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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bachelor Fashion Hits And Misses

This season of The Bachelor on ABC has had some really great fashion hits and it's fair share of misses too!

Next Monday, the Finale of The Bachelor aires and Sean Lowe selects his winner. Will it be Catherine Giudici or Lindsey Yenter?  And more importantly, what will the ladies wear?  Thank you to some leaks, we have some photos of the Bachelor Finale Fashion. What is your favorite?  I'll share with you which look is my favorite, and which is not and why.  Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of the Finale dresses, so I didn't have a favorite look to announce for this post.   

However, I did find a look I loved from The Women Tell All episode, with Kacie. B. Her Bri Seeley design is from a Seattle based designer, and I just love the black Ombre Coloring! The skirt and top are from Bri's Escape Collection, available on in April.


The first "finale" look we have is from Lindsay Yenter.  No word yet on who the designer is, but the dress is perfect for the casual setting. These are the most casual Bachelor or Bachelorette Finale fashions we've seen yet.   It flatters her figure, but this dress just doesn't have that WOW! factor I was looking for.  I do think the blue / silver coloring compliments her perfectly.  We spoke with Lindsey on the phone today, and she was such a sweet heart! We hope the upcoming finale episode ends well for her.


The second look we have is from Seattle native Catherine Giudici.   I've never been a fan of over the shoulder dresses, so this one is my least favorite of them all.  I don't really have anything nice to say about this look, so I'll opt not to say anything else. How will The Bachelor end for Catherine? We'll find out Monday. Don't hold these finale dresses against Lindsay or Catherine, word is that they were provided to the gals and they didn't have much of a choice in wearing them.

Tune in March 11, 2013, to view the The Bachelor Season 17 finale which airs in a two-part special. culminating in a "After the Final Rose" episode.   Tweet with us at @CEMManagement and tell us which look you like the best. Use hashtag #NWBachelorFashion

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