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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poppy Montgomery's Celebrity Maternity Style

I know, I know. I'm not pregnant. But that doesn't mean I can't admire the maternity style of those gorgeous expecting momma's out there!  People magazine announced in January 2013 that Poppy Montgomery was expecting again. And you know what that means... BABY SHOWERS GALORE!   You may recognize Poppy from her role as Samantha Spade in Without a Trace or more recent role in the CBS series, Unforgettable.

We've figured out how you can replicate her look with a simple cotton dress from ASOS Fashion, some bracelets from BINSI Birth + Maternity Apparel and a few hair bands from Bel Fiore. Are you loving Poppy's maternity style? Tweet us at @CEMManagement + @MAILEPRMEDIA using hashtag #PoppyStyle.

This is a recent photo of Poppy at her baby shower in L.A.  She is beaming with a gorgeous glow and looks fabulous in her purple dress. Seriously... who looks this amazing pregnant other than her?  The color of the dress is fresh and perfect for her skin tone. An the forgiving fabric is perfect for dressing her bump.  In this photo she's holding a BINSI Birth + Maternity Apparel "Birth Wish" bracelet. Everyone at Poppy's shower got one. These little bracelets are a great way for loved ones to be symbolically connected to the mother-to-be and the baby.  Friends and family can write notes on the beads or "birth wishes" for the momma to be. We think these are just darling!  The BINSI Birth Wish beads come in tons of different colors, and retail for just $6.00 a piece.

We're not sure where the dress Poppy is wearing came from, but we think you can get one just like it at ASOS, which has  popular maternity line.

We found a great look-a-like and the good news is, everything we found was pretty much under $100.  This dress is flattering to any figure, especially one with an expanding belly!

Poppy's locks looked GORGEOUS at her shower, but we know she'll need to pull back that beautiful hair soon.  We can't help you get those gorgeous ombre locks, but we can help you pull it all back when it's time to relax!  Luckily, she featured Bel Fiore couture hair bands at her shower.  She gave them too all her guests as a cute little gift for coming. These hair ties are a super cute and fun accessory for the expecting mom, or any gal on the go. Luckily, these hair ties are super luxe and last longer than the competition and cost under $2.00 a piece. They come in any color imaginable and you can create your own custom look by mixing and matching them!  

Bel Fiore

Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Kier Mellour of Fashion Addict L.A.

During my meeting blitz week in L.A. I met with this fabulous blogger, Kier Mellour of Fashion Addict LA.  I loved her outfit {of course she’s a fashion blogger!} but even more I loved her energy and positive spirit. Her blog is mainly about personal style but also has a strong nightlife section. Kier says, “I know girls my age like to go out, but there's nowhere to really go for club outfit inspiration.  So I knew I had to combine both topics on my blog!” The blog is fairly new having launched in May of 2012, but I can already tell, it’s a huge success.

After my first meeting with Kier, I knew she’d be perfect for CEM’s very first BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT.   We wanted to know her favorite way to partner with brands, what gets her excited and what will make her tell a brand “Thanks but no thanks!”

I’ll cut to the chase and get down to my interview with Kier.

Maile: What inspires you to blog?

Kier: “I read a lot of fashion magazines and I go out a lot, I love to see what other people are wearing and adapt it to my style. I'm so lucky to live somewhere that people dress up to go out, although I still feel slightly formal most times, LA is a very casual city compared to cities on the east coast."

Kier Mellour: Fashion Addict LA

Maile: What post in particular have you written that got the most hits? Why do you think it was so popular?

Kier: “I got a lot of attention for my post What to wear to a black tie wedding: I think people crave glamour and an escape from their day to day and something about that dress was thrilling, whimsical and glamorous."

Maile: As a publicist I am always curious to hear how bloggers get connected with brands. How do you prefer to receive pitches from us?

Kier: “I like to get emails, it gives me time to look over everything and approach the client with all the info and a clear idea of how I want to move forward.”

Maile: What makes a great pitch and inspires you to write a or cover the topics presented?

Kier: “Honestly, it all comes down to quality of the product. If the product or event impresses me I'll want to talk about it, I always try to be honest with my readers, so if I don't feel something is up to par, I have to decline. “

Maile: As a blogger, what’s in it for you?

Kier: “If I'm asked to review a product I prefer to receive it so that I can make an honest review, And of course I like to be paid, but I can't just accept sponsored posts if I'm not excited about the product or service, like I said before, I can't just lie to my readers for money, they can tell, and I don't want that reputation.”

Maile: What’s the best way to build a relationship with you?

Kier: “I think consistency, I like to stay in touch with people I've worked with and email/tweet/Instagram them if I'm wearing the item they mailed me. I like to show that they're getting a good value by working with me. I also really appreciate a simple Thank you, it goes a long way- I've worked with brands that I've emailed letting them know my post is up, and heard nothing in return, did they hate it, did they even see it? I think always replying to emails is important.”

Maile: What is a guarantee that a company  will never hear back from you again?

Kier: “I have no idea! Thankfully I've never had that bad of an experience, but even if the company who never responded reached out to me now, out of the blue, I'd consider it, and at  the very least, respond to their email." 

Maile: Do you ever write blogs from press releases you have received?

Koier: “I have used the info from press releases, yes. I think it's a good idea for events to mail out press releases so that people/bloggers covering the event have all the pertinent info."

Maile: What do you wish more marketing companies  and publicists understood better about bloggers?

