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Monday, April 8, 2013

Office Style: LuckyFABB Day 1: My Outfit

Lot's of people have asked about my outfit at Day 1 of LuckyFABB.  For those who know me well you know that yes, I blog but that I am a PR professional. My outfit had to be "fit for the office" but also super cute and fun enough for a fashion blogger conference.

Honestly, my Valentino shoes were photographed so many times, I can't event count! Only at a Fashion Blogger conference do people stop you to take a photo of your shoes.  And, when I was standing in line, Jess Estrada of was like, "Oh! I love your Bri Seeley skirt." It was so nice to stand in line, and end up next to a Seattle blogger, who recognized my skirt immediately. I was so proud to take a local Seattle piece, like a Bri Seeley skirt, and rock it at a huge conference in Beverly Hills.  For the rest of you who aren't sure what I'm wearing... I'll put it all out for you here so you know where to find the items.

The first piece is my white blouse. It's from H & M in West Hollywood. It's not available on the H & M website, but this one I found is pretty close. Its only $24.95, which is around the price I've paid for mine. One thing I have learned shopping H & M Hollywood is that they definitely get pieces before the rest of the country. I know for a fact what I was looking at in their store last week is NOT available at the Tacoma, WA store. Kelly Osborne said it best on DAY 1 of Lucky FABB, "Mix an expensive shoe, with a red sole, and wear Zara (a brand priced at a level like H & M). People are stupid. They see the red sole and have no idea what you're wearing!"

Next up is my Bri Seeley, Jaclyn Skirt.  
Bri Seeley is a Seattle + Los Angeles based designer.  This skirt is so comfy and appropriate for almost any meeting. It is easy enough and appropriate enough for the office and cute enough to take out on a date later! The high waistline is super flattering. The pockets are not only great for taking "selfies" and having cute photo poses but they are functional as well.  The skirts retail for $125.00 and are worth every penny!  Watch for the skirt to come out in an electric blue on starting in May 2013.

The shoe. Just what everyone wants to know about! This is the Valentino Patent Leather d'Orsay pump in Red. I bought mine from They retail for $695 and are soooo worth it. If you need a statement shoe that is classy and cute, this is the way to go.  My bag is Valentino as well, but is no longer available. You'll have to check poshmark or ebay to watch for a vintage one to sell.

As a small gift to my readers, enter to win some of my LuckyFABB swag by clicking here. Giveaway is a LuckyFABB swag bag which includes a clutch purse, nail polish and various gift cards and discount offers given to me by Lucky Magazine! Value is approx. $400. See giveaway for Terms + Conditions.

Giveaway "LuckyFABB Swag Bag" includes the following:

  • Urban Expressions Cruelty Free Clutch
  • LVX Nail Polish in Koko
  • Lizzie Star Hair Tie Package
  • $60 to Nina Savill
  • $50 Gift Card to Maya Brenner Designs
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Gioielli by Nikki Baker
  • $50 to Isharya
  • $25 Gift Card to Danielle Stevens Jewelry
  • $25 off to Lipilly
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  • $20 off to Pickett's Press
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  1. I want to win some of your Lucky swag!

  2. I totally love your shoes! :) So lucky you got to attend this cool event! :) Love it!

    1. Thanks Ana, it was amazing!!! Than you for entering. Remember you can tweet daily! xo

  3. Love the shoes!! Fingers crossed for some swag ;)

    MJ Moore

  4. I would love to win this lucky swag bag~!!

  5. LOve the blouse very flirty and ladylike:)

    I hope i can win these awesome goodies. entered rafflecopter as Ann H

  6. This is an amazing opportunity! Love Urban Expressions bags. I would love, love, love to win this one! ;)

  7. I want to win some Lucky Sway BTW my nickname is Lucky lol