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Monday, June 3, 2013

Electronic Daisy Carnival Headliner Fashion Trends 2013

From Las Vegas to London: Electronic Daisy Carnival + Upcoming Fashion Trends
Image courtesy of Rolling Stone
Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) is the world’s largest electronic dance music and arts experience in the world. This festival is the flagship event of Insomniac and it’s owner / creator Pasquale Rotella.  For 16 years Insomniac has been bringing hundreds of thousands of fans to EDC a long 3-day weekend in Las Vegas.  This state of the art event brings together the best dj’s in electronic dance music and combines these powerhouse performances with lighting design, interactive circus and theatrical acts, carnival rides and audience participation for an unforgettable experience.  In his own words, Pasquale explains EDC is a “huge adult festival theme park, where like minded people who love LOVE and art, and want to nurture their soul come and dance.”  This year, over 345, 000 fans are expected to EDC Las Vegas over a three day period.

When I sat down with Pasquale Rotella in Las Vegas recently to discuss his career and EDC, you could tell his imagination is always going, thinking of the next big thing to bring to EDC.  I asked him what is one thing he wished EDC had. His response? “I wish you had to take a big huge slide to get into the event. Actually, you know what? We could do that” he exclaimed.  Clearly, he’s doing something right.  EDC will be operating again this year in Vegas June 21-23rd.  Tickets are officially sold out for Vegas this year. Try searching third party ticket vendors or book your trip to London! EDC is expanding to London this year on July 20th, 2013.  Pasquale says, “dance music got taken to another level in Britain. Music producers used to be all UK based.  Back in 1992 I was inspired by a rave there to do what I am doing now. It’s time to bring Electronic Daisy Carnival to Britain.”

Pasquale Rotella + Maile Cabral
Interview at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, NV
A huge part of the experience at EDC, is the fashion.“Headliners” are the star of the show at EDC. Pasquale explains that “Headliners are all our guests and fans that come to EDC.  They are so important. It’s not crafty marketing to say we depend on and love our headliners. At Insomniac, we know that the fan makes the party.” At this very moment, a headliner walked right past us in the Chandelier Bar inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas as we were chatting. She was wearing an EDC branded tank top and Pasquale starting enthusiastically chanting “EDC! EDC! E-D-C!” Unfortunately for her, she didn’t recognize him, and just kept walking. I giggled quite a bit with his publicist who had joined us, and got a good laugh out of it.

Headliners show up to EDC in elaborate costumes, tutu’s, bright colors, and just about everything imaginable.   What to wear is a way for headliners to “show their individuality and express themselves. Really, this expression is what makes the event” Pasquale explains.  So what will you be wearing to EDC this year?

If you’re intimidated by the Tutu’s and body paint, watch for some of these easy to wear fashion trends at EDC 2013 including bright fluorescent denim shorts and jeans, maxi skirts, ombre coloring, celebrity style mini dresses, accessories galore and unusual beauty products.  Below are some simple inspirational trends and how to get them.  Find something that works for you, be yourself, and have fun with it.

Trend 1: Fluorescent Denim

Where to get it:
1.     Flamingo Pink Shorts, $97, Metropark 
2.     4 Stroke Fluorescent Jeans, Click here to purchase
3.     Multi Color Denim Shorts by Nasty Gal,

Trend 2: Ombre Maxi Skirts + Dresses

Where to get it:
1.     Bri Seely Adrianna Maxi Skirt, $200, 
2.     Young Fabulous and Broke Brooklyn Ombre Strapless, $202, 
3.     Brigitte Bailey- Wade Ombre Maxi Dress in Mint, $85.00, 

Trend 3: Celebrity Mini Dresses

Where to get it:  Jenny McCarthy + Holly Madison {image courtesy of hollyscoop} look fab in their mini dresses!  Get their look with some great alternatives.

1.     Love Jenny McCarthy’s Look? Why not try a Custom Bri Seeley dress, as seen on Lindsay Yenter. Contact for pricing.
2.     Try a Betsey Johnson Strapless Asymmetric Lace Dress, $178.00, 
3.     Love Holly Madison’s Look? A great affordable alternative is ALI & KRIS Cheetah Print Dress, just $24.99 from Tilly’s

Trend 4: Accessories

Where to get it:
1.     Glam Band Bright Hair Ties + Bracelets, $14.00, Metropark.
2.     So Silver Tone Candy and Cupcake Stud Earring Set, $10.40. Available byclicking here. 
3.     Matthew Williamson Neon Sunglasses,  $385, 
4.     Headbands by Bel Fiore, $2-$20,
5.     Daisy Oversized Multi-Way Clip, $18, 
6.     Bracelets: Get crafty and make your own!

Trend 5: Beauty

Where to get it:
1.     Violent Lips, Daisy Multipack, $9.99,
2.     UO Glow-In-The Dark Nail Polish, $5, Urban Outfitters.
3.     Laura Geller Beauty “Bright Lips, Big City” lipgloss, $36.00 Nordstrom

Tweet your favorite Electronic Daisy inspirational trend to @LuckyMagazine and @MailePRMedia. Use hashtag #EDCFashion and you could win an exclusive swag bag prize pack from Electronic Daisy Carnival and Insomniac.

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