Kier: “Sometimes I think they don't really understand our value. *31% of consumers say that bloggers have influenced a purchase of theirs, and yet we only receive a small portion (usually between 6-10%) of most brands marketing budgets.  As a blogger we are the Photographer, stylist, model, writer, publisher, and social media/PR manager, plus we have our own following. Even if they paid us half of what they'd normally pay all those different rolls they'd still save a huge amount of money and we as bloggers would be appropriately compensated, so many brands think they're doing you a favor by sending you something free, but to give a post 100%, we work very hard and I just wish our worth was recognized a bit more.”

Follow Kier on Facebook  and tweet with her at @kiermellour. Use Hashtag #CEMBloggerSpotlight.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bachelor Fashion Hits And Misses

This season of The Bachelor on ABC has had some really great fashion hits and it's fair share of misses too!

Next Monday, the Finale of The Bachelor aires and Sean Lowe selects his winner. Will it be Catherine Giudici or Lindsey Yenter?  And more importantly, what will the ladies wear?  Thank you to some leaks, we have some photos of the Bachelor Finale Fashion. What is your favorite?  I'll share with you which look is my favorite, and which is not and why.  Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of the Finale dresses, so I didn't have a favorite look to announce for this post.   

However, I did find a look I loved from The Women Tell All episode, with Kacie. B. Her Bri Seeley design is from a Seattle based designer, and I just love the black Ombre Coloring! The skirt and top are from Bri's Escape Collection, available on in April.


The first "finale" look we have is from Lindsay Yenter.  No word yet on who the designer is, but the dress is perfect for the casual setting. These are the most casual Bachelor or Bachelorette Finale fashions we've seen yet.   It flatters her figure, but this dress just doesn't have that WOW! factor I was looking for.  I do think the blue / silver coloring compliments her perfectly.  We spoke with Lindsey on the phone today, and she was such a sweet heart! We hope the upcoming finale episode ends well for her.


The second look we have is from Seattle native Catherine Giudici.   I've never been a fan of over the shoulder dresses, so this one is my least favorite of them all.  I don't really have anything nice to say about this look, so I'll opt not to say anything else. How will The Bachelor end for Catherine? We'll find out Monday. Don't hold these finale dresses against Lindsay or Catherine, word is that they were provided to the gals and they didn't have much of a choice in wearing them.

Tune in March 11, 2013, to view the The Bachelor Season 17 finale which airs in a two-part special. culminating in a "After the Final Rose" episode.   Tweet with us at @CEMManagement and tell us which look you like the best. Use hashtag #NWBachelorFashion

Pocomaru Makes Your Accessories Look Like A Luxury Handbag

Do you want a way to accessorize your smart accessories, and still have a chic, sophisticated look?    Pocomaru, fashion's leading retailer of Apple product accessories, iPhone casers, iPad cases and geek chic has solutions for you!

CEM founder, Maile Cabral modelled the The Moonrise Black LightiPad Case which is a one of a kind piece, reminiscent of something you would see from Dior. It has a look that's so sophisticated, it will have your iPad looking like a luxury handbag. Made of sumptuous black lambskin leather, the iPad case was inspired by Cannage, an elegant stitching that traces back to 18th-century French design. The regal look of the stitchwork combines with a modern design that makes this iPad case built to last. Waterproof, the case is outfitted with a magnet cover that will instantly put your iPad to sleep when you close it, and the magnetic catch ensures the case stays firmly shut wherever you go. Designed for multiple-viewing angles, this luxurious, high fashion case is available for the iPad 2 and third generation iPads.

Pocomaru recently featured me in a campaign.  Here's a little bit about what Pocomaru asked me during my feature shoot:

So tell us, what do you do? "I am a publicist and marketing maven. I have so many roles and tasks its hard to pin down just one. My main goal is to find out what a client or brands needs are and fulfill them. I always over deliver and go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy."

What is your fashion style? "I am a professional 100% of the time. Too many people know me so I can’t risk wearing some skimpy club dress or something crazy. I like dresses because they are easy to throw on and often can go from day to happy hour to evening date very easily. My heel height changes through the day as well. I’ll often start the day in flats, switch the small heels, and end the evening in high heels."

What are your hobbies: "I love to read and I love to write. My biggest hobby is blogging and freelance writing for several publications. Writing is my art. Some people dance, some people paint… I write."

What is your mail goal in life? "My goal is to do a great job and know that at the end of the day, I did the best job possible. It makes me incredibly happy when a client says, “Wow! Great job.” Their happiness makes me happy."

What is your dream of career? "I’m doing it! Working in marketing and PR is where I belong and I’m doing that with CEM. I have a business partner, Kassie Edwards, that balances me out and is extremely encouraging in everything I do."

Anything you want to promote: "I’ve found a niche in celebrity gifting and partnerships. If a brand wants to get something infront of or on a celebrity, I’m your girl!"

Why do you like Pocomaru: "It is so fun and original. I lived I Japan for several years and I miss how personalized everyone’s cell phones were with key chains, stickers, cases and more. Everything was original and an expression of who you are. I feel like I can express myself and my style with Pocomaru’s accessories!"

I just loved shooting with Pocomaru and I am obsessed with their quilted iPad covers. Ironically, if you have a larger paper day planner like I do, you can actually use this for your day planner as well! If you take a look at their website, tweet me @MailePRMedia and tell me what your favorite piece is and hashtag #PocomaruStyle.