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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blogger Lessons: My Lucky FABB 2013 Round-Up

Me arriving at Lucky FABB West 2013
Lucky magazine's two-day Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference known as Lucky FABB kicked off with a bang last Thursday at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.  C.E.M. was proud to send me as a representative to LuckyFABB to do some blogger networking and professional development for my own blogging. It is impossible to sum up LuckyFABB in one post but I'll do my best.  All I can say for sure is that LuckyFABB was perhaps the most amazing event I've ever been to, and I'll be back for sure.

The star studded event was without a doubt, blogger heaven.  Attended by 300 of the best fashion bloggers in the country, paired with publicists, celebrities, marketing professionals, magazine editors and brand representatives.  First, we heard from Kelly Osbourne, who told us exactly what she thought, with almost no filter.  She's "over ombre" fashion trends and doesn't give a "F@*& what anyone thinks about her".  We had an open conversation with Drew Barrymore, where she admitted, no woman “can have it all” and something with inevitably fall off the table.  She gushed about married life, her new baby and her new cosmetic line, Flower Beauty.  The day closed out with Betsey Johnson and was she as crazy as ever!!!  She admitted that she'd never recommend to anyone "that they go into fashion design and put their own money behind it. It's a dog eat dog industry." She also admitted that the year her company went bankrupt she almost died and that her new show XOX Betsey Johnson on the Style Network saved her life.  

Here are some of the best quotes from the event and we as bloggers can learn from it:

1. Kelly Osbourne "So many girls dress up for the wrong reasons these days. You have to do it for yourself or else it's not worth it. If Ke$ha can walk around in a garbage bag and feel amazing, go for it."
LESSON: Love yourself, be true to yourself and don’t give a rats ass what anyone else thinks!
Kelly Osborn at Lucky FABB West 2013.
Photo Credit: Maile Cabral, C.E.M.

2. "Comparison is the death of happiness." - Who What Wear's Hilary Kerr.  
       LESSON: Stay true to yourself and what you can do.

3. Emily Schuman of Cupcake and Cashmere's "Don't say yes to everything. Stay true to your initial vision."
LESSON: Be careful what brands you align yourself with.  Know that your time is worth money and learn to say NO.

4. “The real estate of a strong Instagram handle is the same as the real estate of a successful URL." Because I'm Addicted's Geri Hirsch.           
LESSON: I don’t currently have an Instagram, but you can get your last dollar I’ll be getting one soon!

5. Marc Harpster of Next Management (who represents high fashion models as well as blogger talent), "It starts with an inspired voice. You either have 'it' or you don't."
LESSON: Evaluate yourself realistically and set realistic goals. Chances are you don’t have “it”. Being the “it” blogger is as rare as being the “it” supermodel. Make peace with it and move on.

6. "Find something your passionate about because if it's not interesting to you, it likely won't be interesting to the reader." - Bag Snob's Tina Craig
LESSSON: Blog about things that make you excited. You can’t fake genuine excitement no matter how hard you try!

“The Tools You Need To Grow Your Business” panel with Tina Craig (BagSnob),
 James Nord (Fohr Card), Scott Allan (LinkShare), 
and Annie Ta (Pinterest, and Elise Loehnen (Beso)
Image courtesy of Olivia Frescura.

7. Mandana Dayani of Rachel Zoe "Check your ego at the door. It's so good to listen to people and to take that in and develop your filter."
LESSON: Be nice to people. As your influence grows, don’t change who you are. Stay humble and grounded.

The Creating a Voice of Authority Panel: JustFab's Kimberly Tobman, 
Kate Spade Saturday's Theresa Canning Zast, Bollare's Alle Fister, 
Rachel Zoe's Mandana Dayani and Lucky's Gillian Gorman Round.
Image courtesy of Olivia Frescura.

8.  "I don't think you can have it all. Some things fall off the table. You have to make choices." -Drew Barrymore
LESSON: Figure out what you’re naturally good at and stick to that!
Drew Barrymore at Lucky FABB West 2013.
Image courtesy of RackedLA
9.  Drew Barrymore mentioned to bloggers, "You have the world by the cojones right now."
LESSON: You are not wasting your time blogging, stick to it! All you bloggers are the next generation of media, of fashion editors and more! I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years does for the blogging community.
Drew Barrymore and Betsey Johnson have a moment at Lucky FABB
West 2013. I had the pleasure of watching this moment back stage!
10. "It's all about love and passion and putting the 'you' into it. Find an empty slot that you can jump in and fill it." -Betsey Johnson 
LESSON: Be original. No matter what anyone else thinks! If doing cart wheels makes you happy, DO THEM!  Find something no one else is doing, that makes you happy, and DO IT!
Betsey Johnson on stage. Image courtesy of Lucky Magazine


Maile Cabral is a co-founder of Cabral Edwards Management. In addition for blogging for C.E.M., she has a Girl Power Hour blog, titled Seattle Celebrity Buzz.  She is a freelance writer and writes for several well known magazines. Maile has worked with numerous celebrities and prides herself in working for her own  Boutique PR & Event Planning Company catering to businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Follow her on Twitter at @MailePRMedia, @CEMManagement & @SeattleCelebBuz. Questions, comments and story pitches can be sent to her at MaileHager (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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