumped at the chance, agreeing to write the Celeb Buzz Blog.
Girl Power Hour was the first organization that gave me a platform to write on a public forum.  From here, I have written a DLIST Magazine cover article, DLIST Magazine blogs, articles for countless blogs and several other local magazines.   My topics have ranged from all things celebrity, to personal interviews, fashion, event coverage, beauty topics, charity reviews and more.  These published articles are great, but I by no means consider myself a professional journalist. I’m a girl with a passion, doing what she loves. Sure, I can write technical things, like Press Releases, by this by no means makes me a journalist.
Anytime you write a blog, a magazine article or anything posted on a public forum, you open yourself up to criticism.  Personally, I love this criticism. Since I am not a professionally trained journalist, I take this criticism as an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to better perfect my “art”.  At the same time, this willingness to learn doesn’t mean I’m not human. Occasionally I’ll get a piece of criticism about my writing that is particularly hard to swallow.  I shared a recent criticism with Darnell and she responded, “I think your posts are great Maile… you are growing and learning and becoming really good. Don’t quit!”
Darnell’s encouragement has helped bring me to where I am today.  I plan on taking her advice wholeheartedly, and I’m not going to quit writing. I’m going to take whatever criticism I can get, learn from it, and become even better.  Thank you to everyone, including Darnell, who has supported my blog, shared a link, or encouraged me. I appreciate it greatly.  When I write I am doing what I love, and I hope that whatever you are doing, you love doing as well.

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