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Friday, August 23, 2013

Magic Market Week 2013 Top 10 Round-Up

Magic Market Week proved to be more than I could have ever expected.  I was able to make connections for three of my brands Bri Seeley, BINSI Birth and Labor Apparel and Bel Fiore. And, I found some really great new brands.  Here is my top 10 Moments Magic Market Week Round Up.

1.  Hal Rubinstein from InStyle Magazine featuring Bri Seeley Designs in his "Spring Fashion Round-Up".   I was so proud when Hal made the rounds at WWD Magic and selected a skirt and top of Bri's from her Silence Collection, to feature in his fashion presentation.  He was quoted as saying that as a designer Bri Seeley is "very talented".  Thank you, Hal, for featuring our client!
Bri Seeley, Hal Rubinstein and Maile Cabral at
WWD Magic Market Week 2013

2. Meeting luxury leather designer Bano eeMee at the Emerging Designer showcase.  This Canadian emerging designer won the "Creme De La Creme" competition and will be heading to Paris to present his collection to a showroom there. Congratulations Bano, you deserve it!  His collection of leather is laser cute and has unique patterning and designs. I personally put my order in for a grey bomber jacket and can't wait to get it. And, his line is reasonably priced, you'd be SHOCKED to hear that his jackets retail typically below $300!  This designer is sure to go far, watch for his brand in a store near you.

Designer Bano eeMee

3. Discovering Amazonas Sandals!  Trust me when I say that these are going to be the NEXT big thing! These Made In Brazil sandals are made from up to 80% recycled materials and they even have a line that is 100% biodegradable. Don't worry, they won't biodegrade in your closet, they biodegrade in 5 years after discarding them into a compost like environment.  This brand features vibrant colors, comfortable fit and fashionable designs. I absolutely think they are going to give the famously popular Brazilian flip flop brand Haviana's a run for their money. Watch for some upcoming features of my favorite styles from Amazonas Sandals in their online community.

4.  Trying out Wear Panda sunglasses with Stacy Eden of Clutch Jewelry.   These handcrafted sunglasses are made from sustainable bamboo and are super comfortable and fashionable. If you drop them in water, they even float!  My favorite's are the Monroe style in Black, which retail for $120.  I'll be telling you all more about these soon on


5. The WWD Magic Fashion Presentation.  One of my favorite things was to watch the daily WWD Magic fashion shows.  They were styled by Hal Rubenstein from InStyle Magazine, and Bri Seeley was featured daily.  I remember watching, with the professional models, and the hundreds of real buyers in attendance, this is the way fashion shows are supposed to be.  I have seen my fair share of poorly run fashion shows, so this one was  nice change of pace. 
Bri Seeley dress on WWD Magic Runway

6. Picking up my new Shawl Dawl.  All week, I spent time next to the Shawl Dawl booth and I picked up new shawls daily! I just couldn't resist myself! These versatile shawls can be worn more than 15+ different ways and are so much fun.  The Shawl Dawl crew is so cute and so much fun, I can't wait to see them again. Oh, and did I mention the shawls are in the $50 price range? Who wouldn't want one?

Coral Shawl Dawl Gals: Rasheda and Maile, Magic 2013
Photo Courtesy of Shawl Dawls Facebook

7.  Surprising old friends and new with free gifted Bel Fiore Hair Tie packs!  I had a blast wandering around magic handing out samples of Bel Fiore hair ties. These are the best hair ties ever, and they don't leave dents in your hair.  They are handmade in the USA, and are much more affordable than their Emi-Jay look a-like's.  If anyone is interested in ordering these for wholesale or personal orders contact Maile at  We have a great Magic Show Special running! And, if you missed me at Magic, I'll mail you a sample pack. Just message me.

Bel Fiore Hair Ties

8.  Finding Kix'ies in my hotel breakfast room! When I went to breakfast I met two of the cutest gals wearing the cutest tights.  Turns out they were the owners of Kix'ies a new luxury leg wear brand exhibiting at Magic. I stopped by their booth that day and picked up a pair. And, here is what I can tell you about them. First of all, they stay up! The technology in the leg band keeps these leggings up all day, without slipping. And second, they don't "cut" your thigh off.  The thigh band is super flattering and makes any thigh look great. Third, their patterns are very classy and far from trashy. I ended up wearing a pair of Kix'ies every single day. Thank you Kix'ies!

9.  Spending time with Bri Seeley! Ok, so yes, Bri is a client but spending time with her was priceless at Magic. I think it's fair to say we had the BEST. WEEK. EVER!

10. The Emerging Designer Showcase at WWD Magic. I want to give a huge round of applause to the 4 accessory designers and 7 apparel designers at the Emerging Designer Showcase.  Their energy was palpable and was energetic every single day. They worked long hours, and deserve a huge round of applause for their perseverance, excellence and accomplishments.

Congrats to Bri Seeley, Bano eeMee, Wear Panda, Shawl Dawls,  J'aire and others on a successful show for Magic 2013!

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